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AT WOODSTOCK, a clock has been placed in the turret of the Post Office, Custom House, etc., building.

REPAIRS AND IMPROVEMENTS were made to the Post Offices at CARLETON and MONCTON, to the Public Building, NEWCASTLE, to the quarantine station on PARTRIDGE ISLAND, St. John, to the PORTLAND Post Office; at St. John to the Custom House, Post Office, Marine Hospital, Penitentiary and Savings Bank, and to the Public buildings at St. Stephen's and SUSSEX.

(Part I, Appendix No. 2, pages 30 to 32.)


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Expenditure on construction and repairs, $71,241.05.

At CAMPBELL TON, in order to provide a place of deposit for ballast, a contract was entered into on the 23rd April, 1889, for the construction of a ballast wharf," the proposed structure being an isoiated block 140 feet in length by 35 feet in width, and having at it a depth of 18 feet at extreme low water, spring tides.

At the close of the year the wharf was nearly completed, having been built up to the specified height.

A length of 116 feet of a landing for the steamer crossing from Campbellton to Cross Point on the opposite side of the river, was constructed by day's labour.

CAPE TORMENTINE.—At the close of the fiscal year the stone embankment had been completed to its full length, viz: 1,300 feet-on top-and the cribwork portion commenced.

At Edgett's LANDING, the contractors being unable to carry on the work, the Department assumed the same in May last, and is carrying it to completion.

At Fort DUFFERIN, at the inner end of Negro Point Breakwater, St. John Harbour, a further length of 100 feet of protection work has been built.

At GRAND ANSE, the L, or return, at the western end of the breakwater, was extended 100 feet towards the shore.

LINCOLN.-For many years the wharf at this place has, owing to its bad state, been unserviceable; to make it, therefore, of use to the public, it was, during the year, completely repaired and enlarged.

At MizzonETTE, the wharf referred to and described in my report of last year was completed and taken off the contractor's hands on the 19th September, 1889.

At RicHIBUCTO, a further length of 94 feet has been added to the inner end of the “ beach protection” work, connecting it with the Sand Hills, and it is hoped its further extension will be unnecessary.

On the River St. John navigation was improved by the removal of boulders, sand bars, rocky ledges and snags between the mouth of the River St. Francis and the City of St. John, and the tow-path was repaired at different points. A number of rocky ledges were also blasted and removed on the TOBIQUE, one of its tributaries.

At St. Louis, the wharf which was commenced during the fiscal year 1888-89, and described in my report of that year was completed on the 21st September, 1859. SHIPPEGAN.—On the 26th November a contract was entered into for the construction of an additional block at the end of the castorn or present breakwater, and of a breakwater extending 1,100 feet in a southerly direction from the western beach at the entrance of the “Gully.” Materials for the works were got out during the past winter, a large portion having been delivered at the site by the end of the fiscal year, and 7 feet in height of the “ additional block" (40 feet by 50 feet) had been "built, placed in position and secured by ballasting.

The works so far built at the "Gully” have given most favourable results, improving the depth of water in the channel fully 2 feet, and already proving of great benefit to the fishing fleet of the harbour and surrounding districts.

REPAIRS and IMPROVEMENTS were made to the works at MISPEC, Quaco and UPPER SALMON RIVER.

Dredging was done at the following localities during the year, viz: DALHOUSIE; GRAND LAKE; RIVER KENNEBECASIS; OROMOCTO SHOALS, River St. John; RichiBUCTO; and the Traverse, RIVER RESTIGOUCHE—the amount expended being $14,957.95 and charged to the appropriation for Dredging in the Maritine Provinces.

(Part I, Appendix No. 5, pages 84 to 30, and 112 to 149).



On construction and repairs there was expended, during 1889-90 the sum of $107,982.23, on the following public buildings :

AYLMER, Post Office.—This building has been completed and occupied.

CARILLON, Inland Revenue Offices.-The offices have been fitted up and furnished and neceessary outbuildings constructed.

CHICOUTIMI, Marine Hospital.-A drain from íhe hospital to the river was put in, the hospital was painted throughout, and the reservoir enlarged.

COATICOOK.—The public building at this place has been completed, fitted up and occupied.

FRASERVILLE, RIVIÈRE DU LOUP.-On the 27th November, 1889, a contract was entered into for the construction of a building—to contain the Post Office, Customs and Inland Revenue Offices—on the corner of Iberville and Champlain streets. The building is to be two stories, basement and attic, 62 feet by 35 feet, to contain on the ground floor the Post Office and Examining Warehouse; on the first floor the Customs and Inland Revenue Offices; on the attic floor the caretaker's apartments, and in the basement the heating apparatus and fuel. The outside walls are to be of stone, the partitions, floors and roofs of brick.

JOLIETTE.-The Post Office, &c., building, described in a previous report, has been completed and occupied.

LACHINE, Post Office, &c., Building.-A contract for the construction of this building on lot No. 253, fronting on St. Joseph street, was entered into on the 30th September, 1889. The building consists of a main portion 40 feet by 30 feet and an annex 20 feet by 11 feet, the ground floor for the Post Office, and first and attie stories for the caretaker's apartments. The walls are to be of stone; the partitions, floors and roof of wood. The front gable will carry a wooden clock turret with four openings for dials.

MONTREAL.-At the Custom House extensive renewals of metal roof covering, ornamental vases and woodwork of eaves were carried out, and alterations of plumbing and boiler were made; some new gas fittings were supplied and a new and larger gas main was put in the cellar.

A one-story wooden building, 25 feet 6 inches by 13 feet 6 inches, on a stone foundation, was built at the lower entrance of the Lachine Canal for the transaction of Customs business.

Extensive renewals and improvements were effected to the boilers, engines, heating apparatus, &c., at the Examining Warehouse.

At the Post Office, a new safe was supplied for the Northern Receiving Office; the Assistant Postmaster's Office was enlarged and other work done.

St. HYACINTHE.-On 19th March, 1889, a site, consisting of Lot 225, and a portion of 524, on the corner of Girouard and St. Joseph streets, with frontages of 81 feet 6 inches and 133 feet 3 inches, respectively, was acquired, and plans, &c., for the construction of a public building have been prepared.

ST. JEROME.—The Public Building at this place was completed, fitted up, furnished and occupied.

St. Vincent de Paul PENITENTIARY.-A large amount of construction and works of improvement were carried out by convict labour during the year, a description of which will be found in the report of the Chief Architect, on payes 35and 36 of the Appendices, Part I.

Repairs and improvements wers carried out on the Marine Hospital, ChicouTIMI; Quarantine Hospital, Grosse ISLE; Post Office, Hull; Custom House, Examining Warehouse, Inland Revenue Office and Post Office, MONTREAL; the Citadel, Custom House, Examining Warehouse, Immigration Building, Marine Hospital and Post Office, QUEBEC; and to the Custom House and Post Office at Three Rivers. (Part I, Appendix No. 2, pages 32 to 36).


There has been expended during the year on construction, repairs and improvements the sum of $322.900.25. To this may be added $2,725,504.10, being the expenditure on the ship channel of the St. Lawrence between Montreal and Quebec, assumed by the Dominion.

BAIE St. Paul.-A contract has been entered into for the construction of an a dition of 75 feet in length to the wharf at Cap aux Corbeaux, which will have a depth of 9 feet at the end at low water.

CAP CHATTE.-The channel has been cleared of rock, and vessels can now ente with safety.

At CAP DE LA MAGDELEINE, the wharf was ballasted, the approach raised filled with ballast and planked.

At CAP SANTÉ, a large number of boulders were removed from the channe leading to the wharf,

CHENAL DU MOINE.—Materials have been procured for the construction of ar additional ice pier.

CHICOUTIMI.—The head of the wharf at this place was extended westwardly a distance of 130 feet.

CONTRECEUR.-A channel was opened from the main channel of the river to the Village of Contrecour, a beacon erected on Ile Hurteau, and two small ones were placed on the main shore for guidance through the channel at the bend.

Coteau LANDING.—The approach to the wharf 800 feet in length, the re-building of which was commenced in March, 1889, was completed in August of the same yaer.

GRAND PABOS.-A number of dangerous rocks were removed from this harbour during the past fiscal year, and crib-work 215 feet in length, 24 feet in width, of and average height of 10 feet, was built.

ILE PERROT.-The connection between the block built on the north side of the island in 1887–88 has been completed, its width being 16 feet. A shed 16 by 20 feet was also constructed.

At ILE VERTE, a further length of work to connect the block built at the mouth of the river with the shore was constructed.

At KAMOURASKA, an extension 110 feet long, 25 feet wide and 13 feet high, was built, and repairs to the old portion of the wharf were commenced.

LAPRAIRIE.—The retaining wall, 335 feet in length, commenced in 1888, was completed in the autumn of 1889.

LONGUEUIL.—The work of connecting with the shore the block built by the Department in 1887-1888 has been carried on by the contractor during the past fiscal year, and, it is expected, will be completed before the winter sets in.

New Port River.—The eastern retaining wall was extended 90 feet, and the old work repaired where required.

NICOLET.-An additional length of 686 feat of pile-work was constructed during the year, stone was placed in those parts of he work where settlement had taken place, and a quantity of sand which had wasbed into the channel was removed by a dredge.

PointE À VALOIS.—The wharf under construction at this place consists of a block 75 feet by 25 feet, with an approach of 110 feet, 20 feet in width. There is a depth of 6 feet 3 inches of water at its outer end, and the total height of crib-work is 17 feet, but it was not completed at the end of the fiscal year.

At POINTE ST. PIERRE a dangerous granite reef rendered the harbour unsafe. Its removal has been commenced, and the work was progressing well at the close of the fiscal year.

Port DANIEL.—On the 15th of November, 1889, a contract for the construction of an additional length of pier at Port Daniel, 70 feet by 50 feet and 27 feet in height was entered into. At the close of the fiscal year about one-half of the work had been done.

RIMOCSKI.-A contract has been entered into for the construction of a protection pier, 325 feet in length, 18 feet in width, on the westerly side of the wharf at its outer end, and on the 30th of June last the work was in progress.

RIVIÈRE DES PRAIRIES.—On the 24th October, 1889, a contract was entered into for the construction of two piers one at St. Geneviève and the other at St. Raphael de I'lle Bizard, County Jacques Cartier, and at the close of the fiscal year the greater part of the materials required had been delivered in readiness for an early commencement of work.

River DC LIÈVRE.—During the year the work of constructing a lock and dam, and other works, at the Little Rapids, has been continued.

On the River L'ASSOMPTION the stream was improved by the construction of guide piers, one at the head of Chute Monte à Peine and the other at the foot of the falls.

On the River MEKINAC a number of boulders were removed from the channel in the first and second rapids above the mouth of the river.

River RICHELIEV.-An additional ice pier was commenced near the mouth of the river, but not completed at the close of the year.

River ST. FRANCIS.—During the year dredging was continued opposite Tourville's Mills, at St. Thomas de Pierreville, and other points on the river.

River ST. MAURICE.— A channel 2,800 feet in length, 30 feet in width and 9 feet deep at low water was dredged during the year in the western channel of the river up to the highway bridge.

RIVER YAMASKA.—The heavy rains of September, 1889, raised the water in the river to such a height that a break occurred in the dam. That portion which remained was repaired and strengthened, and the Petit Chenal was closed.

Sup CHANNEL, River St. LAWRENCE.-The work of improving the River St. Lawrence from Montreal to Quebec was continuel during the year by the Department, the principal points operated at being Cap à la Roche, Pouillier Rayer, Cap Charles and Grondines.

STE. ADELAIDE DE PABOS.-In June, 1888, a contract was entered into for the construction of a strongly-built breakwater, 200 foet in length, to afford shelter to the boats engaged in the fishing industry in this locality, and the work has been satisfactorily completed.

STE. ANNE DE LA PERADE.—A further quantity of dredging was done to improve the navigation of this river.

At STE. ANNE DU SAGUENAY a further length of work has been built, but the wharf is not completed.

ST. LAURENT.-On the 4th of February last a contract was entered into for the construction of an additional length to the pier of 60 feet, 60 feet wide at the outer

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