Glimpses of Three Coasts

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Roberts Brothers, 1886 - 418 strani

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Stran 174 - And then to die so young and leave Unfinished what he might achieve! Yet better sure Is this, than wandering up and down, An old man in a country town, Infirm and poor. For now he haunts his native land As an immortal youth; his hand Guides every plough; He sits beside each ingle-nook, His voice is in each rushing brook, Each rustling bough.
Stran 47 - Tantum ergo Sacramentum Veneremur cernui : Et antiquum documentum Novo cedat ritui : Praestet fides supplementum Sensuum defectui. Genitori, Genitoque Laus et jubilatio, Salus, honor, virtus quoque Sit et benedictio ; Procedenti ab utroque Compar sit laudatio.
Stran 204 - ... as they were before, at five pounds a giant, the least that can be, and four men to carry them at two shillings and sixpence each.
Stran 54 - The best and most unequivocal proof of the good conduct of the fathers is to be found in the unbounded affection and devotion invariably shown toward them by their Indian subjects. They venerate them not merely as friends and fathers, but with a degree of devotion approaching to adoration.
Stran 373 - Menich Man lude synghet, wen men em de Brut bringet ; weste he wat men em brochte, dat he wol wenen mochte' (many a man sings loudly when they bring him his bride ; if he knew what they brought him, he might well weep).
Stran 146 - Whenever there may arrive at the port of San Francisco a ship named the Columbia, said to belong to General Washington of the American States, commanded by John...
Stran 76 - God," she said, with a quick glance, half humorous, half antagonistic. The Santa Barbara Mission is still in the charge of Franciscans, the only one remaining in their possession. It is now called a college for apostolic missionary work, and there are living within its walls eight members of the order. One of them is very old, — a friar of the ancient regime; his benevolent face is well known throughout the country, and there are in many a town and remote hamlet men and women who wait always for...
Stran 43 - ... selects a beautiful little plain, through which flowed a small river. Here he orders the mules to be unpacked, and the bells to be hung upon a tree, and as soon as that is done he seizes the rope and begins to ring, crying out at the same time at the top of his voice, " Hear ! hear ! oh ye gentiles ! Come to the holy church ! Come to the faith of Jesus Christ!
Stran 77 - If we ask, where are now the 30,000 christianized Indians who once enjoyed the beneficence and created the wealth of the twenty-one Catholic Missions of California, and then contemplate the most wretched of all want of systems which has succeeded them under our own Government, we shall not withhold our admiration from those good and devoted men who with such wisdom, sagacity, and self-sacrifice, reared these wonderful institutions in the wilderness of California. They...

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