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VESSELS being fitted out or armed, in whole or in part, in the U. S., against

any foreign power with which the U. S. is at peace. An act to prevent.. 296
VERMONT. Chronological statement of the formation of the Government of 412
VICE PRESIDENT of the U.S. from 1789 to 1853. (See Electoral Votes.) Elec-
toral votes for

VICE PRESIDENT of the U. S. by the Senate, he not having a majority of
electoral votes. Richard M. Johnson elected.......

VICE PRESIDENTS and Presidents pro tempore from March 4, 1789, to

March 3, 1851. Attendance in the Senate of the .................... 336-315
VICE PRESIDENT. Act relative to election of President and Vice Presi-

dent, and declaring what officer shall act as President in case of vacan-
cies in offices of President and .

VICE PRESIDENT in case of vacancies in those offices. Provision for the
election of a President and

VICE PRESIDENT to be delivered into the office of Secretary of State. A
resignation or refusal to accept the office of...

VICE PRESIDENT to commence on March 4, &c. Term of office of the... 293
VICE PRESIDENT of the U.S. An aet providing compensation to the Presi-
dent and

VICE PRESIDENT in all the States. An act to establish a uniform time for
elections of electors of President and...

VICE PRESIDENT, to qualify him as President of the U. S. Oath of John

....... 331
VIRGINIA, in 1786, appointing Commissioners to meet those of other States at

Annapolis, to consider a general and uniform system of trade, &c., and
commerce. Resolution of the commonwealth of

VIRGINIA, in 1786, for appointing deputies to Convention to revise Federal
Constitution. Act of the Commonwealth of ........

VIRGINIA. Chronological statement of the charters and constitutions of ... 408
VIRGINIA, in relation to the North-Western Territory. Recommendation by
Congress to ......

VIRGINIA, on March 1, 1784. North-Western Territory ceded to the U.S. by 422
VOTES for President and Vice President of the U.S. Provision of the Con-
stitution relative to electoral.....

VOTES for President and Vice President of the U. S. from 1789 to 1853.

VOTES for President and Vice President of the U. S. Enactments of law
regarding the electoral

VOTES. Compensation to, and penalties of, persons to deliver the electoral 292
VOTES. Compensation to the persons to deliver the electoral ..


WAR, from 1789 10 1847. Names, States, services, &c., of the Secretaries of 398
WASHINGTON to be General and commander-in-chief of the army of the

United Colonies, June 17, 1775. Appointment by Congress of the Confede-
ration of George..



WASHINGTON to Congress, accepting the appointment Address of

WASHINGTON as General and commander in-chief. Commission

WASHINGTON, with their lives and fortunes, for the maintenance and pre-

servation of American liberty. Resolution of Congress of June 17, 1775,
that they will maintain, assist, and adhere to George

WASHINGTON, August 26, 1783, on the termination of the war. Address of
the President of Congress to George

WASHINGTON to the same. Reply of George

WASHINGTON, commander-in-chief. Resolution of Congress of December
20, 1783, that a public audience be given to George

..... 205
WASHINGTON, commander-in-chief. Resolution of Congress of December
20, 1783, that a public entertainment be given to George

WASHINGTON of his commission as commander-in-chief of the American
December 23, 1783. Resignation by George.......

WASHINGTON, in answer to the same. Address of Thomas Mifflin, Presi-
dent of Congress, to George......

WASHINGTON by Houdon. Remarks and correspondence relating to, and

John Marshall's opinion of the accuracy of, the statuary likeness of

WASHINGTON appointed a deputy from Virginia to the Convention which
formed the Constitution. George......

WASHINGTON, President of the Convention, in 1787, transmitting the Con-
stitution to the Congress of the Confederation. Letter from. George

...... 188
WASHINGTON, President of the U.S. First election of George

WASHINGTON, as President of the U. S., dated April 6, 1789. Certificate
of the election of George

WASHINGTON, as President of the U. S., by the Chancellor of the State of

New York, April 30, 1789. The oath of office administered to George 211
WASHINGTON, as President of the U.S. April 30, 1789. Inaugural address
of George

WASHINGTON, President of the U. S. Second election of George.......... 316
WASHINGTON, President of the U. S., September 17, 1796. Farewell ad-
dress of George....

WASHINGTON, as Lieutenant-general and commander-in-chief of the ar-

mies of the U. S., July 3, 1798. Appointment of George ......231-239
WASHINGTON. Proceedings of the Government and funeral oration of
Henry Lee on the death of George...

WASHINGTON. Origin of the words “First in war, first in peace, and first
in the hearts of his countrymen,” as applicable to George

WASHINGTON. Addresses of the Senate and House of Representatives,

respectively, to the President of the U. S., and his replies thereto, on the
death of George

... 244, 264
WASHINGTON in the Capitol at the city of Washington, and that his body

be deposited under it. Resolution of Congress directing that a marble
monument be erected by the U. S. to General

..... 245

WASHINGTON, consenting that the body of her deceased husband. George

Washington, be interred under a monument in the city of Washington.
Letter from Martha ......

WASHINGTON. Act of Congress extending the privilege of franking let-
ters and packages to Martha....

WAYNE, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U. S. Letter of
approbation from James M.

WEBSTER, Secretary of State of the United States, Letter of approbation from

WISCONSIN. Chronological statement of the formation of the govern-
ment of.......

WRIGHT, late Governor of New York, Senator of the U. S., &c. Letter of

approbation from Silas......



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