Slike strani

2 May 1866. drafts and checks to be deposited.

Ibid. 2.

cient voucher.

23. The certificate of the register of the treasury, stating that the amount of any Register's certifi- draft issued by the treasurer of the United States, to facilitate the payment of a warrant cate to be a suffi- directed to him for payment, and which may haye so remained outstanding and unpaid for three years or more as aforesaid, and which shall have been thus deposited and covered into the treasury, shall be and the same is hereby authorized to be, when attached to any such warrant, a sufficient voucher in satisfaction of any such warrant or part of any warrant, the same as if the drafts, correctly endorsed and fully satisfied, were attached to such warrant or part of warrant. And all such moneys mentioned in this and in the preceding section shall remain as a permanent appropriation for the redemption and payment of all such outstanding and unpaid certificates, drafts and checks as aforesaid.

designated as a depository of the United States, and which shall be represented on the books of either such offices as standing to the credit of any disbursing officer, and bearing date prior to July 1st 1863, and which were issued to facilitate the payment of warrants, or for any other purpose in liquidation of a debt due from the United States, which may remain outstanding on the first day of July 1866, shall be deposited by the treasurer of the United States, to be covered into the treasury by warrant, and to be carried to the credit of the parties in whose favor such certificates, drafts or checks were respectively issued, or to the persons who are entitled to receive pay therefor, and into an appropriation account to be denominated "outstanding liabilities."

Ibid. § 3. 24. The payee, or the bonâ fide holder of any such draft or check, the amount of Payment of such which has been so deposited and covered into the treasury, shall, on presenting the


same to the proper officer of the treasury, be entitled to have it paid, by the settlement of an account and the issuing of a warrant in his favor, according to the practice in other cases of authorized and liquidated claims against the United States.

Ibid. 4.

25. At the termination of every fiscal year after this act shall begin to operate, the On what moneys provisions thereof shall apply to all similar certificates, drafts and checks, which shall

to operate.

then have for three years or more remained outstanding, unsatisfied and unpaid, and to all disbursing officers' accounts that shall have so remained unchanged, as in the next section provided for.

26. The amounts, except such as are provided for in the first section of this act, of the accounts of every kind of disbursing officer of the government of the United States, which shall have remained unchanged, or which shall not have been increased by any new deposit thereto, nor decreased by drafts drawn thereon, for the space of three years, shall in like manner be covered into the treasury, to the proper appropriation to which they may belong, and the amounts thereof shall, on the certificate of the treasurer of the United States that such amount has been deposited in the treasury, be credited by the proper accounting officer of the treasury, on the books of the treasury department, to the officer in whose name it had stood on the books of any agency of the treasury, if it shall be made to appear that he is entitled to such credit.

27. For the purpose of giving force and effect to the full intent and meaning of this act, it shall be the duty of the treasurer, and of all assistant treasurers, and of all to be made to the designated depositories of the United States, and of the cashiers of all national banks

Ibid. 26. Annual reports


designated as such depositories, to report to the secretary of the treasury, at the close of business on the 30th day of June next, and in like manner at the close of business on every 30th day of June thereafter, the condition of every such account so standing, as in the preceding section specified, on the books of their respective offices, stating the name of each depositor, respectively, with his official designation, the total amount so remaining on deposit to his credit, and the dates, respectively, of the last credit and the last debit made to each of such accounts, respectively. And it shall be the duty of every and each disbursing officer in any and every department of the government of the United States, to make a like return of all checks issued by such officer, and which may then have been outstanding and unpaid for three years and more, stating fully in such report the name of the payee, for what purpose given, the office on which drawn, the number of the voucher received therefor, and the date. number and amount for which it was drawn, and when known, the residence of th payee.

Ibid. 25. Accounts of disFarsing officers, ered and credit

when to be cov



28. There shall only be employed and paid for labor in the treasury building and the five other buildings used by the department, for lighting, cleaning and general care and Employees in the superintendence thereof, the following persons, to wit: one superintendent, at a salary


of twenty-five hundred dollars a year; one clerk of class four and one clerk of class one; one engineer in charge of heating apparatus, at a salary of twelve hundred dollars a year; five firemen, at a salary of six hundred dollars each por year; one machinist and gas-fitter, at a salary of twelve hundred dollars per year; one captain of

3 March 1869 1. 15 Stat. 311.

3 March 1869.

tingent expen


the watch, at a salary of fourteen hundred dollars per year; one storekeeper, at a salary of one thousand dollars per year; thirty watchmen, at a salary of eight hundred and twenty dollars each per year; thirty laborers, at a salary of six hundred dollars each per year; seventy women, as cleaners, at a salary of one hundred and eighty dollars each per year: And it is hereby provided, That no account for contingent ex- Accounts for conpenses at any of the bureaus of the treasury department shall hereafter be allowed, except on the certificate of the general superintendent of the treasury buildings, that they are necessary and proper, and that the prices paid are just and reasonable; and the said superintendent shall keep a full, just and accurate account, in detail, of all amounts expended, under the head of contingent expenses, for the several bureaus of the treasury department, which shall be transmitted to congress, by the secretary of the treasury, at every December session. And the expenditure for furniture and repairs Expenditures for for the same shall be made by the said superintendent, subject to the approval of the repairs. secretary of the treasury; and it shall be the duty of said superintendent to keep a just and accurate account, in detail, of all the amounts paid for the purchase of furniture, and also for the repairs thereof, as well as a full statement of the disposition of the old furniture; all of which shall be transmitted to congress, at every December session thereof, by the secretary of the treasury: And provided further, That no part of the appropriations made by this or any subsequent act for contingent and incidental expenses shall be paid for clerk-hire, messengers or laborers.

furniture and


1. Governor to assign judges, &c.

2. Surveyor-general.



3. Utah land district.

4. Location of offices.

5. Pre-emption and homestead laws extended to Utah.


15 Stat 242.

1. The governor of Utah territory shall assign the district judges of said territory to 27 July 1868 § 1. their respective districts, and appoint the time and place of holding court in each of said districts, not exceeding two terms in each district in any one year.


Governor to assign judges, &c.

15 Stat. 91.

2. The president, by and with the advice [and consent] of the senate, shall be and 16 July 1868 § 1. he is hereby authorized to appoint a surveyor-general for the territory of Utah, whose annual salary shall be three thousand dollars, and whose power, authority, and duties Surveyor-geneshall be the same as those provided by law for the surveyor-general of Oregon. He shall have proper allowances for clerk-hire, office-rent and fuel, not exceeding what is now allowed by law to the surveyor-general of Oregon.

5. The pre-emption, homestead and other laws of the United States applicable to the disposal of the public lands, are hereby extended over said district.

Ibid. 2.

3. The public lands of the United States within said territory of Utah, shall constitute a new land district, to be called the Utah district; and the president is hereby Utah land disauthorized to appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, a register and trict. receiver of public money for said district, who shall be required to reside at the places at which said offices shall be located, and they shall have the same powers, perform the same duties, and be entitled to the same compensation as are or may be prescribed by law in relation to land offices of the United States in other territories.

4. The secretary of the interior is hereby authorized to locate said offices of surveyorgeneral, and register and receiver of public moneys, at some suitable place or places in said territory.

Inid & 3. Location of


Ibid. 34.

1. Spring terms of the circuit and district courts. 2. Term to be holden in Burlington.

4 May 1858 2 1. 11 Stat. 272.

22 Feb. 1869 2 1. 15 Stat. 274.


1. The circuit court of the United States now directed to be holden at Windsor in and for the district of Vermont, on the twenty-first day of May, shall, after the first day Spring terms of of July next, be holden on the fourth Tuesday of July, annually, at said place. And the

the circuit and

district courts.

district court of the United States, within and for said district, instead of the twentyseventh day of May, shall, after the first day of July next, be holden on the Monday next after the fourth Tuesday in July, annually.

2. A regular term of the circuit and district courts of the United States for the district of Vermont shall hereafter be held at Burlington, in said district, on the fourth Term to be holden Tuesday in February, in each year: Provided, however, That this act shall not be con

at Burlington.

Ibid. 22. Court-house in Burlington.

I. CIRCUIT COURTS. 1. Terms of the circuit court.

22 May 1866 § 1. 14 Stat. 51.

Terms of the circuit court.


11 July 1862 1. 12 Stat. 537.

3. Court-house in Burlington.

strued to authorize any expenditure for the use of a building for such courts.

3. Permission is hereby given to the authorities of the state of Vermont to erect and maintain, at their own expense, a court-house, and also a jail, upon or partly upon the southerly side of the lot of land belonging to the United States, in said Burlington, on which the custom-house building stands: Provided, That no part of said lot shall be built upon or used for said purpose within fifty feet of said custom-house: And provided further, That said state authorities shall permit the courts of the United States to be held in said court-house, without charge for the use thereof, and shall permit prisoners held under the authority of the United States to be imprisoned in such jail. And for the purposes aforesaid, jurisdiction is hereby ceded to the state of Vermont over the land so to be used and occupied.




2. Deputy-collector at Chincoteague Island.


1. The circuit court of the United States in the district of Virginia shall be held at the city of Richmond, commencing on the first Monday in May and on the fourth Monday of November, in each year; and the said court may adjourn its session, now authorized, from Norfolk to Richmond, and there hold the same, and transfer to said lastnamed place all records, files, process and property pertaining to said court. And all proceedings and process in or issuing out of said court, which are or may be made returnable to any other times or places appointed for holding said court than herein prescribed, shall be deemed legally returnable on the days specified and at Richmond, and not otherwise; and all suits and other proceedings in said court which stand continued to any other time or place shall be deemed continued to the place and time prescribed by this act. And special or adjourned terms of said court may be held at such time and on such notice as may be ordered and prescribed by the chief justice of the supreme court of the United States, with the same power and jurisdiction as at regular terms. And said court, at any such regular, special or adjourned terms, shall have power to issue and enforce all writs and process, make all orders and do all acts necessary for the due administration of justice and the exercise of their jurisdiction.


2. That the secretary of the treasury be and he is hereby authorized to appoint, according to law, a deputy-collector of customs to reside on Chincoteague Island, in the Deputy-collector state of Virginia, and to exercise such powers, under the revenue laws, as he, the secreat Chincoteague Island. tary of the treasury, may prescribe; the compensation of the said deputy-collector to

be the legal fees on the business he may transact, and no more.

(a) See tit. "Maryland," 2.

War Department.

1. Transportation of troops to be under the control of the 2. Additional clerks, &c.
3. Settlement of accounts of company officers.

1. The transportation of troops, munitions of war, equipments, military property and 31 Jan. 1862 ? 4. stores, throughout the United States, shall be under the immediate control and supervision of the secretary of war, and such agents as he may appoint; and all rules, regulations, articles, usages and laws in conflict with this provision are hereby annulled.

12 Stat. 334. Transportation

tropps, &c.

7 Feb. 1863 1.

2. There shall be added to the clerical and other force in the office of the quartermaster-general, to be appointed by the secretary of war, four clerks of class four, and ninety clerks of class one; also thirty copyists and six laborers at an annual sation of six hundred dollars each.


12 Stat. 641. Additional clerks, &c. 3. In settling the accounts of the commanding officer of a company for clothing and Ibid. § 2. other military supplies, the affidavit of any such officer may be received to show the Settlement of loss of vouchers or company books, or any matter or circumstance tending to prove that accounts of comany apparent deficiency was occasioned by unavoidable accident, or lost in actual service, without any fault on his part, or that the whole or any part of such clothing and supplies had been properly and legally used and appropriated; and such affidavit may be considered as evidence to establish the facts set forth, with or without other evidence, as may seem to the secretary of war just and proper under the circumstances of the

pany officers.


[blocks in formation]


13 Stat. 135.


1. Every bill which shall have passed the legislative assembly of Washington terri- 17 June 1864 § 1. tory shall, before it become a law, be presented to the governor; if he approve, he shall sign it, but if not, he shall return it, with his objections, to that house in which it shall Governor's veto have originated, who shall enter the objections at large on their journal, and proceed to reconsider it; if, after such reconsideration, two-thirds of that house shall agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent, together with the objections, to the other house, by which it shall likewise be reconsidered; and if approved by two-thirds of that house it shall become a law; but in all such cases the votes of both houses shall be determined by yeas and nays, and the names of the persons voting for and against the bill shall be entered on the journal of each house, respectively. If any bill shall not be returned by the governor within five days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the same shall be a law, in like manner as if he had signed it, unless the legislative assembly by their adjournment prevent its return, in which case it shall not be a law.

VOL. II.-36

14 Stat. 77.

2. After the next annual session of the legislative assembly of said territory the ses- 29 June 1866 § 1. sions shall be biennial; members of the council shall be elected for the term of four years, (a) and members of the house for the term of two years, and shall receive the sum of six dollars per day instead of three dollars heretofore allowed, and shall also receive the same mileage now allowed by law.

3. Each house shall have authority to elect, in addition to the officers now allowed by law, an enrolling clerk, who shall receive five dollars per day; the chief clerks shall receive six dollars per day, and the other officers elected by said legislature shall receive five dollars per day each.

Biennial ses-
Compensation of
Ibid. 2.

4. Elections in the territories of Washington and Idaho for delegates to the house of 3 March 1869 3 1. representatives of the forty-second congress shall be held on the first Monday of June,

15 Stat. 339.

(a) See tit. "Territories," 8.

552 WASHINGTON TERRITORY.-WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. Anno Domini 1870, and afterwards, biennially, on the first Monday of June; and such officers in said territories as are now elected at the same time with their delegates shall be elected for offices thereafter to be filled at the times herein specified, unless otherwise provided by the laws of said territory.

3 March 1869. Elections, when

to be held.

9 Feb. 1863 1. 12 Stat. 648.

Terms of the district court.

26 July 1866 ? 1. 14 Stat. 288. Appointment of clerks.


10 May 1860
12 Stat. 16.
Columbia River
district estab-

Powers of the president.

Ibid. § 2. Register and receiver to be appointed.

19 June 1862 ? 1. 12 Stat. 432. Port Angelos to be the port of entry.


5. The district court in and for the several districts in the territory of Washington, shall be held at such times and places in said districts (not exceeding three places in each district), as the legislative assembly of said territory shall by law determine: Provided, That until said legislative assembly shall otherwise provide, said courts shall be held as now provided by law.(a)

28 July 1866 21. 14 Stat. 339.

6. Each judge of the district court shall appoint a clerk for each court in his district, who shall reside and keep his office at the place of holding said court, and exercise the powers now provided by law for the clerk of the supreme court of the territory of Washington, and be subject to all provisions of law, not inconsistent with this act, applicable to the clerk of said supreme court.

Metric system legalized.

III. LAND offices.

7. When, in the opinion of the president, it may be expedient, all the public lands in the territory of Washington to which the Indian title shall have been extinguished or may hereafter be extinguished, lying east and south of the following boundaries, shall constitute a new land district to be called the "Columbia River District," viz.: Beginning on the boundary line between the United States and the British possessions, and on the summit of the Cascade Mountains, at the nearest range line to the east line of range twelve, thence south on the nearest range lines on the summit of said mountains to the line dividing townships ten and eleven north, thence west to the line dividing ranges six and seven west, thence north on said line to the third standard parallel, thence west to "Shoal Water Bay," thence with the Shoal Water Bay, including any islands therein, to the Pacific; the western boundary of said district above the line dividing ranges ten and eleven, and on the summit of the Cascade Mountains, to be adjusted by the department of the interior as near the points before given as is consistent with the lines of the public surveys. And the president shall be authorized hereafter, from time to time, as circumstances may require, to adjust the boundaries of the land districts in said territory, and remove the offices when the same shall be expedient.

8. That the president be and he is hereby authorized to appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, or during the recess thereof, and until the end of the next session after such appointment, a register and receiver for said district, who shall be required to reside at the site of the land office, be subject to the same laws, and entitled to the same compensation as is or may hereafter be prescribed by law in relation to the existing land office and officers in said territory.


9. The port of Port Townsend, in the district of Puget Sound, in Washington territory, is hereby abolished as a port of entry; and Port Angelos is hereby established as the port of entry and delivery for the said district.

1. Metric system legalized.

2. Tables of weights and measures.

Weights and Measures.

1. It shall be lawful throughout the United States of America, to employ the weights and measures of the metric system; and no contract or dealing, or pleading in any court, shall be deemed invalid or liable to objection, because the weights or measures expressed or referred to therein are weights or measures of the metric system.

Ibid. 2.

2. The tables in the schedule hereto annexed shall be recognised in the construction Tables of weights of contracts, and in all legal proceedings, as establishing, in terms of the weights and

and measures.

measures now in use in the United States, the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the metric system; and said tables may be lawfully used for computing, determining and expressing, in customary weights and measures, the weights and measures of the metric system.

(a) See Leschi v. Washington, Wash. T. Rep. 23.

3. Standards to be furnished to each state.

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