The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year ..., Količina 8

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Gray and Bowen, 1837
Vol. 1 has title: The American almanac and repository of useful knowledge ... comprising a calendar for the year; astronomical information; miscellaneous directions, hints, and statistical and other particulars.

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Stran 288 - Crown 8vo, 6s. History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Italy in the Sixteenth Century. Crown 8vo, 4s. History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Spain in the Sixteenth Century. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. Sermons, and Review of the
Stran 201 - Any city or town having ratable polls enough to elect one or more representatives, with any number of polls beyond the necessary number, may be represented as to that surplus number, by multiplying such surplus number by ten, and dividing the product by four hundred and fifty ; and such city or town may elect one additional representative as many years within the ten years, as four hundred and fifty is contained in the product aforesaid.
Stran 156 - Speaker and Clerk of the House of Representatives ; President and Secretary of the Senate ; and any individual who shall have been, or may hereafter be, President of the United States ; and each may receive newspapers by post, free of postage. Each member of the Senate, and each member and delegate of the House of Representatives, may send and receive, free of postage, newspapers, letters, and packets, weighing not more than two ounces, (in case of excess of weight...
Stran 237 - Greenbrier county, for the counties lying west of the Blue Ridge, commencing on the 2d Monday in July, and continuing 90 days, unless the business shall be sooner despatched ; the other at Richmond, for the counties lying east of the Blue Ridge, commencing at such times as the court may from time to time appoint, and continuing 160 days, unless the business shall be sooner despatched.
Stran 111 - The Congress of the United States consists of a Senate and House of Representatives, and must assemble, at least, once every year, on the 1st Monday of December, unless it is otherwise provided by law.
Stran 122 - Affaires at the Courts of most of the other foreign countries with which this country is much connected by commercial intercourse. 1.
Stran 155 - RATES OF POSTAGE. On a Single Letter composed of One Piece of Paper. For any distance, not exceeding 30 miles, 6 cents. Over 30, and not exceeding 80 " 10 " Over 80, and not exceeding 150...
Stran 272 - The judicial powers of the state, except as in this constitution otherwise provided, shall be vested in a supreme court, circuit courts, county courts, and justices of the peace, and such other courts as may be created by law for cities and incorporated towns.
Stran 158 - Virginia, and South Carolina, the Governor is voted for by the people ; and if no one has a majority of all the votes, in the States in which such a majority is required, the legislature elects to the office of Governor, one of the candidates voted for by the people.

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