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Encyclopedia Americana Corporation, 1919
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Stran 352 - Henry Phipps Institute for the Study, Treatment and Prevention of Tuberculosis and was appointed its medical director.
Stran 310 - If it be discovered, and fairly proved, that a flag of truce has been abused for surreptitiously obtaining military knowledge, the bearer of the flag thus abusing his sacred character is deemed a spy.
Stran 314 - That on the admission of every new State into the Union, one star be added to the union of the Flag ; and that such addition shall take effect on the fourth of July next succeeding such admission.
Stran 74 - Lambeth conference, he received the degree of Doctor of Laws from the university of Cambridge, England.
Stran 301 - He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and was called to the Irish bar. In 1832, however, he emigrated to Canada, and settled in the township of Oro in Upper Canada.
Stran 84 - Rico is a party in the circuit court of appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States are being most efficiently prepared and argued by Mai.
Stran 85 - Commission, on the charges set forth in this complaint, at which time and place you will have the right under said Act to appear and show cause why an order should not be entered requiring you to cease and desist from the violations of law charged In this complaint.
Stran 185 - Williams, and Bathurst, at whose father's he had lived for victuals, understood that dignity as little, and pulled themselves chairs ; on which he civilised.
Stran 228 - Finsen lamp produces a much greater number of chemical rays than sunlight, as the atmosphere absorbs a large percentage of these rays. The light is so intense it is impossible to look at it with the naked eye, and it is necessary for all the attendants and patients to wear dense smoked glasses while the lamp is in operation. An aluminum hood about two feet wide surrounds the lamp, which hood is fringed on its lower border with a deep crimson-colored paper skirt to further aid in excluding the diffused...
Stran 314 - " Pennsylvania, " " New Jersey, " " Georgia, " " Connecticut, " " Massachusetts, " " Maryland, " " South Carolina, " " New Hampshire, " " Virginia, ' «' " New York, " " North Carolina, " " Rhode Island, on the 7th December, 1787.

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