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The boundary lines of the States-Continued.


General statistics relating to the United States...

Organization of the United States Government-
The United States flag ---
Early sessions of Congress..
Areas of the States and outlying possessions---
Cost of territory purchased by the United States.---
Length of the coast lines of the States and the principal outlying

Geographic centers of the continental United States and of the several

States ...
Extreme and mean altitudes of the States and principal possessions.-

The United States and its possessions..

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Page PLATE 1. Mount McKinley, Alaska..

1 2. International boundary marks.

8 3. State boundary marks...

8 4. Map of the United States showing routes of the principal explorers from 1501 to 1844..

32 5. The Mitchell map of the British and French dominions in North America, 1755..-

In pocket. 6. Part of the Disturnell map of Mexico, 1847-

In pocket. 7. Highest and lowest points in the United States: A, Mount Whitney; B, Death Valley --

40 8. Northernmost and southernmost points in United States terri

tory: A, Point Barrow, Alaska; B, Rose Island, Pacific

40 9. Typical boundary marks, old and new.

120 10. A, Section of a tree that had been used as a boundary mark; B, State Line Butte, on Utah-Arizona line--

120 11. Mount Everest, Himalaya Mountains...

256 12. Dead Sea, Palestine

256 FIGURE 1. Map of Maine showing claims of the United States and Great Britain.-

16 2. Map of the United States showing accessions of territory from 1803 to 1853.

40 3. Map of the United States showing accessions of territory since 1853...

41 4. Map showing the relative size of Alaska and the United States.- 45 5. Map of the Canal Zone..

52 6. Relative size of possessions of the United States.

63 7. Map of the Gore, at the northeast comer of Vermont

84 8. Historical diagram of New York----


FIGURE 9. Historical diagram of Pennsylvania.

10. Historical diagram of Virginia.--11. Historical diagram of Georgia 12. Historical diagram of Mississippi.. 13. Historical diagram of Louisiana. 14. Historical diagram of Texas.. 15. Historical diagram of Arkansas. 16. Historical diagram of Indiana.. 17. Historical diagram of Michigan.. 18. Historical diagram of Missouri. 19. Historical diagram of North Dakota and South Dakota.. 20. Historical diagram of Nebraska 21. Historical diagram of Oklahoma. 22. Historical diagram of New Mexico.... 23. Marks on the tablet at the southeast corner of New Mexico.-24. Historical diagram of Utah... 25. Historical diagram of Idaho...26. Historical diagram of Washington..

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The first United States Geological Survey record setting forth the history of the boundaries of the United States and the several States and Territories was prepared by Henry Gannett, assisted by Franklin G. Butterfield, and was published as Bulletin 13 of the Geological Survey in 1885. The second edition, revised and enlarged by Henry Gannett, was published as Bulletin 171 in 1900. The third edition, also revised by Henry Gannett, was published as Bulletin 226 in 1904. A reprint of this edition with minor corrections was issued in 1906. A revision and enlargement of Bulletin 226 which included additional matter incidentally connected with boundaries was prepared by Edward M. Douglas and issued in 1923 as Bulletin 689. The present bulletin is a revision and enlargement of the 1923 edition.

It is the desire of the Geological Survey to make this publication a complete record, and therefore suggestions for the addition of any germane material will be welcomed.


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