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isolated unit, but as one of a group of related units of thought.

Throughout the series, much attention is given to voice training, in order to meet a growing demand for the improvement of American speech among both the native-born and the foreign elements. This training begins with a few very simple exercises in the third grade, and develops into a definitely organized treatment in the later grades. The objective of these lessons is to make the child feel from the outset that what he says to his friends will fail of its purpose, no matter how well expressed his thought may be, unless his voice is adequate, his enunciation clear, and his pronunciation correct.

The emphasis in the voice work is placed on correct breathing, clear enunciation of the principal consonants and vowel sounds, and on distinct pronunciation of certain commonly neglected word endings. The exercises in voice training, and in language, both oral and written, have been successfully developed by actual experience in the classroom.

In the dictionary, word-study, and vocabulary lessons included in Books II and III of the series, it is suggested that the Winston Simplified Dictionary, because of the simplicity of its definitions and its general adaptation to the needs of the youthful student, will be found especially helpful.

Particular thanks are due to Miss Doris Thorn Wright, teacher of English in the William Penn High School of Philadelphia, who has given minute and exhaustive criticism and advice on the manuscript

and proof of the books, and who has made numerous and valuable suggestions. The authors wish also to extend their thanks to Mrs. Susie Root Rhodes, Supervisor of Municipal Playgrounds of the District of Columbia, and to Dr. Rebecca Stoneroad, Director of Physical Training in the schools of Washington, D. C., for the privilege of using photographs of playground activities, and to Mrs. S. S. Alburtis, of the Wilson Normal School of Washington, D. C., for the use of garden pictures.

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Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following authors and publishers for their courtesy in allowing the use of the copyrighted material in this volume:to Harper & Brothers for Arthur Guiterman's "Little Lost Pup" from "The Laughing Muse"; to The Saturday Evening Post for James H. Collins' "The Three Fairies"; to The Youth's Companion for L. E. Chittenden's "A Little Knight"; to Harr Wagner Publishing Company for Joaquin Miller's "Columbus”; to Reilly & Lee Company for Edgar A. Guest's "It Couldn't Be Done" from "The Path to Home", copyrighted 1919; to the Century Company for Jacob Riis' "Heroes of Fire". Margaret J. Preston's "The First Thanksgiving Day", Henry W. Longfellow's "Daybreak" and "The Emperor's Bird's Nest", John Saxe's "The Blind Men and the Elephant", Frank Dempster Sherman's "Fairy Shipwreck" and "Snowflakes", and Sara Orne Jewett's "Discontent" are printed by permission of, and under special arrangement with Houghton Mifflin Company, authorized publishers. The authors also wish to acknowledge the courtesy of The Eastman Kodak Company in permitting the use of their photographs for picture-studies and illustrations.


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