Select British Classics, Količina 35

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J. Conrad, 1804

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Stran 82 - ... and better breakfasted than he whose morning appetite would have gladly fed on green figs between Bethany and Jerusalem, his religion walks abroad at eight, and leaves his kind entertainer in the shop trading all day without his religion.
Stran 55 - Ancestors are by no means necessary for this kind of birth ; the patent is the midwife of it, and the very first descent is noble. The family arms, however modern, are dignified by the coronet and mantle ; but the family livery is sometimes, for very good reasons, laid aside.
Stran 82 - ... and goes and comes near him according as that good man frequents the house. He entertains him, gives him gifts, feasts him, lodges him ; his religion comes home at night, prays, is liberally supped, and sumptuously laid to sleep ; rises, is saluted, and after the malmsey, or some...
Stran 52 - I say, that my future inquiries and researches after truth, shall be altogether confined to the three regiments of guards. There is one reason indeed which makes me suspect that a DUEL may not always be the infallible criterion of veracity, and that is, that the combatants very rarely meet upon equal terms. I beg leave to state a case, which may very probably, and not even unfrequently happen, and which yet is not provided for, nor even mentioned in the INSTITUTES OF HONOUR.
Stran 202 - Labour, the offspring of Want, and the mother of Health and Contentment, lived with her two daughters in a little cottage, by the side of a hill at a great distance from town.
Stran 225 - ... frequently employed upon a coachbox, or in stables. Surely those who by their rank and fortune are called to adorn courts, ought at least not to disgrace them by their manners. But I observe with concern, that it is the fashion for our youth of both sexes, to brand GOOD-BREEDING with the name of ceremony and formality. As such, they ridicule and explode it, and adopt in its stead, an offensive carelessness and inattention, to the diminution, I will venture to say, even of their own pleasures,...
Stran 42 - This is followed by many other bon mots, equally ingenious, alluding to the title of my paper, and worth at least the twopence a week that it costs. In the city (for my paper has made its way to that end of the town, upon the supposition of its being a fashionable one in this) I am received and considered in a different light. All my general reflections upon the vices or the follies of the age, are, by the ladies, supposed to be levelled at particular persons, or at least discovered to be very applicable...
Stran 44 - Four of my papers are sufficient for that purpose, and amount only to eight-pence, which is very little more than what the same quantity of plain paper would cost. Taking it therefore all together, it seems not inconsistent with good economy to purchase it at so small a price. This reflection might mortify me as an author, but on the other hand, self-love, which is ingenious in availing itself of the slightest favourable circumstances, comforts me with the thought, that, of the prodigious number...
Stran 7 - Our poets have long sung their genuine lilies and roses, and our painters have long endeavoured, though in vain, to imitate them ; beautiful nature mocked all their art. But I am now informed by persons of unquestioned truth and sagacity, and indeed I have observed but too many instances of it myself, that a great number of those inestimable originals, by a strange inversion of things, give the lie to their poets, and servilely copy their painters; degrading and disguising themselves into worse copies...
Stran 229 - As for the marriage act, and guardians' consent, and such new-fangled stuff, I would by no means have them pay any regard to it. For as the ladies, when in town for the winter season...

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