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A.D. 1878. such Court as may be necessary or useful for the due performance

of the duties of such Court, and from time to time to dismiss all

and any such officers, and appoint others in their place, or otherSalaries of

wise; and the salaries of such officers shall be determined by the officers,

said Court, with the consent of the Lords Commissioners of the 5

Treasury or the Lord High Treasurer. Judgments 14. The judgments of the said Court of Appeal shall be final, of the Court to be final,

and not reversible by any other Court, save and except in cases in saving the

which a writ of error now lies from the Queen's Bench division of jurisdiction

the High Court of Justice, and in such cases a writ of error shall 10 of the House of Lords on lie in like manner from the said Court of Appeal to the House of

Lords, subject to the warrant or fiat of the Attorney General.

W of error.

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