Universal history, ancient and modern, Količina 9

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Stran 298 - ' who will be fully persuaded that the Lord of Heaven governs the universe, who shall in all things choose moderation, who shall perfectly know his own species, and so act among them that his life and manners may conform to his knowledge of God and man, may be truly said to discharge all the duties of a sage, and to be far exalted above the common herd of the human race.
Stran 290 - ... or near great rivers, under huts or rude tents, or in waggons drawn by their cattle from...
Stran 297 - Of the religious opinions, entertained by Confucius and his followers, we may glean a general notion from the fragments of their works translated by Couplet : they professed a firm belief in the supreme God, and gave a demonstration of his being and...
Stran 123 - ... number of its words and the precision of its phrases; but it is equally true and wonderful, that it bears not the least resemblance, either in words or the structure of them, to the Sanscrit, or great parent of the Indian dialects ; of which dissimilarity I shall mention two remarkable instances : the Sanscrit, like the Greek, Persian, and German, delights in compounds, but in a much higher degree, and indeed to such an excess, that I could produce words of more than twenty syllables, not formed...
Stran 296 - ... been separated near four thousand years, have retained few strong features of their ancient consanguinity, especially as the Hindus have preserved their old language and ritual, while the Chinese very soon lost both; and the Hindus have constantly intermarried among themselves, while the Chinese, by a mixture of Tartarian blood from the time of their first establishment, have at length formed a race distinct in appearance both from Indians and Tartars.
Stran 65 - It was seized by Pasines, the son of Sogdonacus, king of the neighbouring Arabs, during the troubles of Syria, and erected into a kingdom.
Stran 29 - Apollo, of pure gold and most curious workmanship; and a pair of gaming tables of two precious stones, three feet broad, and four feet long, on which was a moon of gold weighing thirty pounds, with their men.
Stran 125 - The Arabs have never been entirely subdued, nor has any impression been made on them, except on their borders ; where, indeed, the Phenicians, Persians, Ethiopians, Egyptians, and, in modern times, the Othman Tartars, have severally acquired settlements; but, with these exceptions, the natives of Hejaz and Yemen have preserved for ages the sole dominion of their deserts and pastures, their mountains and fertile valleys; thus apart from the rest of mankind, this extraordinary people have retained...
Stran 113 - It is bounded on the north by Egypt; on the east by the Red Sea and Ethiopia; on the south by Kenya, Uganda, and Zaire; on the west by the Central African Republic and Chad; and on the northwest by Libya.
Stran 77 - Phraates no sooner attained to this height of power, than he caused all his brothers by the daughter of Antiochus Eusebes to be put to death, and attempted to...

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