Historical Sketches of New Mexico: From the Earliest Records to the American Occupation

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Leggat brothers, 1883 - 327 strani

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Stran 302 - ... longer your governor. His power is departed; but he will return and be as one of you. When he shall return you are not to molest him. You are no longer Mexican subjects; you are now become American citizens, subject only to the laws of the United States. A change of government has taken place in New Mexico and you no longer owe allegiance to the Mexican government. I do hereby proclaim my intention to establish in this Department a civil government, on a republican basis, similar to those of...
Stran 280 - ... to promote the trade, cause the inspector to open a few of such packages only, as will exhibit the least discrepancy with the manifest. The derechos de arancel (tariff imposts) of Mexico are extremely oppressive, averaging about a hundred per cent. upon the United States' cost of an ordinary 'Santa Fe
Stran 304 - The United States hereby absolves all persons residing within the boundaries of New Mexico from, any further allegiance to the republic of Mexico, and hereby claims them as citizens of the United States. Those who remain quiet and peaceable will be considered good citizens and receive protection — those who are found in arms, or instigating others against the United States, will be considered as traitors, and treated accordingly.
Stran 301 - Cal. . . .Should you conquer and take possession of V Mex. and Cal., or considerable places in either, you will establish temporary civil governments therein, abolishing all arbitrary restrictions that may exist, so far as it may be done with safety.
Stran 280 - Custom-house ; and a few days' leisure being now at our disposal, we had time to take that recreation which a fatiguing journey of ten weeks had rendered so necessary. The wagoners, and many of the traders, particularly the novices, flocked to the numerous fandangoes, which are regularly kept up after the arrival of a caravan. But the merchants generally were anxiously and actively engaged in their affairs — striving who should first get his goods out of the custom-house, and obtain a chance at...
Stran 251 - Ah! little did they know my heart, if they could suspect me of conduct so ungenerous. No! before they should be left, I would for months have carried the end of a litter, in order to secure them, the happiness of once more seeing their native homes; and being received in the bosom of a grateful country.
Stran 301 - New Mexicans: — We have come amongst you to take possession of New Mexico, which we do in the name of the government of the United States. We have come with peaceable intentions and kind feelings toward you all. We come as friends, to better your condition and make you a part of the Republic of the United States.
Stran 280 - Fe established a tariff of his own, entirely arbitrary, exacting five hundred dollars for each wagon-load, whether large or small, of fine or coarse goods! Of course this was very advantageous to such traders as had large wagons and costly assortments, while it was no less onerous to those with smaller vehicles or coarse heavy goods. As might have been anticipated, the traders soon took to conveying their merchandise only in the largest wagons, drawn by ten or twelve mules, and omitting the coarser...
Stran 303 - House dissenting) had declared that 'by the act of the Republic of Mexico a state of war exists between that Government and the United States...
Stran 43 - Wherefore, as best you can, I entreat and require you to understand this well which I have told you, taking the time for it that is just you should, to comprehend and reflect, and that you recognize the Church as Mistress and Superior of the Universe, and the High Pontiff, called Papa, in its name, the Queen and King, our Masters, in their place as Lords, Superiors, and Sovereigns of these islands and the main by virtue of...

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