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APPENDIX I.-GAZETTES., Feb. 18. Majestic, at sen, Jan. 17, 1815, lat, Copy of a letter dated on board his 39 min. 43 deg. N. long. 71 min.

Majesty's ship Superb, at anchor 53 deg. W. before New London, January 23. Sir,--I have the honour to acquaint

Sir, I have the honour to acquaint you, that notwithstanding my utmost you with the capture of the United endeavours to keep the squadron States ship President, on the 15th in- committed to my charge close in with stant, by the following force, viz.- Sandy Hook, agreeable to your directhe Majestic, Captain Hayes ; Te. tions, for the purpose of preventing nedos, Captain Hyde Parker; Endy- the escape of the United States' ship mion, Captain Hope; Pomone, Cap- President, and other vessels ready for tain Lumley; which I had collected sea at Staten Island, we were repeate off the bar of New York, under the edly blown off by frequent gales: but direction of Captain Hayes. She and the very great attention paid to my the Macedonian armed brig, of 420 orders and instructions by the respectons, loaded with provisions, sailed on tive captains, in situations difficult to the preceding evening, under the keep company, prevented separation; command of Commodore Decatur; and, whenever the wind did force us but the present season of the year, from the coast, I invariably, on the and the dark nights of which he avail. gale moderating, placed the squadron ed himself, have not enabled him to on that point of bearing from the Hook elude the vigilance of Captain Hayes, I judged it likely, from existing cirand the commanders of his majesty's cumstances, would be the enemy's ships under his orders, who have well track; and it is with great pleasure I discharged the important duty I as. have now to inform you of the sucsigned to them; and I beg leave to cess of the squadron, in the capture of offer you my congratulations on the the United States' ship President, design of the American Government Commodore Decatur, on Sunday being defeated.

night, after an anxious chase of eighiI have the honour to be, &c. teen hours. (Signed)

On Friday, the Tenedos joined me, HENRY HOTHAM,

with your order to take Captain ParRear Admiral, ker in that ship, under my command. To the Hon. Alexander Coch- We were then in company with the

rane, K. B. Vice Admiral of Endymion and Pomone, off the Hook, the Red, Commander-in- and in sight of the enemy's ships; but chief, &c. &c.

that night the squadron was blown off again in a severe snow storm. On past eleven at night, and firing a few Saturday, the wind and weather be- shots, the enemy hailed to say she had came favourable for the enemy, and I already surrendered. had no doubt but he would attempt The ship, on being taken possession his escape that night : it was impossi- of, proved to be the President as ble, from the direction of the wind, to above stated, commanded by Comget in with the Hook, and, as before modore Decatur. stated, (in preference to closing the The vessel in company with her land to the southward, ) we stood away was the Macedonian brig, a merchant to the northward and eastward, till ship laden with provisions, which made the squadron reached the supposed her escape by very superior sailing. track of the enemy, and, what is a And now, sir, a very pleasing part little singular, at the very instant of of my duty is, the bearing testimony arriving at that point an hour before to the able and masterly mabner in day-light, Sandy Hook bearing W. which the Endymion was conducted, N. W. 15 leagues, we were made hap- and the gallantry with which she was py by he sight of a ship and brig fought; and when the effect produced standin. to the southward' and east- by her well-directed fire upon the ward, and not more than two miles on President is wiinessed, it cannot be the Majestic's w: agher bow. The doubted but that Captain Hope would night signal for a general chase was have succeeded either in capturing or made, and promptly obeyed by all the swking her, had none of the squadron ships.

been in sight. in the course of the day, the chase For your further information, I have became extremely interesting by the the honour to enclose Captain Hope's endeavours of the enemy to escape, letter, with a return of killed and and the exertions of the captains to wounded on board the Endymion. get their respective ships alongsi 'e of I have the honour, &c. Him, the former by cutting away his

John Hayes, Captain. anchors, and throwing overboard every Rear Admiral the Hon. Sir moveable article, with a great quanti

H. Hotham, ty of provisions, and the latier by trimming their ships in every way P. S. The ships having parted compossible to effect their purpose. pany

in the gale, no further particu. the day advanced, the wind declined, jars have been obtained. giving the Endymion an evident ad. Number of persons of all descripvantage in sail ng , and Captain Hope's tions on board the President previous exertions enabled him to get his ship to the action, about 490. alongside of the enemy, and commence close action at halt an hour Number and Calibre of her Guns. past five o'clock in the evening, which - Main deck, 30 long twenty-four was continued with great gallantry pounders.—Quarter deck, 14 fortyand spirit on both sides, for two hours iwo pounder carronades, 1 long 24and a balf, when the Endýmion's pounder, 1 twenty-four pounder howsails being cut from the yards, the itzer.- Forecastle, 6 forty-two pounenemy got'a-head ; Caprain Hope ta- der carronades, I long twenty-four king this opportunity to bend new pounder.- Foretop, 2 brass six-pounsails to enable him to get his ship Ders.--Mainiop, 2 brass six-pounalongside again, the action ceased, ders.--Mizentop, 2 sptaller guns.till the Pomone getting up at half- Total, 59.


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His Majesty's ship Endymion, parallel to the coast from Mobile toat sea, Jan. 15.

wards Lac Borgne, and having afterSir,- enclose a return of the kill- wards joined three others cruising in ed and wounded, and I have great the Lake, were then visible from his pleasure in bearing testimony of the mast-head. very great assistance I received from The Bayone Catalan (or des Pe. the senior lieutenant, Morgan, during cheurs) at the head of Lac Borgne, the whole day's proceedings; together being the contemplated point of diswith the cool and determined bravery embarkation, the distance from the of my officers and ship's company, on

inner anchorage of the frigates and this fortunate occasion. Where every troop ships to the Bayone full sixty individual has so conspicuously done miles, and our principal means of his duty, it would be injustice for me transport open boats, it became imto particularize; but I trust the loss possible that any movement of the and damage sustained by the enemy's troops could take place until this forfrigate, will shew the steady and well- midable filotilla was either captured of directed fire kept up by his majesty's destroyed. ship under my command.

Rear Admiral Malcolm joined me Although our loss has been severe, with the fleet upon the 11th instant; I

am happy to state, that it is trifling and upon the 12th, I placed the when compared with that of the ene launches, barges, and pinnaces of the my.

squadron, with Captain Montressor I have the honour to be, &c. of the Manly, and Captain Roberts (Signed) H. Hope. of the Meteor, under the command of

Captain Lockyer of the Sophie, and Admiralty-Office, March 9. sent them into Lac Borgne in pursuit Dispatches, of which the following of the enemy, while the frigates, troop

are copies, addressed by Vice-Ad- ships, and smaller vessels moved into miral the Honourable Sir Alexan- the inmost anchorage, each vessel der Cochrane, G. C. B., &c. to John proceeding on until she took the Wilson Croker, Esq. were yester- ground. day brought to this office by the After an arduous row of thirty-six Hon. Captain William Henry Per- hours, Captain Lockyer had the good cy, late of his majesty's ship Her- fortune to close with the flotilla, which

he attacked with such judgment and

determined bravery, that notwithArmide, off Isle-au-Chat, standing their formidable force, their

Dec. 16, 1814. advantage of a chosen position, and Sir,- Having arrived at the anchor- their studied and deliberate preparaage off Chandeleur Íslands on the 8th tion, he succeeded in capturing the instant, Captain Gordon, of the Sea- whole of these vessels, in so service, horse (which ship, with the Armide able a state, as to afford at once the and Sophie, I had sent on from off most essential aid to the expedition. . Pensacola to the anchorage within For the particulars of this brilliant Isle au Vaisseau), reported to me that affair, I refer their lordships to the ac; two gun-vessels of the enemy, appa- companying copy of Captain Lockrently large size sloops, of very light yer's letter, detailing his proceedings, draught of water, had fired at the Ar- which I am fully aware their lordships mide upon her way down, from with will duly appreciate. in the chain of small islands ibat ran Captain Lockyer's conduct on this


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