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Absence not allowed without leave.

provision in cases of... Accusation. Common fame a good ground to proceed by inquiry, and even by...

88 Address, how presented.

84 Adhere, question discussed.

127 effect of a vote to.

127 question shall be : ist, to agree; 2d, to disagree; 3d, to recede; 4th, to insist; 5th, to adhere. ...

127 one House adhering, the other must recede or also..

137 where both Houses adhere the matter must fall...

137 there are instances of having gone to a second adherence 137 the form fixed by adherence can not be departed from by the House which adheres.....

137 should be two conferences before vote to.

137 Adjournment, motion for, can not be amended.

146 rules and regulations in respect to.

146–147 a question is removed by.....

126 of the session, all unfinished business falls.. 136, 147 of the session, modes and manner discussed..

146–147 to be declared by the Speaker....

147 for more than three days, to be by concurrent votes

146 provision for disagreement respecting.

146 effect of, on business depending.

147 must be announced by the Chair.

147 Amendment to bills. (See also Bills)....

146 proceedings in relation to and order of proposing ...

103 how to be reported

105 fall on recommitment.

107 on reading of amendments to bills.

106 in the third degree not admissible.

115 discussion of the nature and coherence of... 120-123

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Page. Amendment to bills, the House can not recede from or insist on

its own amendment with amendment .... 138 Speaker can not refuse to receive, because

inconsistent.... Amendment, may totally change the subject ..

if House refuse to strike out a paragraph, it can not

be amended ...
if an amendment be agreed to it can not be after-

ward amended....
a new bill may be ingrafted on another
mode of proceeding on amendments between the

137 a motion to amend an amendment of the other House

takes precedence of a motion to agree or disagree.. an amendment of one House to a bill of the other

becomes the text of the bill, and may be amended

in the second degree ...
on amendments between the Houses, question is:

ist, to agree; 2d, disagree; 3d, recede; 4th, insist;

5th, adhere.....
made in Committee of the Whole falls by a refer-

107 proposed, inconsistent with one adopted, may be

may be amended prior to adoption, but not after...
(proposed) by striking out, and lost, the paragraph

proposed to be stricken out can not be amended .
not identical or equivalent to one lost may be pro-

posed ...

by insertion, how far liable to further amendment 120, 121, 122 Apportionment of Representatives, table of, from 1787 to 1900 . Appropriation may be made by resolution . Arrest, discussion of privilege from.

71 terminates with the session. Assault and affrays in the House, how settled.

94, 95 Assent to bills by the Executive, regulations respecting.

143 Ayes and noes, how questions are determined by.

130-132 no member to vote if not present.

133 B. Bills, engrossed, must not be looked into

mistakes not to be corrected without the knowledge of the



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Page. Bills, not to be taken away or concealed ....

91, 92 to be fairly written, or Speaker may refuse them..

100 introduction, reading, and commitment.

100, ΙΟΙ amendments fall if recommitted ......

107 a particular clause may be recommitted

106 can not be amended on the first reading. amendments, how proceeded with

I 20-123 amendments fall if recommitted

107 proceedings on second reading... if second reading refused, the bill is rejected

126 time for attacking or opposing ....

109, 129 one bill may be ingrafted on another.. one House may pass with blanks and be filled in the other.

123 on third reading, forms observed..

128, 129, 130 on third reading, may be committed for certain action.... 129 on third reading, amended by riders .

129 on third reading, blanks filled ...

129 preamble to be last considered.

104 can not be altered after passage.

130 at the close of session no new bill, unless sent from the other

House, to be brought in..
to receive three readings, etc
how brought in on notice and leave.
forms in introducing .....
proceedings on second reading
how and to whom committed.
shall be read twice before commitment.
not to be referred to avowed opponents.
referred, may be delivered to any of the committee
amendments between the Houses, mode of proceeding

137, 138 by whom to be taken from House to House..

141 may be specially commended to notice of the other House. 142 if one House neglects a bill, the other may remind of it... 143 how to be enrolled, signed, and presented to the President. 143 not to be enrolled in paragraphs, but solidly......

144 amendments to, can not be receded from or insisted on by

the amending House with a further amendment ....
dangerous practice of passing bills before being engrossed. 108, 109
amendments to amendments between the Houses, how far

amendment to an amendment of the other House takes

precedence of a motion to agree or disagree.




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Page. Bills, proceedings upon, in Committee of the Whole, etc. ...... 105-107 titles, when made....

134 reconsideration, when and how the question may be moved. reconsideration, at what time to be moved..

reconsideration, effect of a vote for.....

either House may recede from its amendment and agree to
the bill

originating in one House, rejected in the other, may be
renewed in the rejecting House...

expedients for remedying omissions in.
mode of proceeding when founded on facts requiring ex-

effect of a vote to insist or adhere.

conferences must be asked by the House possessed of the

papers relating to, to be left with the conferees of the House
granting the conference....

report to be made first in the House granting the confer-

139 report can not be amended or altered as the report of a committee may be ....

140 can not strike out at a conference anything in a bill which

has been agreed to by the two Houses. proceedings when disapproved.

143 not returned in ten days to be laws, unless an adjournment intervene

144 Blanks, longest time, largest sum, first put.

116 122, 123 bills may be passed with, and be filled in other House... 123 may be filled in engrossed bills..

129 construction of the rule for filling...

123 Breach of privilege, mode of proceeding on charge of..

76 case of the editor of the Aurora.

73 Bribery (Randall and Whitney's case), breach of privilege.

73 Business, order of, in Senate .

89 a settled order in its arrangement useful.

ence ....


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Call of the House, proceedings in case of..
Challenge, breach of privilege....
Chairman of a Committee is usually the first person named

of Committee of the Whole may be elected..

73 85 86

Page. 134

83 108 123 142 85 86





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Change of vote, right to
Clerk puts questions before election of Speaker .

to read standing....
numbers the sections..

may correct his errors in delivering messages. Committees can not inquire concerning their members.

must not sit when House is in session..
the person first named may act as chairman, but they

may elect a chairman..
manner of appointing the members and control over

them by the House.
manner of proceeding in.
can not erase, interline, or blot a bill...
can not reconsider or alter their own votes.
how they report amendments ....
may be appointed to sit in the recess after adjourn-

can not receive a petition except through the House..
a member elect, though not returned may be appointed

on (in Parliament).
forms and proceedings in
joint, how they act...
when notified that the House is sitting they are bound

to attend. .....
who shall compose
how appointed ..
time and place of meeting, when and where they

please ..
should not be unfriendly to a subject referred to them.
when a member is hostile to a measure referred to the

committee, he should ask to be excused......
the child should not be put to a nurse that cares not

for it...
majority of, to constitute a quorum.
they must act together and not by separate consulta-

members of the House may be present at their sittings.
their power over a bill.
manner of reporting from a committee..
have entire control of a report recommitted .

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dissolved by a report . 84281°–S. Dọc. 846, 6I-3-II

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