A Naval History of the American Revolution, Količina 2

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Houghton Mifflin, 1913

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Stran 461 - The English commodore asked me if I demanded quarters; and, I having answered him in the most determined negative, they renewed the battle with double fury.
Stran 477 - Richard afloat, and, if possible, to bring her into port. For that purpose, the first lieutenant of the Pallas continued on board with a party of men, to attend the pumps, with boats in waiting, ready to take them on board in case the water should gain on them too fast. The wind augmented in the night, and the next day, the 25th, so that it was impossible to prevent the good old ship from sinking. They did not abandon her till after nine o'clock; the water was then up to the lower deck, and a little...
Stran 457 - I therefore steered out again to join the Pallas off Flamborough Head. In the night we saw and chased two ships until three o'clock in the morning, when being at a very small distance from them, I made the private signal of...
Stran 381 - McClellan will be furnished with a copy of these instructions, and will be directed to hold himself in readiness to establish communication with your left wing, and...
Stran 610 - Congress are desirous of testifying on this occasion to his Majesty the sense they entertain of his generous exertions in behalf of the United States : "Resolved, That the agent of marine be, and he is hereby instructed to present the America, a 74 gun ship, in the name of the United States, to the Chevalier de la Luzerne for the service of His Most Christian Majesty.
Stran 463 - ... Alliance; the leak gained on the pumps, and the fire increased much on board both ships. Some officers persuaded me to strike, of whose courage and good sense I entertain a high opinion. My treacherous master-at-arms let loose all my prisoners without my knowledge, and my prospects became gloomy indeed.
Stran 460 - ... to prevent it. As I had to deal with an enemy of greatly superior force, I was under the necessity of closing with him, to prevent the advantage which he had over me in point of manoeuvre.
Stran 458 - ... for battle. In approaching the enemy, I crowded every possible sail, and made the signal for the line of battle, to which the Alliance showed no attention. Earnest as I was for the action, I could not reach the commodore's ship until seven in the evening, being then within pistol-shot, when he hailed the Bon Homme Richard. We answered him by firing a whole broadside.
Stran 460 - Two out of three of them burst at the first fire, and killed almost all the men who were stationed to manage them. Before this time, too...
Stran 454 - Firth, and must have Succeeded; as they lay there in a State of perfect indolence and Security, Which Would have proved their ruin. Unfortunately for me, the Pallas and Vengeance Were both at a considerable distance in the offing; they having chaced to the Southward ; this obliged me to Steer out of the Firth again to meet them.

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