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First-course students from other colleges of pharmacy, who desire to enter the senior class of this college, are required to produce evidence of their fitness, or to pass an examination.

Conditions and Their Removal.-Students who are conditioned in any subject must present themselves for examination in such subject between the opening of college and the end of the first semester of the succeeding term. Conditions in any laboratory work must be removed during the period mentioned above.

Second-year Examinations. Students in the senior class are examined bi-monthly for the degree of Graduate in Pharmacy, and at the end of the session, in inorganic and organic chemistry, pharmacy, botany, materia medica, pharmacognosy, physiology, toxicology, translation of prescriptions, pharmaceutical jurisprudence, and identification.

Second-year students who take examinations at the close of the term and fail in one or two branches are required to pass satisfactory exam. inations in such branches during the next term; a fee will be charged for each branch taken. Those who fail in three or more branches will be required to repeat the entire course, for which full fees will be charged. If they attend college the ensuing session, they may present themselves for examination at the end of the first semester, and if their examination proves satisfactory, they will be recommended to the Board of Regents for graduation. If they do not attend college, they will not be examined until the close of the term. Those who fail to obtain the required per. centage of credits for their work in any of the laboratories are required again to attend such laboratory or laboratories.

Those who are conditioned will be allowed to present themselves for examination again within two years without further charge, if they do not again attend the college; but if they attend the lectures, laboratories, or reviews, they will be required to pay for such courses of instruction as they receive. The amount of the fees charged for such additional attendance can be learned of the Secretary.

Certificates of Proficiency.Certificates of proficiency will be issued to those students who have taken a partial examination and have passed in all of the branches in which they were examined; also to special students who pass in their special subjects; also to those candidates who pass in all branches, but are debarred from receiving their diplomas by their being less than twenty-one years old. No certificate of proficiency in pharmacy will be issued unless the student has passed in all the branches. No certificate of proficiency in any subject will be issued unless the applicant shall have attained as high a percentage of credits in such subject as is required in that subject for graduation.


FOR THE DEGREE OF GRADUATE IN PHARMACY (Pu.G.) Every person to whom the diploma as Graduate in Pharmacy (Ph.G.) shall be granted must fulfill the following conditions:

1. He must be of good moral character. #2. He must have attained the age of twenty-one years.

3. He must have attended two full courses in each of the departments of this college, or one course (the second year) in this, after a course (the first year), in some other recognized college of pharmacy.

4. He must have attended at least three-fourths of the lectures, re. views and laboratory work in each department in each class, ma le all payments, taken all examinations, passed the same, and met the require. ments of all departments.


BACHELOR OF PHARMACY (PHAR.B.) He must have completed the prescribed work and have presented a thesis embodying original work done in one or more of the laboratories of this college.

Candidates are recommended jointly by the Faculty and Board of Directors of this college to the Regents of the University of California, by whom the degree is conferred.

FEES To be paid in advance. Matriculation Fee

$.500 First-year Course (all tuition fees included)

100.00 Second-year Course (all tuition fees included)

100.00 Third and Fourth-year Courses (each)

100.00 Chemical Laboratory (when taken separately)

50.00 Pharmaceutical Laboratory (when taken separately)

50.00 Microscopical Laboratory (when taken separately)

50.00 Lectures (when taken separately) for each course

15.00 Special Instruction and Reviews (each subject each half-year).. 2.50 Examination Fee, Ph.G., Ph.C., and Phar.B. (not refunded in case of failure), each

20.00 Make all checks payable to CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY.

* If under age, the degree will be conferred at the satisfactory completion of his course in college; but his diploma will be held by the Dean until he attains the required age.

Each student, first and second year, is required to deposit with the Secretary the sum of twenty-five dollars ($25) at the beginning of each term. Seventeen dollars ($17) will be retained for material, scale anil microscope furnished. The unexpended portion of the remainder, after deluetion for breakage and damage, wear and tear, will be refunded. If the student is careful in purchasing, and takes care of the apparatus in his charge, there will be a rebate of several dollars at the end of the session. Where the student has already drawn upon this balance at the end of the first half-year, a second deposit of five dollars ($5) will be required.

All students in third- and fourth-year courses are required to pay a fee of ten dollars ($10), non-returnable, for materials used.

All fees are due in allvance; no part of tuition fee is returnable, but the Secretary may, in his discretion, accept one-half at the opening of the term, in which case the balance will be required to be paid not later than December 15.

All financial obligations to the College must be paid periodically and before the final criminations are taken.

Students who do not intend to pursue pharmacy as a vocation are ailmitted to any of the courses they may desire to attend by paying the fee of the chair or chairs of instruction which they wish to take.



The Degree of Graduate in Pharmacy upon
Peter Nicholas Antonopoulos
Vernon Douglas Bagley
Harold Tartan Bush
Everett Clemens Cox
Zina Donahue
Kenneth Frederick Farnsworth
Greenleaf Norris Farrin
Ralph Ambrose Fortier
Virginia Lake Frazier
Louis Frank Garbarino
Charles Alfred Gibson
Ariston Jacusalem Hermano
David Roosevelt Hutchison
Edwin Alexander Johnston
Norbert Wilber Mixter
Clifford Aldace Parker
Hilda Elizabeth Pike
Joseph Augustino Piuma
George Aloysius Robert Schuh
Hugh Riah Selvey
Fred Nathaniel Spiekerman
Elmer Fred Tostevin
Oliver Roy Tuttle
Toshimatsu Wada
Justus Enos Zimmerman

.Pyrgos, Greece

lone Bishop

Ukiah ..Oshkosh, Wisconsin


Berkeley Nevada City

Berkeley .San Francisco

.East Auburn .Jaro, Iloilo, P.I. Nevada City



San Jose San Francisco Los Angeles

San Jose Richmond

Lodi Eugene, Oregon

Santa Rosa Los Angeles


The Degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist upon
James Bourland Berger
Sailendra Nath Gupta
Anna Thorn Jeffers
Kiyoshi Matsumura

Berkeley .Calcutta, India Los Angeles


STUDENTS, 1917-18


NOTE,- All addresses in the following list are in San Francisco unless stated to be else. where. B, Berkeley; 0, Oakland; A, Alameda. Abrams, Arthur Lee Vancouver, B. C. Gibson, Charles Alfred

East Auburn 1st yr-970 Post st

2nd yr-770 Colest

Park 1100 Adamson, Albert Chandler

Girot, Harry John

Oakland 12nd yr-2901 Hilgass ave, B Bkly 5235

1st yr-3911 West st, O Pied 5467W Antonopoulos, Peter Nicholas

Gleibe, Francis James

San Francisco Pyrgos, Greece 1st yr-485A Third st

Grid 1168 2nd yr-595 Potrero av Msn 8398 Gunderson, George Oliver

Berkeley Bagley, Vernon Douglas


1st yr-1616A Virginia st. B 2nd yr-226 Edgewood av Mrkt 8477

Gupta, Sailendra Nath Calcutta, Irdia Berger, James Bourland


3rd yr-1351 Webster st 3rd yr-898 Waller st

Haley, Philip Stephen

Eurika Bock, Frederic KJ

San Francisco
1st yr-804 Stanyan st

Park 3299 2nd yr-564 Waller st

Hermano, Ariston Jacosalem
Burns, Lafayette Ernest

Jaro, Iloilo, P. L 1st yr-1330 Page st

Park 7607
2nd yr-400 Duboce ay

Mrkt 612 Bush, Harold Tartan

Horton, Roland Montgomery

Tone 2nd yr-226 Edgewood ave Mrkt 8.177

1st yr-226 Edgewood av Mrkt 8477 Cain, Clarence Samuel

Richmond Hutchison, David Roosevelt Nevada City Ist yr-1535 Fourth st, R Rchd 1114W

2nd yr-213 Second av

Pse 730.5 Callis, Charles Lendel


Janssen, Walter August San Francisco 1st yr-800 Irving st

2nd yr-77 Bartlett st

Msn 381 Clark, Edwin Ralph

Jeffers, Anna Thorn

Los Angeles 12nd yr-139 Hugo st

3rd yr-Turpin Hotel Cleary, Unice Cecile

San Francisco Johnston, Edwin Alexander Berkeley 1st yr-267 Fourth

2nd yr-1179 San Pablo av, B Conn, Elmer George Calistoga

Bkly 583211 1st yr-280 Martine st, R

Kaufman, Simon

San Francisco Cox, Everett Clemens


2nd yr-457 Fillmore st 2nd yr-226 Edgewood av Mrkt 8477 Knowlton, Rudolphus Clay

Coquille. Ore Deacon, Alva Mason


12 nd yr- 1550 Page st Park 7629 2nd yr-2 Belmont st Park 6692 Kohnke, Otto Henry

Long Beach Donahue, Zina

Oshkosh, Wis.
1st yr–226 Edgewood av

Mrkt 477 2nd yr-131 Hugo st

Sust 234
La Macchia, Pasquale

San Jose Douglas, Mark Lyle

East Auburn

1st yr-336 Parnassus ay 2nd yr-500. Divisadero st Park 478 Lienau, Charles Lafayette

San Franciero Farnsworth, Kenneth Frederick Oakley

1st yr-318 Sixth av

Pas 1973 2nd yr-226 Edgewood av Mrkt 8177 Lushy, Gretchen Caroline Franklin, Ver Farrin, Greenleaf Norris


1st yr-700 O'Farrell st 2nd yr-1911 Bancroft way. B

McCumber, Clarence Albert

Mudera Bkly 7772J

1st yr-1465 Green st Fink, Charles Herbert San Jose Maher, George Edward

San Francisco 1st yr-139 Hugo st

1st yr-98 Twenty-ninth st Ms7181 Fletcher, Harry Lewis

Concord Mahorey, Edward George Berkeley 1st yr-318 Sixth av

1st yr-2009 Hearst av. B Fortier, George Jennings Nevada City Massoni, Earl Mathew

Healdsburg 1st yr -719 Shrader st

Park 7782

1st yr-2151 Greenwich st Fortier, Ralph Ambrose Nevada City

Matsumura, Kiyoshi

Japan 2nd yr-719 Shrader st Park 7782

3rd yr-1624 Post st Frazier, Virginia Lake Berkeley Merry, Richard Ignatius

San Rafael 2nd yr-131 Iugo st

Snst 234

1st yr-26131 Sutter st Furlong, Harry James Vallejo Misawa, Sawaji

Nagano, Japan 11st yr-Twenty-fourth and Castro sts

1st yr-1341 O'Farrell st

West 4290 Garbarino, Louis Frank San Francisco

Mixter, Norbert Wilber

Exeter 2nd yr-161 Nineteenth av Pac 2511

2nd yr-226 Edgewood av

Mrkt $177 Garlich, Oscar L. Roy Berkeley Moody. Willey

San Jose 12nd yr-2240 Ward st. B Bkly 4158.J

12nd yr-2 Belmont st

Park 6699

Papt 1006

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