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ing Fund.

An act for the encouragement and An act to repeal an act of the last reward of petty officers, seamen, and session of parliament, for granting doroyal marines, for long and faithful ser. ties of Excise on certain sorts of glass vice, and for the consolidation of the made in Ireland, and for granting and Chest at Greenwich with the Royal allowing certain countersailing duties Hospital there.

and drawbacks in respect thereof. An act for directing the application An act to continue, during the conof the residuary personal estate of tinuance of the present hostilities, and Anna Maria Reynolds, spinster, be- until six months after the ratification queathed by her to the use of the sink, of a definitive treaty of peace, so much

of an act of the 34th year of his preAn act for continuing to his Ma- sent Majesty as permits the importajesty certain duties on malt, sugar, to- tation into Great Britain and Ireland, bacco, and snuff, in Great Britain ; în neutral vessels, from states in amity and on pensions, offices, and personal with his Majesty, of certain goods, estates in England; for the service of wares, and merchandize. the year 1815.

An act to continue, until the expiAn act for raising the sum of ration of six months after the conclu. 12,500,000L. by Exchequer bills, forsion of the present hostilities, an act the service of Great Britain for the of the 46th year of his present Majes

ty, for authorising his Majesty in counAn act to enable the commissioners cil to allow the importation and ex. of his Majesty's treasury to issue Ex. portation of certain goods and comchequer bills, on the credit of such modities in neutral ships into and from aids or supplies as have been or shall his Majesty's territories in the West be granted by Parliament for the ser. Indies and continent of South Amevice of Great Britain forthe year 1815. rica.

An act to continue, until the 25th An act to make further provisions day of March, 1816, an act for sus respecting the duties payable upon pending the operation of an act of the East India goods, and to allow bond

year of his present Majesty, for to be given for payment of the duties restraining the negociation of promis. upon such goods when imported by sory notes and bills of exchange under private traders. a limited sum in England.

An act to continue, until six months

year 1815.


sent war.

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after the ratification of a definitive and employments, and for extending treaty of peace, an act of the 45th the times limited for those purposes year of his present Majesty, for grant. respectively, until the 25th day of ing to foreign ships put under his Ma. March, 1816 ; and to permit such perjesty's protection, the privileges of sons in Great Britain as have omitted prize-ships; and for allowing aliens in to make and file affidavits of the exe. foreign colonies surrendered to his cution of indentures of clerks to atMajesty, to exercise the occupations tornies and solicitors, to make and file of merchants or factors during the pre- the same on or before the first day of

Hilary Term, 1816. An act to amend several acts rela. An act to settle and secure an anting to fines in respect of unlawful nuity on Lord Walsingham, in considistillation in Ireland, to the ware. deration of his services as chairman of housing of spirits, and to the securing the committees of the House of Lords. the duties of excise on spirits distilled, An act to grant certain duties of and on hides and skins tanned in Ire- Excise upon licences for the sale of land.

spirituous and other liquors by retail, An act to amend an act, passed in and upon licences to persons dealthe last session of Parliament, intitu. ing in exciseable commodities, in Ireled, An act to provide for the better land, in lieu of the stamp.duties payaexecution of the laws in Ireland, by ble upon such licences; and to secure appointing superintending magistrates the payment of such excise-duties, and and additional constables in counties, to regulate the issuing of such licenin certain cases.

ces; and to discourage the immoderate An act to impose certain duties on use of spirituous liquors in Ireland. the importation, and to allow draw. An act for punishing mutiny and backs on the exportation of certain desertion ; and for the better payment sorts of wood into and from Ireland, of the army and their quarters. in lieu of former duties and drawbacks An act for the regulating of his on the like sorts of wood ; and to in- Majesty's Royal Marine forces while demnify persons who have admitted on shore. certain sorts of wood to entry on pay. An act to repeal the duties of cus. ment of a proportion only of the duty toms payable on the importation of imposed thereon.

tobacco, and to grant other duties in An act to amend an act made in lieu thereof. the 52d year of his present Majesty, An act to repeal the duties of cusfor making provision for the Better toms upon the importation of citrat of support of his Majesty's household, lime, and to grani other duties in lieu during the continuance of his Majes- thereof. ty's indisposition.

An act to grant duties of customs on An act to continue and amend an the exportation of certain goods, wares, act passed in the 48th year of the and merchandize, from Ireland, in reign of his present Majesty, entituled, lieu of the duties of customs heretoan Act for empowering the Governor fore payable on such exportation. and Company of the Bank of England An act for the better regulation of to advance the sum of three miilions the manufacture of brown linens in towards the supply for the service of Ireland. the

An act to amend the laws now in An'act to indemnify such persons force for regulating the importation in the United Kingdom as have omit. of corn. ied to qualify themselves for offices

An act to continue, until the 5th

year 1808.

day of July, 1816, certain additional duty of customs on tobacco imported duties of excise in Great Britain. into Ireland.

An act for further continuing, un- An act to amend several acts retil the 5th day of July 1816, an act specting the exportation and importaof the 44th year of his present Ma- tion of sugar into and from Ireland; jesty, to continue the restrictions Con- and further to regulate the importatained in the several acts of his present tion into Ireland of sugar, coffee, and Majesty, on payments of cash by the other articles, from certain islands in Bank of England.

the West Indies. An act to regulate the trade be- An act to repeal so much of an act tween Malta and its dependencies, and of the last session of Parliament as di. his Majesty's colonies and plantations rects that no bleaching powder, made in America ; and also between Malta in Ireland and brought into Scotland, and the United Kingdom.

should be received into England. An act for granting to his Majesty, An act to revive and continue, URuntil the 5th day of April, 1819, ad- til the 25th day of March 1816, seditional duties of excise in Great Bri- veral laws relating to the better estain on sweets, tobacco, snuff, and ex- couragement of the Greenland whale cise licences.

fisheries, and to the allowing vessels An act to amend certain acts re- employed in the said fisheries to comspecting the exportation and impor- plete their full number of men at certation of sugar, and further to regu- tain ports. late the importation of sugar, coffee, An act for raising the sum of and other articles from certain islands 2,323,750l. Irish currency, by treain the West Indies.

sury bills, for the service of Ireland, An act to rectify a mistake in an for the


1815. act of the present sesion of Parlia- An act to continue, until three ment, with respect to the duties on months after the ceasing of any resugar imported from the East Indies ; striction imposed on the Bank of Engand for further continuing, until the land from issuing cash in payment, end of six weeks from and after the the several acts for confirming and expiration of any act or acts of Par. continuing the restrictions on payliament, continuing the temporary ments in cash by the Bank of Ire. or war duties upon sugar imported land. into Great Britain, certain counter- An act to facilitate the administravailing duties, drawbacks, and boun. tion of justice in that part of the Unities, on refined sugar.

ted Kingdom called Scotland, by the An act to continue, until the 5th extending trial by jury to civil causes

, day of July, 1816, certain temporary

An act for the more effectual preor war duties of customs on the im- vention of the use of false and defici. portation into Great Britain of goods, ent measures. wares, and merchandize.

An act for the relief of the captors An act to continue, until the 25th of prizes, with respect to the admitday of March, 1817, an act made in ting and landing of certain prize ves. the 49th year of his present Majesty, to sels and goods in Ireland; to contipermit

the importation of tobacco into nue in force until the 25th day of Great Britain from any place whatever. March, 1816.

An act to grant to his Majesty an An act for continuing the premiadditional duty of excise on tobacco ums allowed to ships employed in the in Ireland.

southern whale fishery. An act to grant to his Majesty a An act to amend an act passed in

the 48th year of the reign of his pre- to his Majesty's subjects within the roysent Majesty, intituled, An act for the al forests"; and to remove doubts as to better care and maintenance of luna. estates of the crown, sold by order of tics, being paupersor criminals in Eng. the said commissioners, being exempte land.

ed from the auction duty. An act for procuring returns rela- An act to authorize the commistive to the expence and maintenance sioners and governors of the Royal of the poor in England; and also re Hospital for seamen at Greenwich, to lative to the highways.

transfer a certain sum in the three An act for enlarging the powers pounds per cent. consolidated annuand acts of his present Majesty, for ties, now standing in the name of the providing clergymen to officiate in corporation of the chest at Greengaols and houses of correction within wich, into the name of the said comEngland and Wales.

missioners; and also to receive such Ån act to procure returns of per- dividends as are now due upon such sons committed, tried, and convicted annuities. ! for criminaloffences and misdemeanors. An act to repeal the provisions of

An act for the abolition of gaol and former acts, granting exclusive priviother fees connected with the gaols leges of trade to the South Sea Comin England.

pany, and to indemnify the said comAn act to amend an act of his late pany for the loss of such privileges. Majesty King George the Second, for An act for granting annuities to the more easy assessing, collecting, discharge certain Exchequer bills. and levying of county rates.

An act for amending an act of his An act to revive and continue, un- present Majesty, to insure the proper til the 25th day of March, 1820, se- and careful manufacturing of fireveral acts for charging additional du. arms in England, and for making. ties on copper imported into Great provision for proving the barrels of Britain.

such fire-arms. An act to revive and continue, for An act to repeal several acts relaone year, the duties and contributions ting to the execution of letters of aton the profits arising from property, torney and wills of petty, officers, professions, trades, and offices in Great seamen, and marines, in his Majesty's Britain.

navy, and to make new provisions reAn act to repeal an act of the last specting the same. session of Parliament, for establishing An act to grant to his Majesty regulations respecting aliens arriving certain increased rates, duties, and in this kingdom, or resident therein ; taxes in Ireland, in respect of win. and to establish, for twelve months, dows, male servants, carriages, horses, other regulations respecting aliens ar. and dogs, in lieu of former rates, riving in this kingdom, or residing duties, and taxes, in respet of the therein, in certain cases.

like articles. An act to enable the commissioners An act to grant to his Majesty cer. of his Majesty's woods, forests, and tain increased duties of excise in Ireland revenues, to contract for the pur- land on malt. chase and surrender of crown leases, and An act to repeal the additional duty to sell his Majesty's interest in the on British-made wine or sweets grantThornhill estate, in the parish of Stall- ed by an act of this session of Parliabridge, in the county of Dorset, and in ment. certain small parcels of land belonging An act to explain and amend an act of the 534 year of his present experiments relating thereto; and for Majesty, as far as relates to the grant. discharging certain debts incurred by ing gratuities to the East India Com. the commissioners of the longitude, ia pany.

carrying the acts relating thereto isto An act to amend the laws relating execution. to the militia of Great Britain.

An act to enable his Majesty, unAn act for allowing makers of til the 1st day of May 1816, to accept oxygenated muriatic acid to make the services of the local militia, either salt, duty free, for making such acid in or out of their counties under cer. or oxymuriate of lime for bleaching tain restrictions. linen and cotton ; for repealing the An act to authorize, under present excise duties on Glauber salt, and on circumstances, the drawing out and bleaching powder imported from Ire- embodying of the British and Irish land; and to allow a further drawback militia, or any part thereof. on foreign brimstone used in making An act to repeal the several duties oil of vitriol.

under the care of the commissioners An act to grant his Majesty cer. for managing the stamp-duties in Iretain duties and taxes in Ireland, in land, and to grant new duties in lica respect of certain male servante, carri. thereof. ages and horses, kept to be let to An act to regulate the collectina hire.

and management of the stamp duties An act to amend an act of the 13th on law proceedings, attornies, soliciyear of his present Majesty, for the tors, proctors, and corporate officers amendment and preservation of the in Ireland. public highways, in so far as the same An act to provide for the collection relates to notice of appeal against and management of stamp-duties on turning or diverting a public high- pamphlets, almanacks, and newspapers way ; and to extend the provisions of in Ireland. the same act to the stopping up of An act to repeal the several acts unnecessary roads.

for the collection and management of An act to regulate madhouses in stamp duties in Ireland, and to make Scotland.

more effectual regulations for collectAn act for better regulating the ing and managing the said duties ia formation and arrangement of the judi- general. cial and other records of the Court An act to grant duties of customs, of Session in Scotland.

and to allow drawbacks and bountien An act to regulate hawkers and on certain goods, wares, and merchan. pedlars in Scotland.

dize imported into and exported from An act to fix the election for Ireland, in lieu of former duties, Glamorganshire at a central part with- drawbacks, and bounties; and to make in the said county.

further regulations for securing the An act for granting to his Majesty duties of customs in Ireland. a sum of money to be raised by lot- An act to regulate the payment of teries.

the duties of customs on foreigo goods An act to continue the encourage- imported into Great Britain from Irement of persons making discoveries land, or into Ireland from Great Brifor finding the longitude at sea, or

tain ; and of the drawbacks on the exother useful discoveries and improve- portation of goods the growth, proments in navigation, and for making duce, or manufacture of Great Britain

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