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Second Half-year (Medical School)
San Francisco Health Department.
Social Service Department
State Board of Health
Field Work in Epidemiology Research (with thesis)

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For students in public health and graduates in sanitary engineering provision is made in Public Health Curricula A and B, each leading to the degree of Graduate in Public Health. The instruction of the last year in each of these two curricula is given in the Medical School. Outlines of these curricula will be found in the Announcement of the Graduate Division and the Circular of Information, Academic Departments.


REGISTRATION Applications for admission and for advanced standing must be addressed to the Dean of the Medical School, San Francisco. They must be received at least one month prior to the beginning of the term, to allow time for investigation.

Students will not be admitted to medical courses until they have reg. istered at the office of the Secretary of the Medical School, Parnassus and Second avenues, San Francisco.


The charge for tuition is one hundred and fifty dollars per annum, payable in two installments, August and January. Students will not be admitted to the courses until they have paid their fees for the ensuiug half-year. A key and breakage deposit of $25 in the first and second years and of $10 in the third and fourth years is required for the use of lockers and to cover the cost of material used in laboratories and possible damage to college buildings and equipment.

In the first year there is an additional fee of $15 for dissecting material, $5 for each part.

During the first year and a half an Infirmary and Gymnasium fee of $5 per half-year is required.

Students not registering on the dates announced will be charged $2 additional.

Students not appearing for examinations on specified dates will be required to pay a fee of five dollars for a special examination.

Students registered in the Medical School and taking less than the required amount of work in any given half-year are required to pay a proportionate fee for tuition. Such students must first obtain the permission of the Medical Faculty.

MICROSCOPES AND BLOOD-COUNTING APPARATUS Students are advised to purchase their own microscopes, but those who do not care to do so may rent one from the school at a cost of five dollars per annum, with an additional charge of two dollars if an oil immersion lense is desired. Students using microscopes which belong to the school are liable for damage done the instruments while in their possession.

The character of the practical work requires that each student own a blood-counting apparatus and ophthalmoscope. These should be purchased at the beginning of the second half of the second year.

Students are also required to supply themselves with the necessary slides and coverslips.

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