Historical View of the Literature of the South of Europe, Količina 3

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Stran 272 - ... mundo cubre, de do viene el temor que nos espanta y la medrosa forma en que se ofrece aquello que la noche nos encubre, hasta que el sol descubre su luz pura y hermosa: tal es la tenebrosa noche de tu partir, en que he quedado de sombra y de temor atormentado, hasta que muerte el tiempo determine que a ver el deseado sol de tu clara vista me encamine.
Stran 184 - To do his bridal honour, their walls the burghers screen. They lead the bulls before them all covered o'er with trappings ; The little boys pursue them with hootings and with clappings ; The fool, with cap and bladder, upon his ass goes prancing, Amidst troops of captive maidens with bells and cymbals dancing.
Stran 314 - El va y en pos dichosas le siguen sus ovejas, do las pace con inmortales rosas, con flor que siempre nace, y cuanto más se goza más renace.
Stran 21 - Ah! no: deriva ogni sventura mia Da più terribil fonte... E che? Celarmi L'orror vorresti del mio stato? Ah! s'io Padre non fossi, come il son, pur troppo!
Stran 188 - Diaz," cried the Lords, —but when they looked again, They saw Ruy Diaz ruling him, with the fragment of his rein ; They saw him proudly ruling, with gesture firm and calm, Like a true lord commanding — and obeyed as by a lamb. And so he led him foaming and panting to the King, But "No...
Stran 29 - Oh, figli miei... Fui padre. Eccoti solo, o re; non un ti resta dei tanti amici, o servi tuoi.
Stran 217 - THE hosts of Don Rodrigo were scattered in dismay, When lost was the eighth battle, nor heart nor hope had they ; He, when he saw that field was lost, and all his hope was flown, He turned him from his flying host, and took his way alone.
Stran 140 - ¿A qué las firiestes a cinchas ea espolones? "Solas las dexastes en el robredo de Corpes, "a las bestias fieras ea las aves del mont. "Por quanto les fiziestes menos valedes vos.
Stran 185 - Compostella, where the shrine doth by the altar stand, The good Rodrigo de Bivar is riding through the land. Where'er he goes, much alms he throws, to feeble folk and poor ; Beside the way for him they pray, him blessings to procure ; For, God and Mary Mother, their heavenly grace to win, His hand was ever bountiful: great was his joy therein.

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