Psyche, Or, The Legend of Love

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James Carpenter, 1805 - 214 strani

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Stran 172 - When vexed by cares and harassed by distress, The storms of fortune chill thy soul with dread, Let Love, consoling Love! still sweetly bless, And his assuasive balm benignly shed: His downy plumage o'er thy pillow spread Shall lull thy weeping sorrows to repose; To Love the tender heart hath ever fled, As on its mother's breast the infant throws Its sobbing face, and there in sleep forgets its woes.
Stran 50 - For still her gentle soul abhors the murderous blade. And now, with softest whispers of delight, Love welcomes Psyche still more fondly dear ; Not unobserved, though hid in deepest night, The silent anguish of her secret fear. He thinks that tenderness excites the tear By the late image of her parents...
Stran 54 - Beside the couch were negligently thrown, Nor needs the god his dazzling arms, to show His glorious birth, such beauty round him shone As sure could spring from Beauty's self alone ; The...
Stran 52 - And canst thou hope in living words to say The dazzling glories of that heavenly view ? Ah ! well I ween, that if with pencil true That splendid vision could be well...
Stran 32 - tis my deliverer! deep imprest "Upon my heart those sounds I well recal," The blushing maid exclaimed, and on his breast A tear of trembling ecstasy let fall. But, ere the breezes of the morning call Aurora from her purple, humid bed, Psyche in vain explores the vacant hall, Her tender lover from her arms is fled, While sleep his downy wings had o'er her eye-lids spread.
Stran 72 - But chief Inconstancy his power destroys; To mock his lovely form, an idle train With magic skill she dressed in transient toys, By these the selfish votaries she can gain Whom Love's more simple bands could ne'er detain. Ah! how shall Psyche through such mortal foes The fated end of all her toils attain? Sadly she ponders o'er her hopeless woes, Till on the pillowy turf she sinks to short repose. But...
Stran 63 - When lo ! her present wants are all supplied, Sent by the hand of Love a turtle flies, And sets delicious food before her wondering eyes. Cheered by the favouring omen, softer tears Relieve her bosom from its cruel weight : She blames the sad despondence of her fears, When still protected by a power so great, His tenderness her toils will mitigate. Then with renewed strength at length she goes, Hoping to find some skilled in secret fate, Some learned sage, who haply might disclose Where lay that...
Stran 171 - tis sweet to hear the lip of Truth Breathe the soft vows of love, sweet to entrance The raptured soul by intermingling glance Of mutual bliss ; sweet amid roseate bowers, Led by the hand of Love, to weave the dance, Or unmolested crop life's fairy flowers, Or bask in joy's bright sun through calm unclouded hours.
Stran 194 - When the long-promised hour of joy draws near ! How slow the tardy moments seem to roll ! What spectres rise of inconsistent fear ! To the fond doubting heart its hopes appear Too brightly fair, too sweet to realize ; All seem but day-dreams of delight too dear ! Strange hopes and fears in painful contest rise, While the scarce-trusted bliss seems but to cheat the eyes.
Stran 43 - Bright shone the morn! and now its golden ray Dispelled the slumbers from her radiant eyes, Yet still in dreams her fancy seems to play, For lo! she sees with rapture and surprise Full in her view the well-known mansion rise, And each loved scene of first endearment hails; The air that first received her infant sighs With wond'ring ecstasy she now inhales, While every trembling nerve soft tenderness assails. See from the dear pavilion, where she lay, Breathless she flies with scarce assured feet,...

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