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1. Secretary of state to furnish copy of laws, &c., to congressional printer.

2. Correction of proof. Copies to be sent to department of


3. List of newspapers to be furnished to printer. His duties. Franking privilege.

9 March 1868 1. 15 Stat. 40.

Ibid. 2. Correction of proof.

Acts of Congress.


1. It shall be the duty of the secretary of state to furnish the congressional printer with a correct copy of every act and joint resolution, as soon as possible after its Secretary of state approval by the president of the United States, or after it shall have become a law in

to furnish copy of laws, &c, to congressional printer.

accordance with the constitution without such approval. And so much of section seven of the act entitled "An act to expedite and regulate the printing of the public documents, and for other purposes," approved June 25, 1864, (a) as requires the secretary of the senate to furnish such copy, is hereby repealed.

2. The congressional printer, on receipt of the copy provided for in the foregoing section, shall in every case immediately cause an accurate printed copy of the act or resolution, as it shall have been furnished to him, to be prepared and sent in duplicate to the secretary of state for revision, and on return of one of the revised duplicates the congressional printer shall at once have the marked corrections made, should there Copies to be sent be any, and cause to be printed and sent to the department of state fifty copies, and to department of also cause to be printed separately the usual number for the use of the two houses of


Ibid. 5.


4. To include treaties and postal conventions.
5. Repeal.

Ibid. 3. List of newspapers to be fur

3. It shall be the duty of the secretary of state to transmit to the congressional printer, at the beginning of each session of congress, and thereafter when necessary, a list of all newspapers authorized by law to publish the laws of the United States, nished to printer. with their respective post-offices, so far as the same shall have been communicated to

His duties.

him by the clerk of the house of representatives; (b) and it shall be the duty of the congressional printer, on the printing of each act or resolution, excepting those which are of a private character, and which shall be so designated by the secretary of state, to transmit a copy thereof to each of the editors of such newspapers for prompt publication; and the number of copies of the public acts and resolutions requisite for this Franking privi- purpose are hereby authorized and required to be printed. And all letters and docu


ments to and from the congressional printer, relating to the duties and business of his office, shall be transmitted by mail, free of postage, under such regulations as may be established by the postmaster-general.(c)

2 March 1861 ? 5. 12 Stat. 245.


6. Number of pamphlet laws to be delivered to the executive departments.

7. Distribution of copies in the congressional library.

congress: Provided, That on request of the secretary of state, the congressional printer shall furnish to the department of state any additional number of copies of any act or resolution, not exceeding five hundred copies.

Ibid. 24.
To include trea-

ties and postal governments, after they shall have been duly ratified and proclaimed by the president


4. All the provisions of this act which apply to public acts and resolutions shall in like manner apply to treaties between the government of the United States and foreign

of the United States; and shall also apply to postal conventions made between the postmaster-general, by and with [the] advice and consent of the president, on the part of the United States, and equivalent officers of foreign governments on the part of their respective countries, under the authority of the second section of the act entitled "An act to reduce and modify the rates of postage in the United States, and for other purposes," approved March 3, 1851: (d) Provided, That it shall be the duty of the postmaster-general to transmit a copy of each of said conventions to the secretary of state, for this purpose, and that the printed copy of said conventions shall be revised by the post-office department.

5. All laws and parts of laws requiring the secretary of state to send the laws first directly to newspapers for publication, as well as all laws and parts of laws in conflict with the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed.


6. In lieu of the number of copies of the pamphlet laws directed by the act of 20th April 1818, (e) to be delivered to the officers of the executive departments, there shall Number of pam- hereafter be delivered to the head of each department, including the attorney-general,

phlet laws to be

(a) 13 Stat. 184; see post, tit. "Printing."

(b) The act 2 March 1867, 27, 14 Stat. 466, as amended by the act 29 March 1867, 2, 15 Stat. 8, authorizes the clerk of the house of representatives to select newspapers for the publication of the laws and treaties, in all the states and territories; and

regulates the price of publication.
(c) See tit. Post-Office" 74.
(d) 1 vol. 775, pl. 107.
(e) 1 vol. 21, pl. 24.

for the use of those officers, a number equal to the number of copies which they are or 2 March 1861. may be entitled to receive of the statutes at large, published by Little and Brown, delivered to the under the provisions of the act of 8th August 1846.(a)

executive departments.

Ibid. 28.

7. The number of pamphlet laws directed to be placed in the library of congress by the act of 20th of April 1818,(b) and of the statutes at large, published by Little and Brown, directed to be placed in the said library, by the act of 8th August 1846, (c) Distribution of shall be distributed by the secretary of the interior, agreeably to the provisions of the copies in the con11th section of the act of 5th February 1859, (d) excepting twelve copies to be sent to library: the library of congress for the use of the supreme court during its sessions; and two copies for use in said library.


(a) 1 vol. 23, pl. 15.

(b) 1 vol. 21, pl. 5.

(c) 1 vol. 23, pl. 15.

(d) See tit. "Library," pl. 2.


1. Department of agriculture established.

2. Appointment of commissioner. Salary.

3. Duties of commmissioner. Annual report. Special reports. Bonds.

Franking privilege.

4. Appointment of chief clerk and other officers. Oath of office.

12 Stat. 387.

1. There is hereby established at the seat of government of the United States a de- 15 May 1862 31. partment of agriculture, the general designs and duties of which shall be, to acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects Department of connected with agriculture, in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, tablished. and to procure, propagate and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants.

agriculture es


2. There shall be appointed by the president, by and with the advice and consent of Ibid. § 2. the senate, a commissioner of agriculture," who shall be the chief executive officer of Appointment of the department of agriculture; who shall hold his office by a tenure similar to that of commissioner. other civil officers appointed by the president, and who shall receive for his compensa- Salary. tion a salary of three thousand dollars per annum.

He shall also Special reports.

3. It shall be the duty of the commissioner of agriculture to acquire and preserve in Ibid. § 3. his department all information concerning agriculture which he can obtain by means Duties of comof books and correspondence, and by practical and scientific experiments (accurate missioner. records of which experiments shall be kept in his office), by the collection of statistics, and by any other appropriate means within his power; to collect, as he may be able, new and valuable seeds and plants; to test, by cultivation, the value of such of them as may require such tests; to propagate such as may be worthy of propagation, and to distribute them among agriculturists. He shall annually make a general report in Annual report. writing of his acts to the president and to congress, in which he may recommend the publication of papers forming parts of or accompanying his report; which report shall also contain an account of all moneys received and expended by him. make special reports on particular subjects, whenever required to do so by the president or either house of congress, or when he shall think the subject in his charge requires it. He shall receive and have charge of all the property of the agricultural division of the patent office in the department of the interior, including the fixtures and property of the propagating garden. He shall direct and superintend the expenditure of all money appropriated by congress to the department, and render accounts thereof, and also of all money heretofore appropriated for agriculture and remaining unexpended. And said commissioner may send and receive through the mails, free of charge, all Franking privilege. communications and other matter pertaining to the business of his department, not exceeding in weight thirty-two ounces.

Ibid. 4.

other officers.

4. The commissioner of agriculture shall appoint a chief clerk, with a salary of two thousand dollars, who in all cases, during the necessary absence of the commissioner, or Appointment of when the said principal office shall become vacant, shall perform the duties of commis- chief clerk, and sioner, and he shall appoint such other employees as congress may from time to time provide, with salaries corresponding to the salaries of similar officers in other departments of the government; and he shall, as congress may from time to time provide, employ other persons for such time as their services may be needed, including chemists, botanists, entomologists and other persons skilled in the natural sciences pertaining to agriculture. And the said commissioner, and every other person to be appointed in the Oath of office. said department, shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office or appointment, make oath or affirmation truly and faithfully to execute the trust committed to him. And the said commissioner and the chief clerk shall also, before entering upon their Bonds. duties, severally give bonds to the treasurer of the United States, the former in the sum of ten thousand dollars, and the latter in the sum of five thousand dollars, conditional

15 May 1862.

1. Terms of northern district. 2. Special terms. Notice.

9 June 1860 1. 12 Stat. 28.

Ibid 2.

Special terms.

27 Jan. 1858 21. 11 Stat. 260.


1. The terms of the district court of the United States for the northern district of Alabama shall commence on the third Mondays of May and November, respectively, Terms of north- in every year, instead of the times now provided by law.

ern district.

2. The said court in term time, or the judge of said court in vacation, may order a special term of said court to be held at such time as the court or judge may appoint. Notice of the time of holding such special term shall be given by the clerk of the court, by advertisement, in some newspaper published in the city of Huntsville, at least once a week for four weeks next preceding the time appointed for holding such special term. II. COLLECTION DISTRICTS.

Selma annexed to district of Mobile.

to render a true and faithful account to him or his successor in office, quarter-yearly accounts of all moneys which shall be by them received by virtue of the said office, with sureties to be approved as sufficient by the solicitor of the treasury; which bonds shall be filed in the office of the first comptroller of the treasury, to be by him put in suit upon any breach of the conditions thereof.


27 July 1868 § 1.

15 Stat. 240.


Ibid. 24.


3. Selma annexed to district of Mobile.

1. Laws of the United States extended to Alaska.

2. To be a collection district. Collector.

3. Nationalization of vessels owned by residents of Alaska. Bonds of deputy-collectors.

4. Regulation of trade in fire-arms, ammunition and distilled spirits. Bonds.

5. Coasting trade.

3. That Selma in the state of Alabama, which was constituted a port of delivery within the collection district of New Orleans, by the act of 3d March 1857, chapter 102, be detached from that district, and be made a port of delivery within the collection district of Mobile.


1. That the laws of the United States relating to customs, commerce and navigation be and the same are hereby extended to and over all the main land, islands Laws of the Uni- and waters of the territory ceded to the United States by the emperor of Russia by tended to Alaska. treaty concluded at Washington on the 30th day of March, Anno Domini 1867, so far

ted States ex

as the same may be applicable thereto.

Powers of the

6. Penalty for killing fur-bearing animals. secretary of the treasury.

7. Jurisdiction of the district courts of California, Oregon and Washington.

8. Power to remit penalties and forfeitures.

9. Secretary to make regulations.

Ibid. 2.

2. All of the said territory, with its ports, harbors, bays, rivers and waters, shall To be a collection constitute a customs collection district, to be called the district of Alaska, for which



said district a port of entry shall be established at some convenient point to be designated by the president, at or near the town of Sitka or New Archangel; and a collector of customs shall be appointed by the president, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, who shall reside at the said port of entry, and who shall receive an annual salary of two thousand five hundred dollars, in addition to the usual legal fees and emoluments of the office; but his entire compensation shall not exceed four thousand dollars per annum, or a proportionate sum for a less period of time.

Ibid. 3. Nationalization

3. That the secretary of the treasury be and he is hereby authorized to make and prescribe such regulations as he may deem expedient, for the nationalization of all

by residents of Alaska.

of vessels owned vessels owned by actual residents of said ceded territory on and since the 20th day of June, Anno Domini 1867, and which shall continue to have been so owned up to the date of such nationalization; and from any deputy-collector of customs upon whom Bonds of deputy there has been, or shall hereafter be, conferred any of the powers of a collector


under and by virtue of the 29th section of the "Act further to prevent smuggling, and for other purposes," approved July 18th 1866, (a) the secretary of the treasury shall have power to require bonds in favor of the United States, in such amount as the said secretary shall prescribe, for the faithful discharge of official duties by such deputy.

4. The president shall have power to restrict and regulate, or to prohibit, the importation and use of fire-arms, ammunition and distilled spirits into and within the said (a) 14 Stat. 185. See post, tit. "Imports and Exports," 11.

arms, ammuni

territory, and the exportation of the same from any other port or place in the 27 July 1868. United States when destined to any port or place in the said territory; and all such Regulation of arms, ammunition and distilled spirits, exported or attempted to be exported from any trade in fireport or place in the United States and destined for such territory, in violation of any tion and distilled regulations that may be prescribed under this section, and all such arms, ammunition spirits. and distilled spirits, landed or attempted to be landed or used at any port or place in said territory, in violation of said regulations, shall be forfeited; and if the value of the same shall exceed four hundred dollars, the vessel upon which the same shall be found, or from which they shall have been landed, together with her tackle, apparel and furniture, and cargo, shall be forfeited; and any person wilfully violating such regulation shall, on conviction, be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisoned not more than six months. And bonds may be required for a faithful Bonds. observance of such regulations from the master or owners of any vessel departing from any port in the United States having on board fire-arms, ammunition or distilled spirits, when such vessel is destined to any place in said territory, or if not so destined, when there shall be reasonable ground of suspicion that such articles are intended to be landed therein in violation of law; and similar bonds may also be required on the landing of any such articles in the said territory from the person to whom the same may be consigned.

Ibid. 25.

5. The coasting trade between the said territory and any other portion of the United States shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of law applicable to Coasting trade. such trade between any two great districts.

Ibid. 26.


6. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to kill any otter, mink, marten, sable or fur seal, or other fur-bearing animal, within the limits of said territory, or in Penalty for killthe waters thereof; and any person guilty thereof shall, for each offence, on convic- ing fur-bearing tion, be fined in any sum not less than two hundred dollars nor more than one thousand, or imprisoned not more than six months, or both, at the discretion of the court; and all vessels, their tackle, apparel, furniture and cargo, found engaged in violation of this act, shall be forfeited: Provided, That the secretary of the treasury shall have Powers of the power to authorize the killing of any such mink, marten, sable or other fur-bearing treasury. animal, except fur seals, under such regulations as he may prescribe; and it shall be the duty of the said secretary to prevent the killing of any fur seal, and to provide for the execution of the provisions of this section until it shall be otherwise provided by law: Provided, That no special privileges shall be granted under this act.

secretary of the

Ibid. 7.

courts of Califor

7. Until otherwise provided by law, all violations of this act, and of the several laws hereby extended to the said territory and the waters thereof, committed within Jurisdiction of the limits of the same, shall be prosecuted in any district court of the United States the district in California or Oregon, or in the district courts of Washington, and the collector nia. Oregon and and deputy-collectors appointed by virtue of this act, and any person authorized in Washington. writing by either of them, or by the secretary of the treasury, shall have power to arrest persons, and seize vessels and merchandise, liable to fines, penalties or forfeitures under this and the said other laws, and to keep and deliver over the same to the marshal of some one of the said courts; and said courts shall have original jurisdiction, and may take cognisance of all cases arising under this act and the several laws hereby extended over the territory so ceded to the United States by the emperor of Russia, as aforesaid, and shall proceed therein in the same manner and with the like effect as if such cases had arisen within the district or territory where the proceedings shall be brought.

Ibid. 28. Power to remit

8. In all cases of fine, penalty or forfeiture, mentioned and embraced in the act entitled "An act to provide for mitigating or remitting the forfeitures, penalties and disabilities accruing in certain cases therein mentioned," (a) or mentioned in any act penalties and forin addition or amendatory of said act, that have occurred or may occur in said collection district of Alaska, the secretary of the treasury be and he is hereby authorized, if in his opinion the said fine, penalty or forfeiture was incurred without wilful negligence or intention of fraud, to ascertain the facts, in such manner and under such regulations as he may deem proper without regard to the provisions of the act above referred to, and upon the said facts so to be ascertained as aforesaid, he may exercise all the power of remission conferred upon him by said act, as fully as he might have done had said facts been ascertained under and according to the provisions of said act.

Ibid. 29.

9. The secretary of the treasury may prescribe all needful rules and regulations to carry into effect all parts of this act, except those especially intrusted to the president Secretary to


(a) Act of 1797, 1 vol. 280.

make regulations.

1. Aliens honorably discharged from the military service, to be naturalized on proof of one year's residence. 2. Right of expatriation declared.

17 July 1862 221. 12 Stat. 597.

1. Any alien, of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, who has enlisted or shall enlist in the armies of the United States, either the regular or the volunteer forces, and Aliens honorably has been or shall be hereafter honorably discharged, may be admitted to become a citidischarged from the military ser

vice to be naturalized on proof of one year's resi


27 July 1868


15 Stat. 223.

2. Whereas the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiRight of expatri- ness; and whereas in the recognition of this principle this government has freely

ation declared.

received emigrants from all nations, and invested them with the rights of citizenship; and whereas it is claimed that such American citizens, with their descendants, are subjects of foreign states, owing allegiance to the governments thereof; and whereas it is necessary to the maintenance of public peace that this claim of foreign allegiance should be promptly and finally disavowed: Therefore, Be it enacted, That any declaration, instruction, opinion, order or decision of any officers of this government which denies, restricts, impairs or questions the right of expatriation, is hereby declared inconsistent with the fundamental principles of this government. (a)


3. Rights of naturalized citizens in foreign countries.
4. Duties of the president, when such rights are invaded.

3. All naturalized citizens of the United States, while in foreign states, shall be entitled to, and shall receive from this government, the same protection of persons and ralized citizens. property that is accorded to native-born citizens in like situations and circumstances.

Ibid. 2. Rights of natu

Ibid. 2 3. Duties of the president, when such rights are invaded.

4. Whenever it shall be made known to the president that any citizen of the United States has been unjustly deprived of his liberty by or under the authority of any foreign government, it shall be the duty of the president forthwith to demand of that government the reasons for such imprisonment, and if it appears to be wrongful and in violation of the rights of American citizenship, the president shall forthwith demand the release of such citizen, and if the release so demanded is unreasonably delayed or refused, it shall be the duty of the president to use such means, not amounting to acts of war, as he may think necessary and proper to obtain or effectuate such release, and all the facts and proceedings relative thereto shall as soon as practicable be communicated by the president to congress.

1. Mission to Sardinia.

2. Minister and secretary of legation.

3. Commissioners to Hayti and Liberia.

4. To whom passports niay be granted.

16 June 1860 1. 12 Stat. 40.

Mission to

zen of the United States, upon his petition, without any previous declaration of his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and he shall not be required to prove more than one year's residence within the United States previous to his application to become such citizen; and the court admitting such alien shall, in addition to such proof of residence and good moral character as is now provided by law, be satisfied by competent proof of such person having been honorably discharged from the service of the United States as aforesaid.

(a) The offspring of a citizen, born subsequent to 14 April 1802, age, are aliens. Albany v. Derby, 30 Vt. 718. See Ludlam v. in a foreign government, to which their father removed, animo Ludlam, 26 N. Y. 356. manendi, and who return with their father, after they become of

5 June 1862 § 1. 12 Stat. 421.

Ambassadors and Public Ministers.


1. That from and after the 30th of June next, the kingdom of Sardinia be ranked in schedule A of the consular and diplomatic bill, approved August 18th 1856, with Russia, Spain, Austria, Brazil, Mexico and China.

Ibid. 2. 2. The president may, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, appoint a representative to the kingdom of Sardinia of the grade of envoy extraordinary and Minister and secretary of legation, minister plenipotentiary, who shall receive for his services an annual compensation of

twelve thousand dollars; and a secretary of legation, who shall receive for his services an annual compensation of one thousand eight hundred dollars.

5. Salaries.

6. Diplomatic costume.

7. Pay whilst absent from post.

3. That the president of the United States be and he hereby is authorized, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, to appoint diplomatic representatives of the

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