The National Calendar and Annals of the United States for 1833, Količina 11

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P. Force, 1833 - 336 strani

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Stran 146 - But no person shall be arrested in one district for trial in another in any civil action before a circuit or district court...
Stran 217 - Register of the commissioned and warrant officers of the navy of the Uniied States and of the marine corps to Jan.
Stran 118 - ... and equipments, procured for the use of the armies of the United States; and to direct the construction of all cannon and carriages, and every implement and apparatus for ordnance, and all ammunition wagons, travelling forges...
Stran 142 - States, and the decision is in favor of such their validity; or where is drawn in question the construction of any clause of the constitution, or of a treaty or statute of, or commission held under the United States, and the decision is against the title, right, privilege or exemption specially set up or claimed by either party, under such clause of the said Constitution, treaty, statute or commission, may be re-examined and reversed or affirmed in the supreme Court of the United States, upon a writ...
Stran 153 - That if any person shall violate any safe conduct or passport duly obtained, and issued under the authority of the United States, or shall assault, strike, wound, imprison, or in any other manner infract the law of nations, by offering violence to the person of an ambassador or other public minister, such person so offending, on conviction, shall be imprisoned not exceeding three years, and fined at the discretion of the court.
Stran 117 - The functions of the engineers being generally confined to the most elevated branch of military science, they are not to assume, nor are they subject to be ordered on any duty beyond the line of their immediate profession, except by the special order of the President...
Stran 195 - Officers retired from active service shall be entitled to wear the uniform of the rank on which they may be retired. They shall continue to be borne on the army register, and shall be subject to the rules and articles of war, and to trial by general court-martial for any breach thereof.
Stran 230 - That every surviving non-commissioned officer, musician, or private, in said army, who enlisted therein for and during the war, and continued in service until its termination, and thereby became entitled to receive a reward of eighty dollars, under a resolve of Congress, passed May fifteenth, seventeen hundred and seventyeight, shall be entitled to receive his full monthly pay in said service...
Stran 153 - ... for having arrested or sued any other domestic servant of any ambassador or other public minister, unless the name of such servant be first registered in the office of the secretary of state, and by such secretary transmitted to the marshal of the district in which congress shall reside, who shall, upon receipt thereof, affix the same in some public place in his office, whereto all persons may resort and take copies without fee or reward.

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