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1. Tell those who would paralyze your exertions in this righteous cause, by anticipations of danger, or considerations of national policy—that, whatever is moral duty, can never, ultimately, be a political evil—that to do evil that good may come-or to avoid good, lest evil should come, is as crooked a doctrine in Politics as it is in Divinity ; and if a Heathen could exclaim, · Fiat Justitia ruat Cælum,' well may the Christian adopt similar language, with his clearer views, and stronger confidence in the superintendence and protection of a Power as Omnipotent as Just !'- Abolitionist's Catechism.


Come forward, we beseech you, as men—and as christians; temperately, but fearlessly-constitutionally, but decIDEDLYin the support of every legitimate measure for the utter abolition of a System which no prospect of private gain—no consideration of public advantage—no plea of political expediencycan sufficiently justify or excuse :—thus will you extend the blessings of liberty to Hundreds of Thousands of your fellowcreatureshold up to an enlightened world a glorious and merciful example—and stand among the foremost in the defence of the violated rights of Human Nature.'--Anti-Slavery Tract.

III. " It is quite evident that our slave system will be abolished, and that its supporters will hereafter be regarded with the same public feelings, as he who was an advocate of the slave trade is

How is it that legislators, or that public men, are so indifferent to their fame? Who would now be willing that biography should record of him—This MAN DEFENDED THE Slave Trade ? The time will come when the record, This MAN OPPOSED THE ABOLITION of SlaveRY_will occasion a great deduction from the public estimate of worth of character. When both these atrocities are abolished, and but for the page of history forgotten, that page will make a wide difference be


tween those who aided the abolition, and those who obstructed it. The one will be ranked amongst the Howards that are departed, and the other amongst those who, in ignorance or in guilt, have employed their little day in inflicting misery upon mankind.'—Dymond's Essays.

IV. "I am for speedy, immediate abolition. I care not what caste, creed, or color, slavery may assume—I am for its total, its instant abolition. Whether it be personal or political, mental or corporeal, intellectual or spiritual, I am for its immediate abolition. I enter into no compromise with slavery ; I am for justice, in the name of humanity, and according to the law of the living God.'-O'Connell.

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