Bell's Edition, Količine 39–40

Sprednja platnica
J. Bell, 1784
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Stran 238 - as only heard of near Verona's name, And knows it, like the Indies, but by fame: Does with a like concernment notice take Of the Red-sea, and of Benacus
Stran 224 - To-morrow you will live, you always cry. In what far country does this 'morrow' lie, That 'tis so mighty long ere it arrive? Beyond the Indies does this 'morrow '-live? 'Tis so far-fetched, this 'morrow,' that I fear, Twill be both very old and very dear. "To-morrow I will live," the fool does say : To-day itself 's too late,— the wise lived yesterday.
Stran 139 - Wash'd from the morning beauties' deepest red ; An harmless flatt'ring meteor shone for hair, And fell adown his shoulders with loose care ; He cuts out a silk mantle from the skies, Where the most sprightly azure...
Stran 144 - That time itself perceived not what was done : Oft o'er the lawns and meadows would he pass, His weight unknown, and harmless to the grass ; Oft o'er the sands and hollow dust would trace, Yet no one atom trouble or displace. Unhappy youth ! whose end so near I see ! There's nought but thy ill fate so swift as thee. Hither Jessides...
Stran 127 - Nabathtean troops in battel stand, With all the lusty youth of Syrian land ; Undaunted Joab rushes on with speed, Gallantly mounted on his fiery steed ; He hews down all, and deals his deaths around ; The Syrians leave, or possess dead the ground. On th...
Stran 225 - Instead of art and luxury in food, Let mirth and freedom make thy table good. If any cares into thy day-time creep, At night, without wine's opium, let them sleep. Let rest, which nature does to darkness wed, And not lust, recommend to thee thy bed. Be satisfied and pleased with what thou art, Act cheerfully and well the...
Stran 89 - Awake, young man, hear what thy king has sworn ; He swore thy blood should paint this rising morn : Yet to him go securely, when he sends ; Tis Saul that is your foe, and God your friends : The man who has his God, no aid can lack ; And he who bids thee go, will bring thee back.
Stran 257 - In the world's fabric those were shown, And the materials were all his own. But well he knew what place would best agree With innocence, and with felicity : And we elsewhere still seek for them in vain, If any part of either yet remain ; If any part of either we expect, This may our judgment in the search direct: God the first garden made, and the first city, Cain.
Stran 264 - tis, that you should carry me away : And trust me not, my friends, if, every day, I walk not here with more delight, Than ever, after the most happy fight, In triumph to the capitol I rode, To thank the gods, and to be thought, myself, almost a god.
Stran 223 - In the true wifdom of the facred gown) That I make hafte to live, and cannot hold Patiently out, till I grow rich and old. Life for delays, and doubts no time does give; • None ever yet made hafte enough to live. Let him defer it, whofe prepofterous care Omits himfelf, and reaches to his heir. Who does his father's bounded ftores defpife, And whom his own too never can fuffice.

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