Illustrated literature of all nations. [8 novels].

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Stran 9 - Alas ! the joys that fortune brings Are trifling, and decay ; And those who prize the paltry thing». More trifling still than they. " And what is friendship but a name, A charm that lulls to sleep ; A shade that follows wealth or fame But leaves the wretch to
Stran 3 - your comfort on the way : these two lines in it are worth a million—' I have been young, and now am old ; yet never saw I the righteous man forsaken, nor his seed begging their bread.' Let this be your consolation as you travel on. Go, my boy, whatever be thy fortune, let me see thee once
Stran 13 - at church, or upon , a visit. This at first I opposed stoutly, but it was as stoutly defended. However, as I weakened, my antagonist gained strength, till at last it was resolved to part with him. As I had some opinion of my son's prudence, I was willing enough to entrust him with this commission; and the
Stran 24 - I see you are a lad of spirit and some learning ; what do you think of commencing author, like me ? You have read in books, no doubt, of men of genius starving at the trade ; at present I'll show you forty very dull fellows about town that live by it in opulence; all
Stran 2 - by such accidents, and usually in three or four days began to wonder how they vexed us. My children, the offspring of temperance, as they were educated without softness, so they were at once well-formed and healthy ; my sons hardy and active, my daughters beautiful and blooming. When I stood in the
Stran 31 - once more, the tale went round, and a song was demanded, and cheerfulness condescended to hover round our little habitation, CHAPTER XXIV. Fresh Calamities. THE next morning the sun arose with peculiar warmth for the season, so that we agreed to breakfast together on the honeysuckle bank ; where, while we sat, my youngest daughter, at
Stran 20 - no such wives in Europe as our own. But let us have one bottle more Deborah, my life, and Moses, give us a good song. What thanks do we not owe to heaven for thus bestowing tranquillity, health, and competence ! I think myself happier now than the greatest monarch upon earth. He has no such
Stran 29 - Sophia, early the next morning. It was night before we reached our appointed stage; however, after seeing her provided with a decent apartment, and having ordered the hostess to prepare proper refreshments, I kissed her and proceeded towards home. And now my heart caught new sensations of pleasure, the nearer I approached that peaceful mansion.

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