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ley of the Mississippi, Shelton's History

of Michigan, Hord's History of Illinois, No apology is needed for the publica- Peck's Western Annals, and many other tion at this time of a History of Ogle works, and in some instances have adopted County. There are few who will not at parts of them as best expressing what we once recognize the importance of the work. wanted to show. The following sketches, perhaps, can

We have commenced with a rapid hardly be dignified with the title of a sketch of the Early Settlement of the history, from a lack of order and arrange -Northwest, which is inseparably connected ment which is almost unavoidable under with the history of our own county. In the circumstances; but such as they are, this we have drawn from the most authenwe believe them to be accurate and relia- tic sources such facts as presented thenible. In looking to books for materials, selves to us as possessing interest and we have endeavored to find such as could

were well sustained. The settlement of be relied upon for accuracy and impar- the entire Valley of the Mississippi, of tiality, while the accounts given by the which this section is a part, is so connected pioneers now living are from men who with our own local history, that we could can be relied upon for probity and integ- not in justice pass it by. rity and a knowledge of the things where

The Black Hawk War, in which many of they have spoken. We have consulted of our citizens took a part, is a matter in Hakluyt’s Voyages, Hennepin's Works, which we have all felt a deep interest, Burnet's Notes, Bancroft's History of the occurring, as it did, where our own fireUnited States, Hart's History of the Val- sides are now located. Its history is full

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