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PUBLIC BUILDINGS. During the fiscal year which closed on the 30th June, 1890, the sum of $37,375,54 was expended on construction and repairs of Public Buildings in this Province.

At ANNAPOLIS, a site for a Post Office and other Government Offices having been obtained on the corner of St. George and Railway streets, on the 7th June, 1889, a contract for the construction of the building was entered into. It will be of two and a-balf stories, of brick, on a stone foundation, 58 feet by 35 feet, with a onestory brick annex for an examining warehouse, 13 feet by 31 feet.

Work has been continuously carried on during the past year, and the building will, it is expected, be completed during 1890-91.

HALIFAX.—A contract for the erection of an Immigration Building at the Deepwater Terminus was entered into 14th April, 1890, and the building is now practically completed. It is a one-story wooden building, 262 feet in length, but of varying width, from 58 feet at its greatest to 7 feet at its least, and, excepting three small offices for baggage, tickets and agent, the floor space is undivided.

Adjoining is an old three-story and attic wooden warehouse, 50 feet by 30 feet, which has been fitted up and now furnishes the following accommodation :

On the ground floor a stairway. hall, kitchen, coal store, storeroom and pantry; on the second flat a dining-room and pantry; on the third flat eight rooms and in the attic four rooms.

NAPPAN.—The buildings for the Experimental Farm were described in my report of last year, and are now practically completed. The Superintendent's residence will be supplied with a heating apparatus, plans of which are being prepared.

Pictou.-A new drain from the Custom House, with a catch basin, has been


put in.

At SYDNEY, work on the building—to contain the Post Office and other Govern. ment offices—described in my report of last year—has been carried on continuously.

In April last, a contract was entered into for the construction of a heating apparatus.

Repairs, alterations, and improvements were effected to the following buildings:

AMHERST.-Public Building; ANTIGONISH.--Public Building; HALIFAX.- Dominion Building; Examining Warehouse; NEW GLASGOW.-Public Building; TRURO.Public Building; Windsor.—Post Office; YARMOUTH.—Public Building.

(Part I, Appendix No. 2, pages 27–29.)

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During the year there has been expended on construction and repairs the sum of $53,213.30, which does not include the cost of dredging charged to the appropriation for dredging in the Maritime Provinces, which amounted to $16,958.99.

ARISAIG.–The extension of the pier 100 feet and the protoction of the same by a talus of large stone, on its seaward face, was nearly completed at the end of the

fiscal year.

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At BARRINGTON, the first and second sections of the pier referred to in my report of last year, as well as 300 feet of pile-work, have been completed.

At BIG LORRAINE, a straight channel was opened through the western extremity of the bar obstructing the entrance, the depth obtained being 2 feet at low water on a width of 20 feet.

BIG TRACADIE.-With the amount appropriated by Parliament the work of improving, by dredging, the navigable channel at this place was carried on.

CHETICAMP.-A contract was entered into 10th June, 1889, for the construction of a wharf on the eastern side of the harbour, to consist of an approach 125 feet in length and 30 feet in width over a distance of 60 feet from its outer end, with side walls of stone and centre filling of earth or stone; and an extension 80 feet in length, in two blocks, with openings of 17 feet 6 inches. The outer block is to be 60 feet in length along the channel face, and to have a depth of 11 feet at extreme low water.

At the end of the fiscal year the approach was completed and the remainder of the work well under way.

East Bay.—During the year a site was selected and a wharf built on the north side of the East Bay of the Bras d'Or Lake, half a mile to the westward of McAdam's Point and 5 miles to the westward of the head of the bay. The distance to Sydney is 17 miles and to the nearest station on the Cape Breton Railway 10 miles. The structure is 220 feet in length and 20 feet wide, with a return of 20 feet at the outer end, giving a channel or end face 40 feet in length. The depth at the outer end is 10 feet at the lowest lake level, or 11 feet 3 inches at extreme high lake level.

East River, Pictou.-A number of boulders were removed during the year, and points of rocky ledges cut through.

At EATONVILLE, the top of the breakwater constructed during 1887–88 was cut down to the level of the extension, and its inner face close-piled. The new top was built simultaneously with the extension, a distance of 203 feet, and the whole work was completed in a satisfactory manner.

The total length of the breakwater is 220 feet, and its width on top 20 feet, sloping about 1 in 6 on the seaward face and end.

Economy.—The breakwater and wharf combined, constructed by the Department at this place in 1887–88, has been, during the past year, extended 100 feet in length, with a width on top of 25 feet, and an L, 25 feet by 25 feet, built on the eastern side of the outer end.

At French Cove the boat landing was improved by the removal of rocks and boulders.

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At Green Cove, bedded rocks and boulders were removed over a distance of 60 feet, measured along the shore, to enable fishing boats getting to land with greater safety.

GROSSES COQUES.—The greater portion of the pier at this place was renewed by the Department, assisted by the inhabitants who supplied some materials and labour.

At Jones HARBOUR a landing wharf and breakwater have been constructed inside the mouth of the harbour, to enable the fishermen to use a larger class of boats, and also to give them landing facilities.

The wharf is 175 feet long, and consists of an inshore end 90 feet long and 15 feet wide, built of large stone; a centre portion of cribwork, which is of the same width and 45 feet long, and an outer or channel block 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, also of cribwork. It has, at its outer end, a depth of 9 feet at low tide.

9 At LISMORE, the work done during the year consisted in obtaining an additional depth of one foot on the reef which lies beyond the outer end of the wharf.

MABOU.—The brush and stonework constructed off the entrance to this harbour was raised during the period covered by this report.

MARGAREE.—During the year 1889–90 a contract was entered into for repair's to the pier and for an extension 200 feet in length, 20 feet in width on top, over a distance of 170 feet, and 25 feet over the remaining 30 feet. The work under contract has been prosecuted vigorously since the spring, and is approaching completion.

At Negro Island the beach protection work was extended and the old portion repaired.

Port GEORGE.–Storms of the autumn of 1888 destroyed the outer end of the breakwater at this place over a length of 190 feet, rendering the harbour practically useless.

During the Session of 1888-89 an appropriation of $5,000 was made for re-building the breakwater, and during the present fiscal year a contract was entered into for carrying out this work, but owing to difficulty in obtaining timber, and other delays, active operations were not begun until late this spring, since which time the work has progressed rapidly.

At Port GREVILLE, the top of the beach protection work was re-constructed over a length of 2,040 feet, and a cribwork wall 120 feet long built along the bank on the northern side of the mouth of the harbour.

At Port Hood, the amount appropriated for the year 1889-90 was expended in building and close-piling a block 71 feet in length and 24 feet in width against the outer face of the pier between the north corner and the close-piling, constructed in 1888-89, and connecting it with new top work back of it; in renewing the closepiling over a distance of 34 feet on the north side of the pier near the outer end, and in repairs to the covering of the pier and to the rip-rap of the stone slope on its north side.

Porter's LAKE.-A channel 400 feet in length leading from the lake to Three Fathom Harbour was re-opened during the year, the same having been closed by an accumulation of gravel and shingle.

PORT MAITLAND or GREEN COVE).- In the winter of 1887-88 the breakwater at this place was seriously damaged by a succession of storms, a breach 86 feet in length

being made directly through the middle of the structure, and $500 was expended by the Department in clearing away the wreckage and securing the work from further damage.

During the year a contract has been entered into for making good the breach and repairing the other parts of the structure where required.

SHEET HARBOUR.-In January, 1889, a contract for the construction of a ballast wharf, on the eastern side of the East River, was entered into.

This wharf, which was completed in November of the same year, was built from the end of the remains of Hall's Wharf, and extended southerly a distance of 180 feet. It is 20 feet wide, and has an L, 20 feet by 20 feet, at its southern end.

At THREE FATHOM HARBOUR, the beach protection work has been extended northwardly, and other work done.

TIDnish River.—A contract has been entered into for the construction of a public wharf on the south-eastern side, and near the mouth of the river. This wharf is to be 220 feet in length on the centre line, 20 feet in width, with an L 20 x 20 feet on the upper side of the outer end, and a stone approach; the depth at its outer end will be 9 feet at high water.

At Two RIVERS, some large boulders were removed from the mud flats on the banks of the navigable channel of the Big River.

WALLACE.—During the past year the wharf at this place was extended a further distance, the total length of the structure being, at the present time, 345 feet.

WESTERN HEAD.—The stone breakwater at this place was repaired and re-built over a length of 106 feet.

At West Jordan Bay a pier 144 feet in length, 18 feet in width and 13 feet high at the outer end, has been built at the back of the island, to prevent the gravel being swept into the channel.

Repairs and improvements were made to the undermentioned piers and breakwaters in this Province, viz. :

Church Point, Cow BAY, DIGBY, McNair's Cove, PARTRIDGE ISLAND PIER, Port MEDWAY, Round Bay and SUMMERVILLE,

Dredging was done at the following places :


(Part I, Appendix No. 5, pages 68 to 83. and 112 to 149).



The sum of $1,649.11 was expended on construction and repairs to Public Buildings in this Province during the year,

CHARLOTTETOWN.—The town water supply was connected with the Dominion Building, and the grounds laid out in grass plots, walks, etc. Other repairs and improvements were effected on this building.

At MONTAGUE, the plaster, woodwork, etc., of the Post Office, were repaired. (Part I, Appendix No. 2, page 27).

HARBOURS AND RIVERS, The sum of $10,777.56 has been expended on account of this service during the year. This does not include the sum of $9,757.21, the cost of dredging, and charged to the general appropriation for dredging in the Maritime Provinces.

CASCUMPEC.-At this place, the work of excavating a channel through the inner bar has been continued, and some 4,000 cubic yords of rock have been blasted, ready for removal by a dredge. By adopting this procedure it is anticipated the channel will be completed at an earlier date and at less cost.

At CHAPEL Point a contract has been entered into for repairing the superstructure of the existing pier and extending it a distance of 44 feet; at the close of the fiscal year about half of the work was completed.

At China Point, extensive works of renewal and repairs were commenced by the Department, under contract, nearly half of the work undertaken being completed at the end of the year.

GENERAL REPAIRS AND IMPROVEMENTS were made on the following piers, viz. : ANNANDALE, BELFAST, HICKEY'S, KIER'S SHORE, LAMBERT'S, MALPEQUE breakwater, New London breakwater, North Rustico, PINETTE, PORT SELKIRK, PowNAL, ST. Mary's Bay, SOURIS (or CoLVILLE BAY) breakwater, South RIVER and STEVEN's.

DREDGING was done at CHARLOTTETown, North Rustico, Red Point and South Rustico.

(Part I, Appendix No. 5, pages 61 to 68, and 113 to 149.)




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On construction and repairs, there was expended on Public Buildings in this Province, during the year, the sum of $15,671,68.

BATHURST.-A clock was placed in the tower of the Public Building.

DALHOUSIE.—The Post Office, etc., building, has been completed and is being fitted up. Heating apparatus is also being supplied. Cribwork was built during the year to protect the site from the wash of the sea.

FREDERIC TON.-Further grading has been done, and plans prepared for a heating apparatus for the Post Office, etc., building.

St. John.-The yard of the Custom House on Water street was laid with asphalt, and the furnaces under the boilers were re-laid and supplied with new deadplates.

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