The Evangelicals: A Historical, Thematic, and Biographical Guide

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Greenwood Publishing Group, 1999 - 336 strani

The different facets of American religious life are more thoroughly understood with an awareness of the Evangelical heritage that intersects the different denominational boundaries. Since Evangelicalism is not confined to one religious denomination or group, it has associations with a number of American religious movements such as Fundamentalism, Pentecostalism, the Charismatic Movement, and Revivalism. This study, modeled after the popular Greenwood Denominations in America series, analyzes the people, institutions, and the religious culture of modern American Evangelicals. Divided into three sections the book presents a history of American Evangelicalism, discusses themes and issues in modern American Evangelicalism, and provides a biographical dictionary of modern American Evangelical leaders.

The combination of critical narrative and reference will appeal to religion scholars and American culture scholars alike. Separate bibliographies unique to the history section and to the themes and issues section provide valuable resources for further research. Equally helpful is the bibliographic material that completes each entry in the biographical dictionary section of the book. The three part organization makes this an accessible research tool, clearly organized for easy cross referencing.


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Describing American Evangelicalism
Planting Evangelicalism in the United States
Evangelicalism in Victorian America
The FundamentalistModernist Controversy
The Emergence of Moderate Evangelicalism
Evangelicalisms Pentecostal Dimension The Healing and Charismatic Revivals
Evangelicalism Comes into Its Own
American Evangelicalism Looks to the Future
Evangelical Spirituality
Parachurch Movements Sustaining Modern American Evangelicalism
To God Be the Glory Evangelical Worship and Music
The Meeting of Evangelicalism and Popular Culture
Modern American Evangelicals Embrace Education
Bibliography for Part II
Abbreviations for Standard Reference Sources

Bibliography for Part I
Understanding the Word of God Evangelical Religious Thought
Transforming Culture Evangelicals and the Social Order

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ROBERT H. KRAPOHL is University Librarian at Trinity International University. He has contributed articles to Popular Religious Magazines of the United States (Greenwood, 1995) and the American National Biography (1998).

CHARLES H. LIPPY is the Leroy A. Martin Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Tennessee. He is the author of a number of previous books including Modern American Popular Religion (Greenwood, 1996), Being Religious, American Style (Greenwood, 1994), Twentieth-Centry Shapers of American Popular Religion (Greenwood, 1989), Religious Periodicals of the United States (Greenwood, 1986) and co-editor of Popular Religious Magazines of the United States (Greenwood, 1995).

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