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An act to continue, until the 1st for granting other duties in lieu there. day of August, 1816, two acts of the of. 50th and 45th years of his present An act for repealing the stamp-ofMajesty, allowing the bringing office duties on advertisements, alma. coals, culm, and cinders to London nacks, newspapers, gold and silver and Westminster, by inland naviga- plate, stage coaches, and licences for tion.

keeping stage coaches, now payable is An act for allowing certain tiles to Great Britain ; and for granting new be made, duty free, to serve for drain. duties in lieu thereof. ing

An act for granting an additional An act for the further prevention sum of money for providing a suitable of frauds in the manufacture of sweets. residence and estate for the Duke of

An'act to revive and continue, until Wellington and his heirs, in considerathe 25th day of March 1820, an act tion of the eminent and signal services of the 28th year of his present Majes- performed by the said duke to his ty, for the more effectual encourage. Majesty and the public. ment of the manufacture of flax and Ản act for granting to his Majesty cotton in Great Britain.

certain sums out of the respective coaAn act to revive, amend, and con- solidated funds of Great Britain and tinue, until the 25th day of March Ireland, and for applying certain mo. 1821, so much of an act of the 41st nies therein mentioned for the service year

of his present Majesty as allows of the year 1815; and for further apthe use of salt, duty free, for curing propriating the supplies granted in fish in bulk or in barrels ; and to re- this session of Parliament. peal certain laws relating to the allow- An act for enabling his Majesty to ance of salt, duty free, for the North grant to John Francis Erskine of Mar, Seas and Iceland fisheries.

Esq. and his heirs and assigas, the feu An act to revive and continue, un- duties and quit rents arising in the til the 5th day of July 1816, an act of lordship of Stirling, in discharge of a the 46th year of his present Majesty's debt of greater value created upon the reign, for granting an additional boun- said feu duties by a grant from his ty on the exportation of the silk ma- Majesty King George the 1st. nufactures of Great Britain.

An act for allowing Henry Meus, An act for charging an additional Thomas Starling Benson, Florance duty on certain seeds imported. Thomas Young, Richard Latham,

An act to authorize the directors and John Newberry, to brew, duty general of inland navigation in Ireland free, a quantity of strong beer, the to proceed in carrying on and com- duty on which shall be equivalent to pleting the canal from Dublin to Tar- the duty on the beer lost ; and to the monbury on the river Shannon. duties on the malt and hops expended

An act to repeal the bounties pay, in the production of the beer so lost. able in Ireland on the exportation of An act to amend an act made in the certain calicoes and cottons.

48th year of his present Majesty, to An act for repealing the stamp- improve the land revenue of the crown, duties on deeds, law proceedings, so far as relates to the Great Forest and other written or printed instru. of Brecknock, in the county of Breckments, and the duties on fire insur- nock; and for vesting in his Majesty ances, and on legacies and successions certain parts of the said forest, and for to personal estate, upon intestacies, enclosing the said forest. nów payable in Great Britain ; and An act to authorize the appoint

ment of commissioners for erecting a practice of apothecaries throughout
harbour for ships to the eastward of England and Wales.
Dunleary, within the port and har- An act for exonerating the estates
bour of Dublin.

and effects of the late Sir

James ColeAn act to remove certain difficul. brooke, the late Sir George Coleties in the disposition of copy-hold brooke, Arnold Nesbitt, Sir Samuel estates by will.

Fludyer, Adam Drummond, and Moses An act to enable his Majesty, until Franks, and of their sureties, from all six weeks after the commencement of claims and demands whatsoever in rethe next session of Parliament, to re- spect of any contracts entered into gulate the trade and commerce carried with his Majesty's government. on between his Majesty's subjects and An act for enabling his Majesty to the inhabitants of the United States raise the sum of six millions for the of America.

service of Great Britain. An act for better regulating the

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