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Argus Company, printers, 1887
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1894 contains a supplementary financial statement covering the period from Oct. 1, 1894, to April 25, 1895.

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Stran 152 - The lands of the State, now owned or hereafter acquired, constituting the forest preserve as now fixed by law, shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. They shall not be leased, sold or exchanged, or be taken by any corporation, public or private, nor shall the timber thereon be sold, removed or destroyed.
Stran 69 - France, one can form no conception of those parched mountain gorges where not even a bush can be found to shelter a bird, where, at most, the wanderer sees in summer here and there a withered lavender, where all the springs are dried up, and where a dead silence, hardly broken by even the hum of an insect, prevails.
Stran 69 - ... death. Vast deposits of flinty pebbles, many feet in thickness, which have rolled down and spread far over the plain surround large trees, bury even their tops and rise above them, leaving to the husbandman no longer a ray of hope. One can imagine no sadder spectacle than the deep fissures in the flanks of the mountains which seem to have burst forth in eruption to cover the plains with their ruins.
Stran 85 - It is certain that a desolation like that which has overwhelmed many once beautiful and fertile regions of Europe, awaits an important part of the territory of the United States, unless prompt measures are taken to check the action of destructive causes already in operation.
Stran 49 - Italy, to the clearings around their feeders. A remarkable illustration of the fact that the clearing of hilly countries is likely to result in the complete failing of springs is given by Mr. Ney, who states that in the Provence, after all the olive trees, which there formed regular forests, had been frozen in 1822 and cut down, a great number of springs failed totally ; and...
Stran 152 - The forest commission may, from time to time, prescribe rules or regulations, and may from time to time alter or amend the same, affecting the whole or any part of the forest preserve, and for its use, care and administration ; but neither such rules or regulations, nor anything...
Stran 35 - And this devastation has now become so epidemical, that unless some favourable expedient offer itself, and a way be seriously and speedily resolved upon, for a future store, one of the most glorious and considerable bulwarks of this nation, will, within a short time, be totally wanting to it.
Stran 57 - ... during the above period has materially diminished. As an illustration of the connection between the removal of the woods and this diminished supply, he adds that " six years ago he supplied his stock with water from what was then an unfailing brook, by means of an aqueduct which furnished 300 gallons per hour. Now that the trees along the stream have been destroyed by the woodman's ax and by forest fires, his water supply is cut short in summer by drought and in winter by frost. Hundreds of acres...
Stran 56 - River has decreased fully one-third within even twenty years, and that the tributaries have fallen off still more, many being nearly dry in the summer. During this period $75,000 worth of timber has been cut within this one town. In the surrounding towns, also, the timber has disappeared...
Stran 69 - ... broken by even the hum of an insect, prevails. But if a storm bursts forth, masses of water suddenly shoot from the mountain heights into the shattered gulfs, waste without irrigating, deluge without refreshing the soil they overflow in their swift descent, and leave it even more seared than it was from want of moisture. Man at last retires from the fearful desert, and I have, the present season, found not a living soul in districts where I remember to have enjoyed hospitality thirty years ago.

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