Operation & Maintenance, Količina 26

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Chilton Class Journal Company, 1922

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Stran 16 - Apportionment which consists of the mayor, the comptroller, the president of the board of aldermen, and the presidents of the five boroughs.
Stran 37 - An act providing for the supervision and regulation of the transportation of persons and property for compensation over any public highway...
Stran 36 - between fixed termini or over a regular route," when used in this act, mean the termini or route between or over which any...
Stran 35 - ... being engaged In by motor vehicles, is the matter here discussed. Motor vehicle common carriers. — Motor vehicles are subjected to two general but distinct uses : First, they are privately employed by their owners for the transportation of persons of property ; second, for the transportation for hire of the persons or property of others than their owners. The second general use is subdivided into two definite and particular uses. In the first place, motor vehicles operating for hire are employed...
Stran 14 - In addition to the above equipment, the truck has combination material bins, with capacities of 1000 Ibs. of cement, 1 cubic yard of sand and 2 cubic yards of gravel or rock. Gravity feed from all the bins is controlled by hand operated gates to the mixing apron. There is also a draw bar attachment on the rear of the truck for hauling trailers or for operating the grading plow, and a syphon nozzle for spraying hot tar or oil. The above equipment is designed to fulfill functions in road construction...
Stran 8 - National Committee on Status of the Construction of Highway Curves and Recommended Practice to Increase Safety to Traffic, Chairman, H.
Stran 21 - The use of colored lights on all highway vehicles. Their use on all signals along highways and at curbs, both permanent and temporary. Their use for highway crossing signals for steam and electric railways. A coordinated relation of color, form, position and number of signals. A coordinated relation to systems of flashing, moving or other similar lights. Colors for non-luminous as distinguished from luminous signals. Recommendations on the use of colors for emergency exit signals. Methods of specifying...
Stran 9 - Report of National Committee on "Highway Transport Franchises," Chairman, FW Fenn, Secretary, National Motor Truck Committee, National Automobile Chamber of Commerce. Report of National Committee on "Highway Transport Clearing Houses," Chairman, Tom Snyder, Secretary, National Association of Commercial Haulers, Indianapolis.
Stran 36 - ... bodies may be classified as follows :* 1. Grant, refuse to grant, amend or revoke Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity. 2. Prescribe routes. 3. Fix schedules. 4. Determine character of service and promote the comfort and safety of traveling public. 5. Establish fares and rates. 6. Require reports and uniform methods of accounting. 7. Examine accounts and records. 8. Supervise fiscal affairs such as incorporation, capitalization of stock, etc. 9. Compel additions to, extensions of...
Stran 29 - The nature of the property, or defect or inherent vice therein. c. Improper or insufficient packing, securing, or addressing. d. The Act of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, riots, strikes, perils of navigation, the hazards or dangers incident to a state of war, or occurrence in customs warehouse.

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