Language, Ethnicity, and Education: Case Studies on Immigrant Minority Groups and Immigrant Minority Languages

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Multilingual Matters, 1999 - Всего страниц: 130
This text presents case studies of immigrant minority groups and immigrant minority languages in Europe and abroad, analyzed from demographic, sociolinguistic, and educational perspectives. The demographic perspective focuses on the role of language and ethnicity in multicultural population statistics, the sociolinguistic perspective on the viability of immigrant minority languages, and the educational perspective on the status of immigrant minority languages in education.

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Case studies
Case studies

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Peter Broeder and Guus Extra are members of the Research Groups on Language and Minorities at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. They have published books and articles on first and second language acquisition by ethnic minorities in the Netherlands and in a wider European context. They also contributed to the European Science Foundation project on adult language acquisition by immigrants in Europe. Peter Broeder is senior lecturer and Guus Extra is professor of language and minorities at Tilburg University.

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