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Secretary of the Interior ...

Rogers C. B. Morton
Office of Hearings and Appeals ... James M. Day, Director

Office of the Solicitor ... Kent Frizzell, Solicitor

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For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office

Washington, D.C. 20402

This volume of Decisions of the Department of the Interior covers the period from January 1, 1973 to December 31, 1973. It includes the most important administrative decisions and legal opinions that were rendered by officials of the Department during the period.

The Honorable Rogers C. B. Morton served as Secretary of the Interior during the period covered by this volume; Mr. John C. Whitaker, served as Under Secretary; Messrs. Jack 0. Horton, John Kyl, Laurence E. Lynn, Jr., Nathaniel Reed, Stephen Wakefield served as Assistant Secretaries of the Interior; Mr. Kent Frizzell served as Solicitor of the Department of the Interior and Mr. Raymond C. Coulter as Deputy Solicitor. Mr. James M. Day, intermittently served as Director, Office of Hearings and Appeals.

This volume will be cited within the Department of the Interior as "80 I.D.”

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Secretary of the Interior.


Page 5—Left Col. par. 4, line 6, correct citation 43 U.S.C. $ 2851 to 851.
Page 6_Signature Edward W. Stuebing.
Page 14—Right Col., line 17 from bottom, correct to read, data contained in the

Page 18_Title of Decision, add period after the initial M.
Page 21-Signature-Anne Poindexter Lewis.
Page 50_Right Col, line 5, correct date to October 28, 1964.
Page 51–Footnote 69, line 6 (Cen-Vi-Ro Correspondence).
Page 78—Beginning left col. insert particular defect but not for other.
Page 154—Right col., line 2-add to pages 27, 36, 37. We consider that we have

jurisdiction over the claims.
Page 212—Par. 3, line 3, correct date to read July 28, 1953.
Page 215_Delete_317 from Lynn E. Erickson's decision.
Page 299_Correct Title of Decision to read IVERSEN.
Page 341-Upper right, add 1 to page 34.
Page 363—Left col., par. 2, line 6, correct Exhibit, from AA to 00.
Page 398_Left col., par. 4, line 10, legal citation year from 1969 to 1960.
Page 428_Right col., par. 3, line 13, correct the word corroborate.
Page 491–Right col. line 4 from the bottom delete the word at.
Page 517—Left col., line 22, delete s correct to read Kake.
Page 539—Left col., par. 1, line 3 legal citation should read 189.
Page 552—Left col., line 7, correct vol. no. to 79 I. D. 379.
Page 559Footnote 1, correct citation to IBCA-757–1–69.
Page 566_Footnote 13, should read, 79 1.D. 158 (1972).
Page 598—Right col., line 12, decided delete d.
Page 606—Left col., par. 1, line 21, correct statute 83 Stat. 742–804.
Page 697—Odd page should read 667 Appeal of PHL Contractors, October 23, 1973.
Page 702—Add—Opinion by Mr. Fishman.
Page 707—Right col., par. 1, line 15 delete 3, should read 801 et seq. (1970).
Page 727_Footnote 2 correct CFR title from 30 to 43.
Page 746—Left col., par. 3, line 7 correct to read 15,380.
Page 786— Right col., par. 1, last line add s to italic.
Page 805—8 pt. par. 5, line 6 correct Act to read May 8, 1906 (34 Stat. 182).
Page 806—Left col., par. 3 adds to italic.

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Administrative Appeal of Continental Cosmos Engineers, Inc.
Oil Company ---

786 Cummings, George Mortimer (DeAdministrative Appeal of Shively,

ceased Cheyenne River Allottee Kevern, Frances M. (Crow Al

3484), Estate of lottee No. 3519)

804 Dann, Davis L...
Affinity Mining Company, Keystone Easley, Maldrus and Geraldine, Uni-
No. 5 Mine

229 form Relocation Assistance Appeal
Amigo Smokeless Coal Company 725 of -
Appeal of F. H. Antrim Construction Eastern Associated Coal Corpora-
Co., Inc. --

280 tion
Appeal of Iversen Construction Com- Eastern Associated Coal Corporation
pany (A/K/A Iconco).

299 (Joanne Mine) Appeal of John H. Moon & Sons 235 Eli, Rose Josephine La Rose, Wilson Appeal of PHL Contractors

667 (Deceased), Estate of Appeals of Cen-Vi-Ro of Texas, Inc.- 29 Erickson, Lynn E... Armco Steel Corporation

790 Estate of Beavert, Jennie Elsie Eli, Associated Drilling Company, Inc.

Johnson, Wilson (Unallotted (Kephart Mine).--

317 Yakima No. 124-U3431).Beavert, Jennie Elsie Eli, Johnson, Estate of Cummings, George MortiWilson (Unallotted Yakima No.

mer (Deceased Cheyenne River 124-U3431), Estate of...


Allottee 3484)
Bish Contracting Company, Inc. 189 Estate of Eli, Rose Josephine
Block, J. L., United States v.

571 La Rose, Wilson (Deceased). Brezina Construction Co., Inc.. 558 Estate of Eusebio, Mariano.. Brubaker, R. W., et al., United

Estate of Fisherman, Sophie Iron States v.

261 Beaver (Cheyenne River No. 2335, Buffalo Mining Company

630, 744 Deceased) Casey Ranches

777 Estate of Hah-Tah-E-Yazza (Navajo Casey, William H., G. N. and M.

Allottee No. 011358, Deceased) Sharp (A Partnership, Inter- Estate of Iron Bear, Angeline Takes venor)-

18 The Shield, Lambert. Cen-Vi-Ro of Texas, Inc., Appeals of 29 Estate of Lion Shows, Neola Agnes Chartrand, Lee et al., United States


408 Estate of Obi, Yashake (Quinaielt AlClark Canyon Lumber Company


lottee No. 1279 Deceased) Clinchfield Coal Company

802 | Estate of Red Eagle, Joseph. Coal Processing Corporation

748 Estate of Riordan, Minnie May Continental Oil Company, Admin

(Citizen Potawatomi, Unallotteb)istrative Appeal of ..

786 Estate of Robedeaux, William Cecil. Cord, E. L., Donald E. Wheeler, Estate of Senator, Lloyd Andrew Edward D. Neuhoff..

301 (Yakima Unallotted No. 124Corporation of the Presiding Bishop,

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Estate of Whiz Abbott, Hiemstennie
Day Saints (Bee Hive Mine)

663 (Maggie).

620 309

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