Merck's Archives of Materia Medica and Drug Therapy, Količina 3

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Merck & Company, 1901
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Stran 82 - The golden age of English oratory, which extends over the last quarter of the eighteenth and the first quarter of the nineteenth centuries, produced no speaker, either in Parliament or at the Bar, superior in persuasive force and artistic finish to Thomas Lord Erskine.
Stran 495 - Diseases of the Intestines. Their Special Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. With Sections on Anatomy and Physiology, Microscopic and Chemic Examination of...
Stran 120 - This arrangement has a two-fold advantage. To the physician who uses the entire book, it offers an increased amount of matter in the most convenient form for easy consultation, and without any increase in price ; while...
Stran 452 - Revised and Edited by Louis Starr, MD, Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Physician to the Children's Hospital, Philadelphia.
Stran 372 - Lieutenant-Colonel of United States Volunteers and Chief of the operating-staff with the Army in the field during the Spanish-American War. Third Edition. Thoroughly revised with 230 Wood-engravings, Half-tones, and colored Illustrations.
Stran 411 - In keeping with the above expressed feeling, a cordial invitation is herewith extended to those members of the profession who have the inclination and opportunity to investigate this method of treating phthisis, and to whom a reprint on the subject, with full information and blanks to report cases, will be cheerfully sent on application. THOMAS J.
Stran 411 - ... that treatment and in introducing it to the profession of this country. That research was based on the conviction that no remedy can be called truly successful until it has passed the exacting crucible of clinical experience, and it is now proposed to apply the same ordeal to the...
Stran 330 - Don't think every systolic murmur at the apex indicates mitral regurgitation ; every systolic murmur at the aortic interspace, aortic stenosis. The former may be trivial ; the latter may be due to atheroma of the arch of the aorta. Don't say every sudden death is due to heart disease.
Stran 75 - If the case to be mentally treated is consumption, take up the leading points included (according to belief) in this disease. Show that it is not inherited ; that inflammation, tubercles, hemorrhage, and decomposition are beliefs, images of mortal thought, superimposed upon the body; that they are not the truth of man ; that they should be treated as error, and put out of thought. Then these ills will disappear.
Stran 314 - Thirty-five cases are reported in tabulated form, showing that the usual effect of the aqueous extract of the suprarenal gland was obtained. A few operative cases bled freely, but in every instance the hemorrhage was promptly checked by a second application of adrenalin. The adrenalin was used not only as a hemostatic, but for the relief of nasal congestion, as a diagnostic aid, and for the continuous treatment of acute inflammatory affections of the accessory sinuses. The author arrives at the following...

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