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Page Oil Shale Corp., The, et al. v. Southern Pacific Co. v. Hickel.--- XXXII Sec.

XXXIV Southern Pacific Co., et al. v. Oil Shale Corp., The, et al. v.

Morton et al.

XXXVII U dall.

XXXIV Southwest Welding v. U.S. XXXII Osborne, J. R. Individually and on Southwestern Petroleum Corp. behalf of R. R. Borders, et al. v.

v. Udall

XXVII, XXXIII Morton, et al.

XXXVII Standard Oil Co. of California Pan American Petroleum Corp.

v. Hickel et al.

XXXIII et al. v. Udall

XXVII Standard Oil Co. of California v.
Paul Jarvis, Inc. v. U.S.

Morton et al.

XXXIII Pease, Louise A. (Mrs.)

Stevens, Clarence T. & Mary D.

v. Hickel

XXXVII Peter Kiewit Sons' Co. v. U.S. XXXI Still, Edwin et al. v. U.S.

XXVII Port Blakely Mill Co. v. U.S. ----- XXXI Superior Oil Co. v. Bennett

XXXI Pressentin, E. V., Martin, Fred Superior Oil Co., et al., The J., Administrator of H. A.

v. Udall

XXXIV Martin Estate Udall and Tallman, James K. et al. V. Stoddard XXXVII Udall

XXXIII Ray D. Bolander Co., Inc.

Texaco, Inc., a Corp. v. Udall XXXIII U.S.

XXXI Texas Construction Co. v. U.S. -- XXXIII Reed, George Sr. v. Morton, et al. _XXXI Thor-Westcliffe Development, Reed, Wallace et al. v. U.S. et

Inc. v. Udall et al..


XXVIII Umpleby, Joseph B. et al. Reliable Coal Corp. v. Morton et


XXXIV al.--

XXXI Union Oil Co. of California Richfield Oil Corporation



XXXI Union Oil Co. of California, a Corp. Robedeaux, Oneta Lamb et al.

v. Udall

XXXIV v. Morton XXXII JU.S. v. Adams, Alonzo A.

XXXV Roberts, Kenneth, et al. v. Mor- U.S. v. Hood Corporation et al. -- XXVIII ton et al.

XXXVIII U.S. Michener, Raymond T.
Safarik v. Udall
XXVI et al.

Savage, John W. v. Udall XXXIV JU.S. v. Nogueira, Edison R. &
Schulein, Robert v. Udall
XXVII Maria A. F. Nogueira-

XXXVI Seal and Company, Inc. v. U.S. XXXII Vaughey, E. A. v. Seaton XXXVIII Shaw, William T. et al. v. Mor- Verrue, Alfred N. v. U.S. et al., XXXVII ton et al.

XXXVIII Wackerli, Burt & Lueva G. et Shell Oil Company v. Udall XXV, al. v. Udall et al.

XXXVIII XXXII Wallis, Floyd A. v. Udall

XXVIII Shell Oil Co. et al. v. Udall et Weardco Construction Corp. v. al. XXXVIII U.S.--

XXXVIII Shoup, Leo E. v. Udall

XXXVI White, Vernon O. & Ina C. v. Sinclair Oil & Gas Co. v. Udall


XXXVIII et al...

XXXII WJM Mining & Development Smith, Reid v. Udall etc.

XXXVI! Co. et al. v. Morton -- XXXVII Snyder, Ruth, Administratrix Wyoming, State of et al. of the Estate of C. F. Snyder,

Udall, etc.

XXXV Deceased et al. v. Udall --- XXXVII Zweifel

, Merle I., et al. v. U.S. - XXXVIII



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The table below sets out in alphabetical order, arranged according to the last name of the first party named in the Department's decision, all the departmental decisions published in the Interior Decisions, beginning with volume 61, judicial review of which was sought by one of the parties concerned. The name of the action is listed as it appears on the court docket in each court. Where the decision of the court has been published, the citation is given; if not, the docket number and date of final action taken by the court is set out. If the court issued an opinion in a nonreported case, that fact is indicated; otherwise no opinion was written. Unless otherwise indicated, all suits were commenced in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and, if appealed, were appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Finally, if judicial review resulted in a further departmental decision, the departmental decision is cited. Actions shown are those taken prior to the end of the year covered by this volume.

Adler Construction Co., 67 I.D. 21 (1960) (Reconsideration)

Adler Construction Co.v. U.S., Cong. 10-60. Dismissed, 423 F. 2d 1362 (1970); rehearing denied, July 15, 1970; cert. denied, 400 U.S. 993 (1970); rehearing denied, 401 U.S. 949 (1971).

Adler Construction Co. v. U.S., Cong. 5–70. Trial Commr's. report accepting &

approving the stipulated agreement filed September 11, 1972. Estate of John J. Akers, 1 IBIA 8; 77 I.D. 268 (1970)

Dolly Custer Akers v. The Dept. of the Interior, Civil No. 907, D. Mont. Judgment for defendant, September 17, 1971; order staying execution of judgment for 30 days

issued October 15, 1971; appeal dismissed for lack of prosecution, May 3, 1972. State of Alaska, Andrew Kalerak, Jr., 73 I.D. 1 (1966)

Andrew J. Kalerak, Jr., et al. v. Stewart L. Udall, Civil No. A-35–66, D. Alas. Judgment for plaintiff, October 20, 1966; rev'd., 396 F. 2d 746 (9th Cir. 1968); cert denied, 393 U.S. 1118 (1969).

Allied Contractors, Inc., 68 I.D. 145 (1961)


Allied Contractors, Inc. v. U.S., Ct. Cl. No. 163–63. Stipulation of settlement filed

March 3, 1967; compromised. Leslie N. Baker, et al., A-28454 (October 26, 1960). On reconsideration Autrice C. Copeland, 69 I.D. 1 (1962).

Autrice Copeland Freeman v. Stewart L. Udall, Civil No. 1578, D. Ariz. Judgment for defendant, September 3, 1963 (opinion); affd., 336 F. 2d 706 (9th Cir. 1964); no petition.

Max Barash, The Texas Co., 63 I.D. 51 (1956)

Max Barash v. Douglas McKay, Civil No. 939–56. Judgment for defendant, June 13, 1957; rev'd & remanded, 256 F. 2d 714 (1958); judgment for plaintiff, December 18, 1958. Supplemental decision, 66 I.D. 11 (1959); no petition.

Barnard-Curtiss Co., 64 I.D. 312 (1957) 65 I.D. 49 (1958)

Barnard-Curtiss Co. v. U.S., Ct. Cl. No. 491–59. Judgment for plaintiff, 301 F. 2d 909 (1962).

Eugenia Bate, 69 I.D. 230 (1962)

Katherine S. Foster & Brook H. Duncan, II v. Stewart L. Udall, Civil No. 5258, D. N.M. Judgment for defendant, January 8, 1964; rev’d., 335 F. 2d 828 (10th Cir. 1964); no petition.

Sam Bergesen, 62 I.D. 295 Reconsideration denied, IBCA-11 (December 19, 1955)

Sam Bergesen v. U.S., Civil No. 2044, D. Wash. Complaint dismissed March 11,

1958; no appeal. BLM-A-045569, 70 I.D. 231 (1963)

New York State Natural Gas Corp. v. Stewart L. Udall, Civil No. 2109_63.

Consolidated Gas Supply Corp. v. Stewart L. Udall, et al., Civil No. 2109_63. Judgment for defendant, September 20, 1965; Per curiam decision, affd., April 28, 1966; no petition.

Melvin A. Brown, 69 I.D. 131 (1962)

Melvin A. Brown v. Stewart L. Udall, Civil No. 3352-62. Judgment for defendant,

September 17, 1963; rev'd., 335 F. 2d 706 (1964); no petition. R. C. Buch, 75 I.D. 140 (1968)

R. C. Buch v. Stewart L. Udall, Civil No. 68–1358_PH, C.D. Cal. Judgment for plaintiff, 298 F. Supp. 381 (1969); rev’d., 449 F. 2d 600 (9th Cir. 1971); judgment for

defendant, March 10, 1972. The California Co., 66 I.D. 54 (1959)

The California Co. v. Stewart L. Udall, Civil No. 980–59. Judgment for defendant, 187 F. Supp. 445 (1960); aff d., 296 F. 2d 384 (1961).

In the Matter of Cameron Parish, Louisiana, Cameron Parish Police Jury & Cameron Parish School Board, June 3, 1968 appealed by Secretary July 5, 1968, 75 I.D. 289 (1968).

Cameron Parish Police Jury v. Stewart L. Udall, et al., Civil No. 14,206, W.D.

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La. Judgment for plaintiff, 302 F. Supp. 689 (1969); order vacating prior order issued November 5, 1969.

Carson Construction Co., 62 I.D. 422 (1955)

Carson Construction Co. v. U.S., Ct. Cl. No. 487–59. Judgment for plaintiff,

December 14, 1961; no appeal. Chargeability of Acreage Embraced in Oil and Gas Lease Offers, 71 I.D. 337 (1964), Shell Oil Co., A-30575 (October 31, 1966)

Shell Oil Co. v. Udall, Civil No. 216–67. Stipulation of dismissal filed August 19, 1968.

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Chemi-Cote Perlite Corp. v. Arthur C. W. Bowen, 72 I.D. 403 (1965)

Bowen v. Chemi-Cote Perlite, No. 2 CA-Civ. 248, Ariz. Ct. App. Decision against

the Dept. by the lower court affd., 423 P. 2d 104 (1967); rev'd., 432 P. 2d 435 (1967). Stephen H. Clarkson, 72 I.D. 138 (1965)

Stephen H. Clarkson v. U.S., Cong. Ref. 5–68. Trial Commr's. report adverse to
U.S. issued December 16, 1970; Chief Commr's. report concurring with the Trial
Commr's. report issued April 13, 1971. P.L. 92–108 enacted accepting the Chief

Commr's. report.
Mrs. Hannah Cohen, 70 I.D. 188 (1963)

Hannah and Abram Cohen v. U.S., Civil No. 3158, D. R. I. Compromised.
Barney R. Colson, 70 I.D. 409 (1963)

Barney R. Colson, et al. v. Stewart L. Udall, Civil No. 63–26–Civ.-Oc, M.D. Fla. Dismissed with prejudice, 278 F. Supp. 826 (1968); affd., 428 F. 2d 1046 (5th Cir. 1970); cert. denied, 401 U.S. 911 (1971).

Columbian Carbon Co., Merwin E. Liss, 63 I.D. 166 (1956)

Merwin E. Liss v. Fred A. Seaton, Civil No. 3233–56. Judgment for defendant, January 9, 1958; appeal dismissed for want of prosecution, September 18, 1958, D. C.

Cir. No. 14,647. Appeal by the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead

Reservation, in the Matter of the Enrollment of Mrs. Elverna Y. Clairmont Baciarelli, 77 I.D. 116 1970)

Elverna Yevonne Clairmont Baciarelli v. Rogers C. B. Morton, Civil No. C70–2200-SC, D. Cal. Judgment for defendant, August 27, 1971; affd, July 16, 1973;

rehearing denied, August 15, 1973. Appeal of Continental Oil Co., 68 I.D. 337 (1961)

Continental Oil Co. v. Stewart L. Udall, et al., Civil No. 366-62. Judgment for

defendant, April 29, 1966; affd., February 10, 1967; cert. denied, 389 U.S. 839 (1967). Autrice C. Copeland, See Leslie N. Baker et al.

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E. L. Cord, Donald E. Wheeler, Edward D. Neuhoff, 10 IBLA 363; 80

I.D. 301 (1973)

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