Slike strani

degrees correction of the compass (or magnetical variation) between and

bounded on the one fide, on and on the other side, on

and at each extremnity of the said lands which in consequence of the said titles ought to contain

acres in front, I have planted and fixed a boundary mark of stone, of the length of

from the surface of the earth, and laid and placed thereunder pieces of earthen ware (or brick or dross of iron) from which boundaries so placed, I have raised perpendiculars, running in depth on the point of the compass declining

which I have measured to be at the distance of

from the said boundary marks so placed: And this I have su done and performed in order to allot and lay out to the said the full quantity of land, mentioned and contained to be granted and conceded by his titles, making.

superficial acres

Surveyed, done and executed, in the presence of

and of

the parties interested; also in the presence of

inhabitants of the said parish of witnesses, or chain-carriers (or of

by them named and chosen for this purpose (or, if one of the parties be abfent) in the absence of

no perfon appearing for him, altho' duly notified to attend the survey abovesaid.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name, and have also caused the said witnesses to subscribe their names, the day and year above-mentioned (or who have made their marks, after hearing these presents duly read unto them, and deciaring they did not know how to write) And I have delivered these presents unto the fald

for the purposes therein mentioned. And if there should be found triangles in the surveying or measuring of any

lands by their respective titles; the surveyor to surveying, shall particularly make' inention of the same, in the survey and form of registry aboveraid. As also of curvilineal or mixtlineal figures and descripcions, and allo of fuperficials, if it be neceflary. Also if there be one or more rivers running across or through a seigniory, every surveyor, fur, veying and measuring the same, shall make mention, in his survey, of such rivers and their course, and also of the side of the river on which he shall have begun his survey.

VIII. That whosoever shall remove a boundary or landmark as above-mentioned, without lawful authority so to do, shall be subject to an action of dainages, to be instituted by the person injured, to recover such damages as the nature of the case may require, and also shall be liable to and pay a'sıne of twenty pounds; to be recovered by bill, plaint or information, in his Majesty's court of common pleas in the district where the offence may be committed. One moiety of such fine ihall be paid to the receiver general of the province, for his Majesty's use, and the other moiety, to the person who shall inform and sue for the same.

IX. Thaťall and every person who at present may act, or may be desirous to be lawfully appointed to act as a public land surveyor, shall, within three months from the publication of this ordinance, transinit to the office of the surveyor general of this province, his christian and surname, with the date of the coinmission or authority under which he hath acted, and by whom granted, that those only may be published in the gazette and authorized to act, as shall be approved of by the Governor, Licutenant-governor or commander in chief upon the report of the surveyor-general.

X. That on the death of any surveyor, his books of survey, and other books and papers relating thereto, shall be taken and considered as public records, of the court of common pleas, of the district wherein he may have acted as a surveyor; and hall



et de



de la longueur de

hors de terre, et posé dessous des morceaux de terrines (de briques ou de machefer) desquelles bornes ainsi posées, j'ai levé des perpendiculaires allant en profondeur sur le rumb de vent

déclinant que j'ai mesuré jusqu'à la distance de

des dites bornes pour remplir le contenû des dits titres de

arpens en superficie, Le tout fait en présence de

parties intéressées, et habitants de la dite paroisse de

témoins ou porte-chaines eux nommés et choisis à cet effet. (Ou fi une des parties est abfente) en l'absence de

et personne pour lui, à ce düément interpellé pour se trouver au dit arpentage. En foi de quoi j'ai signé le présent et fait figner les dits témoins avec moi.(ou qui ont fait leur marque aiant déclaré ne favoir écrire ni figner, de ce enquis) après lecture faite, et l'ai délivré au dit

pour lui valoir et servir ce que de raison, les jour et an susdits.

Et s'il se trouve dans les arpentages et mesurages des triangles, les arpenteurs en feront mention dans leurs procés verbaux, ainsi que des figures curvilignes et mixtilignes, et aussi des fuperficies, s'il est néceflaire ; s'il y a une ou plusieurs riviéres qui coupent un fief et seigneurie, ils feront mention de quel côté des dites riviéres ils opé. reront.

VIII. Que quiconque ôtera et changera une borne comme elle est mentionée ci-desfus, fans autorité légale de le faire, fera sujet à une action de domages, qui sera poursuivie par celui qui en sera lézé, pour recouvrer tels domages, suivant la nature et les circonstances des cas. Et auffi sera sujet à paier une amende de vingt livres courans, qui sera prélevée par plainte ou information dans les cours des Plaidoyers Communs de fa Majesté du district, dans lequel la contravention aura été commise; la moitié de la dite amende sera paiée au Receveur-général de la Province, au profit de sa Majellé, et l'autre moitié au dénonciateur ou au poursuivant.

IX. Que qui que ce soit qui travaille actuellement, ou qui désirera d'être légalement comiffioné pour travailler, comm’Arpenteur public, transmettra au Bureau de l'Ara penteur-général de cette Province, dans trois mois de la publication de cette ordonnance, son nom de batême et de famille, avec la date de la Comission, ou autorité, par laquelle il a travaillé, et par qui elle lui a été accordée. Que ceux seulement qui seront publiés dans la Gazette de Québec, seront autorisés à travailler, après qu'ils auront été approuvés par le Gouverneur, le Lieutenant-gouverneur ou Comirendant en Chef, fur le rapport de l’Arpenteur-général.

X. Qu'en cas de décés d'aucun arpentcur. ses regîtres d'arpentage et autres regitres et papiers qui y auront rapport, seront cen és et considérés comme regitres publics de la Cour des Plaidoiers Coinmuns du District dans lequel il aura travaillé comm'arpen

years from

be thereafter deposited of record in the clerk's office of the said court of common
pleas, for the benefit of all his Majesty's subjects, and to which they may, from time
to time, freely have recourse, and on demand, may have copies thereof granted by
the respective clerks of such courts, on payment of the legal and accustomary fees.
That in case of the decease of any surveyor, and of his books and papers being fo
lodged as abovesaid, the widow or heirs of such furveyor shall annually be entitled
to have a just account, and receive one half part of all fees for copies from the books
and papers of such deceased surveyor, and for and during the space of five
his decease.

Ordained and enacted by the authority aforesaid, and passed in Council under the Public

Seal of the province, at the Council chamber in the castle of St. Lewis, in the city of
Quebec, the thirtieth day of April

, in the tweniy-fifth year of the reign of our fove-
reign Lord GEORGE the Third, by the grace of God of Great-Britain, France,
and Ireland, King, defender of the faith, and so forth, and in the year of our
LORD one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five.
By Command of his Honor the Lieutenant-governor,

Alex, GRAY, A, C. L. C.

[blocks in formation]

Ordinance, 27th.
Geo. III. C 11th,

AN ORDINANCE Amended by Concerning Advocates, Attornies, Solicitors and Notaries, and for the more

easy collection of his Majesty's Revenues. WHE

HEREAS the welfare and tranquility of families, and the peace of individu

als require, as an object of the greatest importance, that such persons only should be appointed to act and practise as barristers, advocates, attornies, solicitors, proctors and notaries, who are properly qualified to perform the duties of those refpective employments, and that, under certain necessary and proper regulations, be it therefore ordained and enacted by his honor the Lieutenant-governor and commander in chief of this province, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council thereof, and by the authority of the same, it is hereby ordained and enaĉted, that from and after the publication of this ordinance, no person shall be commissioned, appointed or permitted to practise in any of his Majesty's courts of civil jurisdiction in this province, as a barrifter, advocate, solicitor, attorney or proctor at law, who shall not have, bona fide, served a regular and continued clerkship, for and during the space of five years, under a contract, in writing, for that purpose made and entered into, with some advocate or attorney duly admitted and practising in the courts of civil judicature in this province; or in some other part of his Majesty's dominions, or with "fome clerk or register of any court of common pleas, or court of apppeals, within this province, for and during the space of six years. Unless such person shall have been already called to the bar, or intitled so to be, and to practise as an advocate or attorney, in some court of civil jurisdiction, within some part of his Majesty's dominions. Neither fhall any person so intitled to be commissioned, or admitted to practise as aforesaid, be commillioned or adınitted, to practise in any of the several capacities abovesaid, until after he shall have been examined by some of the first and most able barristers, advocates and attornies of the courts of judicature in this province, in the pre


teur; et seront à l'avenir déposés dans les Greffes des dites Cours des Plaidoiers Co-
muns pour l'avantage de tous les sujets de fa Majesté, qui pourront de tems à autre y
avoir librement recours; et sur leurs demandes, les Grefiers des diferentes Cours leur
en doneront des copies, en par eux paiant les émolumens ordinaires et légaux. Que
dans le cas de decés ou démillion d'aucun arpenteur, dont les régitres et papiers seront
ainsi déposés comme ci-dessus, fa veuve ou héritiers seront en droit d'avoir un julle
compte et de recevoir la moitié de tous émolumens pour copies données de tels regîtres
et papiers de tel arpenteur décédé pendant le tems et espace de cinq années, du jour de
fon décés.

Statué et Ordonné par la fufdite autorité et, passé en Conseil fous le Sçeau Public de la

Province, en la Chambre du Conseil au Château St. Louis en la ville de Québec, le tren-
tiéme jour d'Avril

, dans la vingt-cinquiéme année du Règne de notre Souverain Seigneur
GEORGE Trois, par la Grace de Dieu, Roi de la Grande Bretagne, de France,
et d'Irlande, Défenseur de la foi, &c. &c. &c. dans l'année de notre Seigneur mil sept
cens quatrevingt-cinq.

Par ordre de Son Honneur le Licutenant Gouverneur,


A. GRAY, A. C. L. C

Traduit par Ordre de Son Honneur,



Qui concerne les Avocats, Procureurs, Solliciteurs et les Notaires, et qui

Amendé par rend plus aisé le recouvrement des Revenus de sa Majesté.

l'ordon. 27. Geo. ET TANT un objet de la plus grande importance pour le bonheur et la tranquilité 111. Cap. 11

des familles, ainsi que pour la paix de chaque individu, qu'il ny ait de commillionés seulement, pour agir et pratiquer comme Avocats, Procureurs Solliciteurs, Praticiens et Notaires, que ceux qui seront véritablement capables de remplir les devoirs de ces diférentes professions, et ce, sous certains réglemens convenables et nécefsaires, qu'il soit, à ces causes, statué et ordoné par son Honneur le Lieutenant Gouverneur et Commandant en Chef de cette Province, de l'avis et consenteinent du Conseil Législatif d'icelle, et par l'autorité d'icelui, il est par ces présentes ftatué et ordoné: que du jour, et après la publication de cette Ordonance, qui que ce soit, ne fera nommé, comislioné, ou aura la permission de pratiquer dans aucune des Cours de Jurisdiction Civile de fa Majefié en cette Province, comme Avocat, Conseil, Solliciteur, Procureur ou Praticien en Loi, sans avoir préalablement servi de bonne foi et réguliérement continué comme Clerc pendant le tems et espace de cinq années, sur un contrat par écrit à cet effet, et enregistré, chés quelque Avocat ou Procureur drement admis et pratiquant dans les Cours Civiles de Judicature en cette Province, ou dans aucune autre partie des Domaines de fa Majesté, ou chés quelque Grefier d'aucune des Cours des Plaidoiers-comuns ou d'Apel en cette Province, pendant le tems et efpace de fix années, ou à moins que tels particuliers n'aient déjà pratiqué an Barreau, ou aient eu droit d'être et de pratiquer comm’Avocats ou Procureurs dans quelque Cour de Jurisdi&tion Civile dans quelque partie des Domaines de la Majeslé. Ni que qui que ce soit ainsi en droit d'être comissioné ou d'avoir la permission de pratiquer comme ci-dessus, ne sera commissionné ou aura la permillion de pratiquer dans aucunes des dites diférentes capacités, sans qu'il ait été auparavant examiné par quelqu'un des plus habils avocats, conseils et procureurs des Cours de judicature en


sence of the chief justice, or two or inore judges of some of his Majesty's courts of coinmon pleas, and that such person, so examined, shall be, by the faid chief justice or judges, approved and certified to be of fit capacity and character to be adınitted, to practise the law, in the several courts in this province.

11. That no person shall hereafter, be commissioned or appointed, a notary in this province, who shall not have, bona fide served a regular and continued clerkship, for and during the space of five years, under a contract, in writing, for that purpose made and entered into, with some notary, duly commissioned and appointed, and practising as such. And until after such person so serving a continued clerkship shall have been examined by some of the eldest notaries and practitioners in that science, in the presence of the chief justice or two or more judges of his Majesly's court of common.pleas of the district, wherein such person may have so served his clerkship, and be approve in manner abovesaid, as a person of fit capacity and character, to be cornmilioned and adınitted to act and practise as a riotary, in this province. And all and every notary with whom any person may serve a continued clerkship as abovefaid, shall give due proof, when required, of the service performed.

III. That from and after the publication of this ordinance, all and every notary is, and are hereby directed, to .collect and place, in regular and due order, all and every the minutes of acts and contracts, that may have been, or may be passed before them, in the proper order of time in which such acts may have been, or may be passed : And

Iball select and put up the minutes and writings, of what nature foever, of every year's transactions and acts, in separate"bundles, folded and covered with strong paper, in the manner of a register, and on the back of which shall be indorsed, the general contents of each bundle, and the year in which the same may have been made or done.

And that the registers as abovesaid, of every notary, shall be open, to legal inspection, for examining the legal state thereof. And if on such examination, to be made at reasonable periods, it shall be found, that any notary hath neglected obedience to

article; or that his registers are irregular and imperfectly kept and preferved, he Ihall be deprived of the office of notary, and held and considered as disqualified to pass any future act.

IV. And all and every notary, are hereby required, strialy to comply with the ancient laws of this province, which respect the palling of aêts before them, or any of them, as notaries; and by which the validity of such their acts will be considered and adjudged.

V. That from and after the decease of any notary, his minutes, registers, books and acts, by him palled and preserved, as and relating to the duties of a notary, thall be held and considered as public records, of the court of common pleas, of the district wherein he may have acted as a notary; and shall be forthwith deposited in the ·clerk's office of the said court of common pleas, of record, and for the benefit of his Majesty's subjects, who may have legal interest therein.

That upon the decease of any notary, as abovesaid, the clerk of the court of common pleas of the district wherein the said deceased notary shall have resided, shall repair to the office of fuch deceased notary, and demand the records abovefaid ; and Thall upon delivery, take a regular account of the same, and in an inventory thereof, to be by him made, shall specify every particular minute, act, book, and paper by him received, and shall fizn and record the same, in the said court of commen pleas, and thall deliver a copy of the said inventory to the person from whom he may receive the several minutes, acis, books, and papers as abovelaid,


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