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Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1911

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Stran 109 - No member of Congress, or person holding any office under the United States, or under this State, shall fill the office of Governor or Lieutenant Governor.
Stran 109 - Third. He shall have resided in the election district where he shall offer to vote at least two months immediately preceding the election. Fourth. If twenty-two years of age or upwards, he shall have paid within two years a State or county tax, which shall have been assessed at least two months and paid at least one month before the election.
Stran 120 - ... such persons only as have just claims on the royal beneficence, or who, by their personal services to the crown, by the performance of duties to the public, or by their useful discoveries in science, and attainments in literature and the arts, have merited the gracious consideration of their Sovereign, and the gratitude of their country.
Stran 4 - In admitting the principle of compulsory arbitration. 2. In declaring that certain disputes, in particular those relating to the interpretation and application of the provisions of international agreements, may be submitted to compulsory arbitration without any restriction.
Stran 9 - The Signatory Powers of the present Act recognize the obligation to insure the establishment of authority in the regions occupied by them on the coasts of the African Continent sufficient to protect existing rights, and, as the case may be, freedom of trade and of transit under the conditions agreed upon.
Stran 17 - Employing bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body, such as bullets with a hard envelope which does not entirely cover the core or is pierced with incisions; xx.
Stran 8 - Tribunals shall take the form of a direct claim for compensation, provided always that the effect of this reservation shall not be such as to impair the rights secured under the said Convention either to individuals or to their Governments, and that the terms of the...
Stran 17 - Regulation, and of preparing a programme which the Governments should decide upon in sufficient time to enable it to be carefully examined by the countries interested. This Committee should further be intrusted with the task of proposing a system of organization and procedure for the Conference itself.
Stran 285 - The Healing of the Lame Man at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple...
Stran 17 - The Conference is of opinion that the restriction of military charges which are at present a heavy burden on the world, is extremely desirable for the increase of the material and moral welfare of mankind.

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