Slike strani

Mr. Park rejoined, that such a complaint had never been made before in respect to bim.

Mr. Park went on to say, that he endeavored yesterday to get rid of this matter by a side wind, but as that did not obtain, he should try it again.

He now objected to the noti of the Anti-Slavery Society, in which it is announced that one Amos Dresser, a man who has been lynched, would address the meeting this evening, and they intended to adjourn here from a stable loft, to send all over the Union, the fame of this great meeting in the Representatives' Chamber.

He had nearly been lynched himself last year, while attempting to rescue females from the mob in front of the Anti-Slavery Rooms in Wasliington-street, being mistaken for an abolitionist !

This subject was pressed in such a manner, that he should not be mealy mouthed in respect to it. He feared the effect the meeting here would have all over the Unior. It would be bruited in the public prints in the strongest terms.

A motion was made to adjourn, but negatived.

Mr. Richmond of Plymouth, said he, as well as the gentleman from Boston, felt some regard for the credit of the Commonwealth; he did not wish to see its plighted word retracted.

The gentleman talks about a lynched man-lynched for what? wlry, for telling the truth. We have slept over these matters long enough.

These petitions do not break windows and tear down houses: it was those who opposed them. He would venture to predict that if this vote was reconsidered, the antislavery cause would be strengthened. He spoke with a good deal of warmth of the right of discussion, and the right of the slave to be free. He thought it a most important subject-this violence that had been done to a northern citizen-and he thought it quite time to inquire if such things could be done by the southerners with impunity.

Mr. Folsom of Hingham, advocated the reconsideration. Why do not these philanthropists go to the south, and beard the lion in bis den—not stay here barking behind his back ?

Mr. F. went on in a very hyperbolical strain about the integrity of the Union being endangered.

Mr. Ward of Danvers, thought it would be impolitic and unjust to withdraw the consent of the House, after it had once been given in an affair of this kind. The House had pledged itself—and should it now stultify itself, by assuming ibat it did not know at the time what it had granted ?

A meinber in the gallery, hoped we should not retract our pledge; it would look like persecution.

Mr. Abbot of Andover, said after the notice had gone out in the public prints, it was too late to retract; it would be impolitic now to refuse what we have once granted.

He had no fear of a mob, and trusted that the citizens of Boston bad too much good sense to attack the right of free discussion. If the hall is refused, it will produce a shock or rev:lsion of feeling in favor of the Anti-Slavery Society.

Mr. Cook of Boston, was not present yesterday: if he had been, he should have voted against it; but he now considered the honor of the House pledged; the use of it had been granted, and there was no lionorable retreat. He moved to lay the order ou the table; negatived, 228 to 190.

Mr. Park said, change makes change.' The Society bad changed their ground

they asked for free discussion, but now they announce a man for exhibition, who has been lynched.

Mr. Ruggles of Fall River, said he last year opposed the granting the use of this hall to the Colonization Society, without at the same time giving the same privilege to its rival, the Anti-Slavery Society.

If we now refuse that equal treatment, it will be said that we are committed to slavery. The gentleman (Mr. Park) put his opposition to the use of the Hall on the ground of mobs. Good God ! has it come to this? Are the House afraid that the gentlemen of property and standing 'in this city will mob ús in our own Hall ? Is it indeed true, that free discussion is destroyed in the very cradle of liberty? He hoped not. He despised the contemptible, craven spirit, prevailing on this subject. He would maintain free discussion as long as the breath remained in his body, let come what would. He did not fear the gentlemen of property and standing_let them do their worst. He trusted the deep disgrace would not rest upon the city of Boston, of mobbing a man who came here to tell us of the outrages committed upon bim by southern slaveholders.

During the discussion, two or three efforts were made to adjourn, and to lay the question upon the table : but the House put thein all down-being determined to take the question of reconsidering which was decided in the negative-233 voting in the affirmative, and 234 in the negative.

Mr. Ruggles of Fall River, was truly eloquent in his defence of the right of free discussion. We have seldom heard a more manly, noble eloquence, than be evinced on this occasion. It was of the true sort, coming as it did from the beart.


$ 25 00

3721 44

Niassachusetts Anti-Slavery Society in account Current

G. ChapmanTreasurer. 1836.

1836. Jan. 16. To balance old account

324 April 9. By rents To paid Agents during the year

1166 69 By donations to 24th January, 1837 advertising

747 Carpenter's bill

2000 rent of Office

56 25 for Printing and for publications

1447 57 Lewis Tappan, Treas. Am. A. S. Society, the pledge of Boston Female A. S. S.

200 00 Reporter at Convention in May

7500 Atkinson for a 'Sign'

2000 Salem-St. Society, rent of Church

45 00 balance due Noyes' Academy

321 00 Charles Whipple balance of account

129 18 S. H. Gimber for engraving plate

6000 1837. sundry persons for loans

106 00 Jan. 24. 1o cash on hand

89 00

[ocr errors]

Boston, January 24, 1837.

E. E. HENRY G. CHAPMAN, Treasurer. Boston, Feb. 3, 1837.-I have examined the above account, and find the same duly vouched and correctly cast.

S. E. SEWALL, Auditor.



B. Scott, Salisbury
$ 2,00 Amount brought up

$2659,50 Hanover A S Society

78,50 Abigail Carter, New Bedford 5,00 Rev. Mr. Hardiog's society, Wal Sarah P. Carter,

5,00 tham 13,70 Elizabeth A. Carter,

5,00 Atuleboro A S Society 6,00 Abby G. Carter,

5,00 Col. at An. meeting, Jan. 20 106,50 Joseph Carter,

15,00 Union Char. Soc. Salem

10,00 Anna E. Colton, Worcester 5,00 T. Campbell, Salem 1,00 Daniel Gregg, Acton

20,00 John Ford, Abington, collections 14,50 Thomas Brooks, "

2,50 James Morrell, Boston 2,00 1. M. Wilder, Hanover

25,00 Miss H. Sargent," 1,00 J. Curtis,

4,00 J. Gifford, Sandwich ASS. 5,00 Jacob Dodge, Wenham

2,00 Haverhill Female AS S.

5,00 Assessments at Convention 80,82 Mary G. Chapman

3,00 I. M. Wilder, Hanover, L. M. 15,00 From individuals in Worcester 22,00 A friend

1,00 Mr. Lovell, Cambridge 1,00 I. M. Bidwell, Lowell

5,00 Plymouth County AS S. 50,00 Thomas Drew, Salem

1,00 llölden AS S. by J. E. Cheney 15,00 Jacob Noves, Boston

5,00 Joseplı Southwick, Boston 100,00 Woodstock, Ct. by A. Walker 1,10 John Sullivan,

35,00 Thomas W. Durant, Roxbury 5,00 Lynn A S S. by C. Robinson 100,00 A friend

3,00 Win. Lloyd Garrison, an, sub. 5,00 Edward N. Harris, L. M.

15,00 A. A. Lane, Boston

1,00 Rev. I. Sawyer, L. M. by S. ReadI. Greenwood, “ 6,00 ing Female ASS.

15,00 Lewis Hersey, 1,00 John S. Kimball, Boston

100,00 Ashburnham ASS. 11,00 Edmund Jackson,

100,00 J. T. Woodbury, Acton, sub. to Drury Fairbanks,“ L. M. 15,00 S. J. May's agency 25.00 S. Philbrick,

100,00 Holliston ASS. 19,23 Mrs. S. Philbrick,“

50,00 Lynn Female ASS. to constitute A friend, hy H. G. Chapm 100,00 D. Henshaw and T. H. Atwell Dr. A. Farnsworth, Groton 100,00 Lise Members

30,00 Chris. Robinson, Lynn, L. M. 15,00 Ann T. Greene, Boston 200,00 Calvin Temple, Reading, L. M. 15,00 Henry Chapman, 100,00 Mary Weston, Weymouth

2,81 Ellis Gray Loring,

100,00 Col. at Rev. Mr. "Bent's charch, Francis Jackson, 100,00 Falmouth

2,35 Henry G. Chapman,

110,00 Mrs. Elijah Demond, L. M. 15,00 Drury Fairbanks, 10,00 Hiram A. Morse, L. M.

15,00 Boston Female ASS.

1000,00 Boxboro' AS S. by Rev. J. W. Miss Rice, matron Sam. Asylum 2,00


20,00 By hands of J. E. Fuller, to consti Collec. at 46 Wash. St., Nov 13 24,12 tute Life Mem. of Isaac Wins

Jesse Allen

2,00 low, Danvers; John Rogers, Bos Mary Hardy

4,00 ton; A. Bowen, Fall River; H. Josiah Hayward, L. M.

15,00 Chase, do.; J. Noyes, Boston 70,00 E. T. Pritchett, L. M.

15,00 For the same of Lydia B. Capron, Asso, in Groton, by T. S. Andrews 5,74 Gilbert E. Capron, A. Basselt,

Rebecca Louge

5,00 Sarah Easton 60,00 S. E. Sewall

4,00 To constitute Rev. S. H. Peckham,

Daniel Holbrook

20,00 Life Member, by ladies 15,00 James Christie

10,00 John J. Appleton 43,37 Francis Clark

15,00 To constitute Rev. N. Hervey,Mar

John E. Fuller

5,00 blehead, L. M. by R. Woodbridge, 15,00 Benj. Kingsbury

50 Nath. Thurston, Lowell

1,00 Rev. James R. Cushing, L M. by A friend,

E. Haverhill Feinale ASS.

15,00 Joseph Wilson, 5,00 Squires Sbove, Danvers

10,00 Contributions at Convention 99,70 Rev. Jonas Perkins, Weymouth, L. A friend

3,00 M. by Weymouth & Braintree • Friend’ to the slave, by A. Rand 37,00 Female Eman. Society

15,00 A friend to the slave, New Bedford 16,00 A friend

6,00 $2659,50




Taken up at the Annual Meeting of the Society, held in the Stable Loft

January 25, 1837.

"Taunton A. S. Soc. by Mr. Read $25,00 Amount brought up

$143,46 Abrahain Williams, Salem

1,00 Miss Miriam Jackson, Boston 1,00 William Colman,

1,00 Dr. Amos Farosworth, Groton 50,00 Thomas Drew,

1,00 Samuel Williston, E. Hampton 100,00 Schuyler Lawrence, 50 James Spooner, Plymouth

3,00 Mrs. Venus Manning, L. M. by L. Richardson,

1,00 Baron Stow

15,00 East Randolphi by F. Holbrook 20,00 Union Char. Soc. of colored ped Abner Sanger, Danvers, L. M. 15,00 ple in Salem 10,00 Edwin Morton, Plymouth

10,00 Collection at the door

82,96 Andrew Robeson, New Bedford 50,00 J. T. Hilton, Boston 2,00 Loa Robinson, Buston

5,00 Solomon Woodward, Taunton 5,00 T. W. Durant








Arthur Tappan, New-York.
William Rawle, Philadelphia.
Rev. S. J. May, Scituate, Mass.
Rev. S. S. Jocelyn, New Haven, Ct.
Rev. George Bourne, New-York.
Hon. S. Crafts, Craftsbury, Vt.
Hon. A. Clark, Danville, Vt.
Rev. W. A. Chapin, Craftsbury, Vt.
H. Merrill, Esq., Peacham, Vi.
Moses Brown, Providence, R. I. (dec.)
Rev. O. S. Murray, Orwell, Vt.
J. Ridgway, Staffordshire, Eng.

William Ridgway, England.
Josiah Wedgwood, do.
Capt. C. Stuart, do.
Joseph Phillips,
William Wilberforce, do. (dec.)
Thomas Clarkson,

Henry Newman,

do. (dec.)
William Crawford, do.
Edward S. Abdy, do.
George Thompson, do.
David L. Child, Esq.
Rev. Amos A. Plielps.

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