Extraterritoriality: A Letter to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Concerning the Judicial Exercise of Extraterritorial Rights Conferred Upon the United States

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1882 - 234 strani

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Stran 168 - The service may be personal, by delivery to the party or attorney on whom the service is required to be made, or it may be as follows: 1st. If'upon an attorney, it may be...
Stran 224 - No action for the recovery of real property, or for the recovery of the possession thereof, shall be maintained, unless it appear that the plaintiff, his ancestor, predecessor, or grantor, was seised or possessed of the premises in question, within twenty years before the commencement of such action.
Stran 135 - Persons severally liable upon the same obligation or instrument, including the parties to bills of exchange and promissory notes, and sureties on the same or separate instruments, may all or any of them be included in the same action, at the option of the plaintiff...
Stran 168 - If upon a party, it may be made by leaving the notice or other paper at his residence, between the hours of eight in the morning and six in the evening, with some person of suitable age and discretion...
Stran 40 - Majesty's dominions, and to render the same more effectual," it is amongst other things enacted, that it is and shall be lawful for Her Majesty to hold, exercise, and enjoy any power or jurisdiction which Her Majesty now hath, or may at any time hereafter have, within any country or place out of Her Majesty's dominions, in the same and as ample a manner as if Her Majesty had acquired such power or jurisdiction by the cession or conquest of territory...
Stran 167 - When a contempt is committed in the immediate view and presence of the court, or judge at chambers, it may be punished summarily ; for which an order shall be made, reciting the facts as occurring in such immediate view and presence, adjudging that the person proceeded against is thereby guilty of a contempt, and that he be punished as therein prescribed.
Stran 140 - Before making the order the judge shall require a written undertaking on the part of the plaintiff, with or without sureties, to the effect that if the defendant recover judgment, the plaintiff will pay all costs that may be awarded to the defendant, and all damages which he may sustain by reason of the arrest, not exceeding the sum specified in the undertaking, which shall be at least two hundred and fifty dollars.
Stran 157 - ... during the possession of such property by the appellant, he will not commit, or suffer to be committed any waste thereon...
Stran 140 - The plaintiff, at the time of issuing the summons, or at any time afterward, may have the property of the defendant attached, as security for the satisfaction of any judgment that may be recovered, unless the defendant give security to pay such judgment, as in this chapter provided, in the following cases : 1.
Stran 157 - To render an appeal effectual for any purpose in any case, a written undertaking shall be executed on the part of the appellant by at least two sureties...

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