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Stran 47 - B. Study This part of the requirement is intended as a natural and logical continuation of the student's earlier reading, with greater stress laid upon form and style, the exact meaning of words and phrases, and the understanding of allusions.
Stran 39 - The aim of this course is to foster in the student the habit of intelligent reading and to develop a taste for good literature, by giving him a first-hand knowledge of some of its best specimens. He should read the books carefully, but his attention should not be so fixed upon details that he fails to appreciate the main purpose and charm of what he reads.
Stran 55 - ... paper in which passages from the prescribed reading are set for translation will contain also one or more passages for translation at sight; and candidates must deal satisfactorily with both these parts of the paper or they will not be given credit for either part.
Stran 41 - Huxley's Autobiography and selections from Lay Sermons, including the addresses on Improving Natural Knowledge, A Liberal Education, and A Piece of Chalk; Stevenson's Inland Voyage and Travels with a Donkey.
Stran 44 - The first object requires instruction in grammar and composition. English grammar should ordinarily be reviewed in the secondary school; and correct spelling and grammatical accuracy should be rigorously exacted in connection with all written work during the four years.
Stran 43 - A unit represents a year's study in any subject in a secondary school, constituting approximately a quarter of a full year's work.
Stran 67 - The fee (which cannot be accepted in advance of the application) should be remitted by postal order, express order, or draft on New York to the order of the College Entrance Examination Board.
Stran 40 - The Old Testament, comprising at least the chief narrative episodes in Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, and Daniel, together with the books of Ruth and Esther; the Odyssey...
Stran 48 - Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette, Lancelot and Elaine, and the Passing of Arthur...
Stran 47 - Iliad, and ^Eneid should be read in English translations of recognized literary excellence. For any unit of this group a unit from any other group may be substituted. II. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice ; Midsummer Night's Dream; As You Like It; Twelfth Night; Henry the Fifth; Julius C.tsar.

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