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WRITE TODAY for one of these new trays

and learn the advantages of
this modern, economical
and sanitary method of
food service


HE ServADish has the full endorsement of physicians and health officials. It is a strong, white, fibre plate that will replace the use of dishes in the cafeteria and consequently eliminate costly china replacements. And it safeguards health as well.

Here is what the ServADish offers:

It is used but once and then de-
stroyed. The student is not entrusted
with numerous dishes, cups and
saucers which he invariably finds
difficulty in handling safely during
the hurried meal hour.

It eliminates breakage, excess stack-
ing, clearing, dishwashing-savings
for your school.

It brings complete sanitation. There
is no danger of harbored germs. The
ServADish is destroyed after use.

The merits of the ServADish are evident. It is as necessary as clean, healthful food. It means economy, efficiency, convenience things so essential in modern school food service.

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HE Norton Closer, designed on the principle of rack and pinion, offers advantages impossible to attain with the old crank style closer.

First of all, complete control of the door is maintained from start to finish -not merely at the latch. There is no sudden rush and sudden stop. The Norton controlled door moves evenly and silently, without slam or bang.

AdStrain on hinges is reduced. justments are fewer. Eight and ten years of trouble-free service is usual with the Norton.

Added features are found in the back check that prevents slamming against the wall. Also, the Norton automatic friction holder arm acts as a positive device in holding the door open at any desired angle.

Write for descriptive catalog and list of

school installations. Learn the merits of the Norton Closerchosen everywhere by school executives.

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ISTRACTING sounds caused by hurrying feet are eliminated when Wright Rubber Tile is used on corridor and class room floors. No more scraping sounds of chairs and other noises to interfere with the instructor's earnest efforts.

Wright Rubber Tile has many advantages for school use. First it brings perfect quiet. It is long lasting. Being of rubber composition it is resilient to walk on, restful to those who must spend many hours on their feet. And the great variety of patterns and colors available enable the builder to furnish a floor that will harmonize with any surroundings. Schools, churches, banks, and many other public and semi-public buildings throughout the country have already taken advantage of the superior qualities of this modern floor. It has proved to be more economical, quieter, cleaner and better in many other ways than any other type of floor.

An interesting chart of color patterns has been prepared. Send for a free copy today.

Wright Rubber Products Co.


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