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Floor of the Senate. Persons entitled to admission to the ... 33

Rule, Clause. Page.





Galleries to be cleared and the doors closed, on discussing a

question requiring secrecy. The Chair shall direct the. 35 - 31 General appropriation bills. All general appropriation bills

shall be referred to the Committee on Appropriations,
except the bill making appropriations for rivers and
harbors, the agricultural bill, the Army and the Mili-
tary Academy bills, the Indian bill, the naval bill, the
pension bill, and the Post-Office bill.....

16 16 To proceed to the consideration of, a privileged motion. 9

12 Amendments to. No amendments shall be received

which shall increase the appropriation, unless to carry
out some existing law or resolution of the Senate, or by
direction of a standing or select committee, or in pur-

suance of an estimate of the head of a Department. ... 16 1 16 All amendments proposing to increase an appropriation

shall one day previous to being offered be referred to
the Committtee on Appropriations..


2 17 No amendment shall be proposed to an amendment increasing the amount in such amendment........... 16

17 Amendments moved by direction of a committee shall be first referred to the Committee on Appropriations.... 16

17 No amendment proposing general legislation, or that is

not germane or relevant to the subject of the bill, shall
be received.......


3 17 No amendment to any item or clause that does not directly relate thereto shall be received.

16 3 17 All questions of relevancy of amendments shall be decided by the Senate without debate......


3 17 No amendment providing for a private claim, unless to carry out a law or treaty stipulation, shall be received. 16

4 18 Any amendment to a general appropriation bill may be laid on the table.....


3 17 General legislation to general appropriation bills. No amendment shall be admitted proposing.


3 17 General orders. (See Calendar.) Germane. No amendment to any appropriation bill shall be offered which is not relevant or.


3 17





Rule. Clanse. Page.

4 2 7






Impeachment, court of. Proceedings recorded....
Indefinite postponement. When a question is pending, a

motion may be made for
Indian treaties shall, unless transmitted by the President in

confidence, be acted upon in legislative session. .... 37 3 34 Injunction of secrecy. All confidential communications from

the President, and all treaties, and remarks and pro

ceedings thereon, are embraced within the...... 36 3 32 All information given or remarks made by a Senator

touching the character or qualifications of a nominee,
and all votes on a nomination, are within the .......

2 35 A person nominated may be notified of charges made

against him, but the name of the person making them
shall not be disclosed...

2 35
A Senator disclosing the confidential or secret business
of the Senate shall be liable to expulsion......

4 33 An officer of the Senate committing a like offense shall be dismissed and punished for contempt...

4 33

Journal. A quorum being present, the Journal of the pre-

vious day's session shall be read, and any mistake in

the entries corrected....
The reading of the, shall not be suspended unless by
unanimous consent.

A motion to amend the Journal shall be deemed a privi-
leged question and be proceeded with until disposed of.

3 I 6 The proceedings of the Senate shall be briefly and accurately stated on the.

4 I 6 Every vote of the Senate, and a brief statement of each

memorial or paper presented, shall be entered on the.. 4 I 6 The legislative, executive, and impeachment proceedings

of the Senate shall be each recorded in a separate..... 4 2 7


3 I 6




[blocks in formation]

Laid on the table. The preamble to a bill or resolution may,

without carrying the bill or resolution, be........
A motion to reconsider may be, without carrying the sub-

ject, and shall be a final disposition thereof.....
An amendment to a general appropriation bill may be..
An appeal from the decision of the Chair may be....
When a question is pending, a motion may be made to lay

on the table, which shall be decided without debate...


3 I

14 17 20



20 Rule. Clause. Page,

I 14


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Leave to introduce a bill. May be offered if no objection... 14
Leave of the Senate. A motion to reconsider shall not be

withdrawn without..
Leave of the Senate. No Senator shall absent himself from
the service of the Senate without.

5 No Senator shall speak more than twice on any one question on the same day without....

19 A Senator when called to order shall sit down and shall not proceed without ...

19 No memorial or other paper, except original treaties,

shall be withdrawn without
Legislative business. The legislative business of the Senate

shall be continued from session to session of the same

The legislative proceedings of the Senate shall be recorded
in a separate book.


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Majority. A motion to reconsider a vote may be decided by a

13 114 All questions upon a treaty, except on the question of

ratification, and on a motion to postpone indefinitely,
shall be by a

37 34 Memorials and petitions shall be referred without putting the question ..

7 4 Before being presented or read they shall be signed, in

dorsed with a brief statement of their contents, and
referred without debate .

7 5
Manner of presentation of


9 Of foreign citizens or subjects shall not be received unless through the President

7 5 Where an adverse report has been made they shall not be

withdrawn, unless copies are left with the Secretary .. 30 29 Shall not be withdrawn from the files without leave of the Senate ...

30 28 When an act has passed for the settlement of a private

claim, the Secretary may transmit the papers to the
accounting officers...

I 28 Merits of the question proposed to be considered. It shall not be in order to discuss the...

7 Messages from the President and from the House of Repre

sentatives may be received at any stage of the proceed-
ings except....

28 27 84281°S. Dọc. 846, 6I








Rule, Clause. Page,

[blocks in formation]

Messages to the House and communications to the President

shall be taken by the Secretary...... Morning business. Order in which it is laid before the Sen

ate, after the Journal is read....
Until concluded, or until 1 o'clock, no motion to proceed

to the consideration of any bill, resolution, etc., upon
the Calendar shall be entertained unless by unanimous
consent, and shall not be subject to amendment, and
shall be decided without debate on the merits of the

At the conclusion of the, for each day, unless otherwise

ordered, the Calendar of Bills and Resolutions shall be

proceeded with until 2 o'clock...
The order of, which shall not be interrupted, unless by

unanimous consent, prescribed .....
No motion to proceed to the consideration of subjects

on the Calendar shall be received, except by unani

mous consent, during the
A motion received by unanimous consent to take up a

subject shall not be open to amendment, and shall be

decided without debate on the merits of the question.. Morning hour. Terminates two hours after meeting of Senate. Mations. A motion to lay before the Senate bills or other

matter sent to the Senate by the President or House of

Representatives, in order at any time ...
To reconsider shall be decided by a majority vote with-

out debate.....
Before a motion shall be debated it shall, if required, be

reduced to writing.
Which may be made when a question is under considera-

tion; their order and precedence
A motion or resolution may be withdrawn or modified

before a division, amendment, or ordering of the yeas

[blocks in formation]


and nays..

[blocks in formation]

A motion to reconsider shall not be withdrawn without

leave of the Senate ...
A motion to discharge a committee shall lie over one day

for consideration, unless by unanimous consent.......


[blocks in formation]


Nominations. The question on their confirmation shall not

be put on the same day on which they are received, nor
on the day on which they may be reported...

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Rule. Clause. Page.

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Nominations. Shall be prepared for the printer by the Offi

cial Reporter, and printed in the Record; also nomina

tions recalled, confirmations, and rejections.... The Secretary shall furnish the Official Reporters with a

list of nominations, and a like list of all confirmations

and rejections ... The Secretary shail furnish to the press, and to the public

upon request, the names of nominees confirmed or

rejected, except. Discussions upon the character and qualifications of a

nominee and the votes upon a nomination shall be

kept secret... The person

nominated may be notified of charges against him, but the name of the party making them shall not

be disclosed ..
A motion to reconsider the vote on a nomination may be

made within two days of actual session
Notice of confirmation shall not be sent to the President

until the expiration of two days of actual session..... When the President has been notified of a confirmation,

a motion to reconsider must be accompanied by a re-
quest to the President to return the notification of con-

A motion to reconsider the vote on a nomination may be

laid on the table, which shall be final...
Upon an adjournment of Congress, or a recess of more than

thirty days, all motions to reconsider shall fall, and the
nominations stand as confirmed or rejected, as the case

may be ...
Not confirmed or rejected at one session shall not be con-

sidered at the next session unless renominated ...
Upon an adjournment of Congress, or on taking a recess

of thirty days, all nominations not finally acted upon
shall be returned to the President....

Oaths of office. The oaths required by the Constitution and

prescribed by law shall be taken and subscribed by Sen

ators in open Senate before entering upon their duties. Order of business. After the conclusion of the morning busi

ness, prescribed ...
After the consideration of cases not objected to upon the

Calendar is completed, and not later than 2 o'clock,

[blocks in formation]
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