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Of the several Acts, Chapters, Titles and Articles, embrac-

ed in the Revised Statutes.
THE REVISED STATUTES consist of ,, Title 1. Of the number, location, and classifi-

FOUR PAkts, which are denominated ACTS. cation of the public officers of this state, 95.

The FIRST PART of the Revised Statutes Title 2. Of legislative officers, 102.

is entitled " An Act concerning the Territorial || Title 3. Of executive officers, 103.

Limits and Divisions, the Civil Polity, and the Title 4. Of judicial officers: Containing four
Internal Administration of this State ;" and


consists of TWENTY CHAPTERS, with the

Art. 1. Of judicial officers appointed by the

following Titles :

governor and senate, 105.

Art. 2. Or judicial officers appointed by

courts of justice, 107.

STATE, AND ITS TERRITORIAL JURISDIC- Art. 3. Of judicial officers appointed by the

TION: Containing three Titles.

local authorities of a county or city, 109.

Title 1. Of the boundaries of the state, p. 61.* Art. 4. Of judicial officers elected by the

Title 2. Of the sovereignty and jurisdiction of

people, 110.

Title 5. Of administrative officers, 113.

Title 3. Of the places ceded to the United Title 6. General provisions applicable to all

States, 66.

the civil officers of this state, or to certain


classes of them: Containing five Articles.

Art. 1. General provisions respecting the ap-

STATE: Containing six Titles.

pointment of officers; their qualifications;

Title 1. Of the several counties of this state,83. the commencement and duration of their

Title 2. Of the senate districts, 84.

offices, 116.

Title 3. Of the congress districts, 84.

Art. 2. Of nominations to offices, and the

Title 4. Of the several towns of this state, 86.

commissions of officers, 117.

Title 5. of the several cities in this state, 86.

Art. 3. Of the oath of office, and the official

bond, 118.

Title 6. General provisions concerning the

erect_ion and alteration of counties, &c. 86.

Art. 4. Of resignations, vacancies and remo-

vals, and the means of supplying them, 121.

CHAP- III. OF THE CENSUS, OR ENUMERA- Art. 5. Proceedings to compel the delivery of


books and papers by public officers, to their

successors, 124.


taining eight Titles.

THIS STATE, OTHER THAN MILITIA AND Title 1. Of the qualifications, disabilities and

TOWN OFFICERS; THEIR ELECTION OR AP- privileges of electors, 126.

POINTMENT; THEIR QUALIFICATIONS, AND Title 2. Of general and special elections, the

THE TENURE OF THEIR OFFICES: Contain- time and purpose of holding them, and the

persons by whom held, 127.

* The figures refer to the pages in this volume, at which the Titles and Articles contained in

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it, severally


Title 3. Of the mode of notifying general and CHAP. VIII. OF THE DUTIES OF THE EXE-

special elections: Containing three Articles. CUTIVE OFFICERS OF THE STATE, AND OF

Art. 1. Of the notice to be given by the se- VARIOUS MATTERS CONNECTED WITH THEIR

cretary of state, 129.

DEPARTMENTS : Containing

Art. 2. Of the notices to be given by the

county and state canyassers, 130.

eight Titles.

Art. 3. Of the notices to be given by the she- Title 1. Of the governor, lieutenant-governor,

riff, clerk or first judge, and by the inspec- or other person administering the govern-

tors, 131.

ment of the state, 163.

Title 4. Of the manner of conducting elec- Title 2. Of the secretary of state, 165.
tions: Containing four Articles.

Title 3. Of the comptroller : Containing three

Art. 1. Of the formation of the board of in- Articles.

spectors and the appointment of clerks, 132.

Art. 1. Of the general duties and powers of

Art. 2. Of the manner of voting, and of chal- the comptroller, 169.

lenges, 133.

Art. 2. Of proceedings against persons ac-

Art. 3. Of the daties of the board of inspec- countable for public monies, 172.

tors, and clerks of the poll, 135.

Art. 3. Of the settlement of accounts for

Art. 4. Of the canvass and estimate of the lands purchased from, or mortgaged to the

votes by the board of inspectors, 137.

people of this state, 174.

Title 5. Of the final canvass, and the mode of Title 4. Of the treasurer, 176.

declaring and certifying the result: Contain- | Title 5. Of the attorney-general,179.
ing five Articles.

Title 6. Of the surveyor-general, 181.

Art. 1. Of the board of county canvassers, Title 7. Of the state printer, 182.

and their proceedings, 139.

Title 8. Provisions relating to two or more of

Art. 2. Of the duties and proceedings of the

the executive officers, 131.

county clerk, 141.

Art. 3. Of the duties of the secretary of state, CHAP. IX. OF THE FUNDS, REVENUE, EX-

previous to the meeting of the state can-


Vassers, 142.


Art. 4. Of the formation and proceedings of

the board of state canvassers, 143.

taining thirteen Titles.

Art. 5. Of the subsequent duties of the secre-

Title 1. Of the general fund, and the expendi-

tary of state, 144.

tures chargeable thereon, 188.

Title 6. Of the election of representatives in Title 2. Of the canal fund, and the administra-

congress; electors of president and vice- tion thereof, 193.
president, and senators in congress: Con- | Title 3. Of the literature fund, 196.
taining four Articles.

Title 4. Of the common school fund, 196.

Art. 1. Of the election of representatives in Title 5. Of the public lands, and the superin-

congress, 145.

tendence and disposition thereof : Contain-

Art. 2. Of the election of electors of presi-

ing six Articles.

dent and vice-president, 145.

Art. 3. Of the formation and proceedings of

Art. 1. Of the general powers and duties of

the commissioners of the land-office, 197.

the college of electors, 147.

Art. 4. Of the election of senators in con-

Art. 2. Of the survey and appraisement of un-

appropriated lands, previous to sale, 199.
Title 7. Penalties for violating the provisions

Art. 3. Of the sale of the unappropriated

lands, and the execution of grants therefor,

of this chapter, and for misconduct at elec- 200.

tions, 149.

Art. 4. Of grants of land under water, 203.

Title 8. Miscellaneous provisions, 150.

Art. 5. Regulations concerning the protection

of the public lands, and the payment of


charges thereon, 209.

ing six Titles.

Art. 6. Of the dutics of the commissioners of

Title 1. Of the apportionment of the members the land-office, in regard to lands belong.

of the legislature, 151.

ing to the canal fund, 210.

Title 2. Of the powers, duties and privileges || Title 6. Of mortgages to the people of this

of the two houses, and their members and

state, and the foreclosure thereof, 211.

officers, 153.

Title 7. Of the public buildings and erections,

Title 3. Of applications to the legislature, 155.


Title 4. Of the enactment and promulgation of

Title 8. Oft state library, 215.

statutes, and of the time from which they Title 9. Of the canals, containing nine Arti-

take effect, 156.


Title 5. Of the mode of taking testimony in

Art. 1. Designation and description of the

canals, 217.

certain legislative proceedings, 158.

Title 6. Of the compensation of the members

Art. 2. Of the canal commissioners, and their

general powers and duties, 219.

of the legislature and their officers, and the

Art. 3. Of the appraisement of damages, 225.

contingent expenses of the senate and as-

Art. 4. Of the canal board, their powers and

sembly, 161.

duties, 229.

gress, 143.

Art. 5. Of water privileges, and the sale of Art. 2. Of the collection and application of

surplus waters, 230.

penalties, fines, and commutation money,

Art. 6. Of the superintendents of repairs, and


the collectors of tolls, 26.

Art. 3. Of the compensation and fees of the

Art. 7. Regulations and penalties concerning members of courts-martial, and other offi-

the navigation of the canals, and the collec- cers, 318.

tion of tolls, 238.

Title 8. Of the duties of certain staff officers,

Art. 8. Regulations and penalties concerning and of various matters connected with their

the protection and maintenance of the ca-

nals, 247.

respective departments: Containing two Ar-

Art. 9. Miscellaneous provisions of a gene-


ral nature, 249.

Art. 1. Of the adjutant-general, 320.

Title 10. Of the salt springs: Containing se-

Art. 2. Of the commissary-general, 321.
ven Articles.

Title 9. Miscellaneous provisions of a general

Art. 1. General provisions, 251.

nature, 323

Art. 2. Of the officers entrusted with the su- Title 10. Special provisions: Containing four

perintendence of the Onondaga salt springs, Articles


Art. 1. Of the infantry of the city and county

Art. 3. Of the general daties, powers and lia-

of New-York, 324.

bilities of the officers connected with the

Onondaga salt springs, 254.

Art. 2. Of the first and sixth brigades of

Nesy-York state artillery, 329.

Art. 4. Regulations and penalties concerning

the use of salt water, and the manufactur-

Art. 3. Of the first brigade of light artillery,


ing of salt, 262

Art. 5. Kegulations and penalties concerning

Art. 4. Other special provisions, 335.

the inspection, packing and removal of salt,


and the payment of duties, 263,

[ Art. 6. Miscellaneous provisions applicable to

PRIVILEGES OF Towns ; Containing seven

the Onondaga salt springs, 277.


Art. 7. Of the salt springs at Montezuma, 280. | Title 1. Of towns as bodies corporate: Con-

Title 11. Of the interest of the state in mines, taining two Articles.


Art. 1. Of the powers and rights of towns as

Title 12. Of escheats, 282.

bodies corporate, 397.

Title 13. Or the recovery of forfeited estates,

Art. 2. Of the effects of the division of a



on its corporate rights and liabili-

ties, 337.


Title 2. Of town-meetings, and the time, pur
LIC DEFENCE: Containing ten Titles.

poses and manner of holding them : Con-
Title 1. Of the persons subject to military du-

taining two Articles.

Art. 1. Of annual and special town-meetings,

Title 2. Of the election and appointment of 339.

militia officers, and the tenure of their offi- Art. 2. Of the mode of conducting town-

ces, 286.

meetings, 342.

Title 3. Of the enrolment of persons subject to Title 3. Of the election and qualifications of

military duty, 291.

town officers, and the tenure of their offices :

Title 4. Of the organization, uniform and dis-

Containing three Articles.

cipline of the militia: Containing three Arti- Art. 1. Of the election of town officers, 343.


Art. 2. Of the qualifications of town officers,

Art. 1. Of the general organization of the mi- and the tenure of their offices, 344.

litia, and their uniform and discipline, 293. Art. 3. Of vacancies in town offices, and the

Art. 2. Of the organization of the staff de- mode of supplying them, 347.

partments, 297.

Title 4. Of the general duties of certain town

Art. 3. Of the organization of bands of musi-

officers, and of various matters connected

cians, 298.

Title 5. Of the several parades and rendez-

therewith: Containing sir Articles.

Art. 1. Duties of the supervisor, 348.

vous of the militia, 299.

Art. 2. Duties of the town clerk, 350.

Title 6. Of courts of inquiry and courts-mar-

Art. 3. Of strays, 350.

tial: Containing three Articles.

division and other fences, 353.

Art. 1. Of courts of inquiry and courts-mar-

Art. 5. Of the board of auditors of town ac-
tial for the trial of officers, 306.

Art. 2. Of regimental and battaliori courts-

counts, 355.

martial, 308.

Art. 6. Of the compensation of town officers,


Art. 3. General provisions applicable to all

courts-martial and courts of inquiry, 310. Title 5. Of legal proceedings in favor of and

Title 7. Of penalties, fines, fees and expendi- against towns, 356.

tures: Containing three Articles.

Title 6. Miscellaneous provisions of a general

Art Of the imposition of penalties and

nature, 358.

fines, for violating the provisions of this | Title 7. Local and special provisions, 359,

Chapter, 312

[blocks in formation]

CHAP. XII. OF THE POWERS, DUTIES AND Art. 1. of the place of quarantine, and the


vessels and persons subject thereto, 425.

COUNTY OFFICERS: Containing four Titles. Art. 2. Of the duties of pilots in relation to

vessels subject to quarantine, 427.

Title 1. Of counties as bodies corporate: Con-

Art. 3. Regulations concerning the treatment,

taining two Articles.

conduct and duties of vessels, articles and

Art. 1. Of the powers and rights of counties persons under quarantine, 428.

as bodi

corporate, 364.

Art. 4. Regulations concerning the treatment

Art. 2. Of the effects of a division of a coun- and conduct of vessels, articles and persons

ty, on its corporate rights and liabilities, released from quarantine, or exempt there-


from, 133.

Title 2. Of certain duties of county officers,

Art. 5. Of the regulation of intercourse with

infected places, 436.

and of various matters connected therewith:

Art. 6. Penalties for violating the provisions

Containing seven Articles.

of this Title, 437.

Art. 1. Of the board of supervisors, 365. Title 3. Internal regulations for the preserva-

Art. 2. Of the county treasurer, 368.

tion of the public health in the city of New-

Art. 3. Of loan officers, and commissioners of

York: Containing three Articles.

loans, 370.

Art. 1. Of certain duties and powers of the

Art. 4. Of the clerks of counties, 375.

board of health, the mayor and commis-

Art. 5. Of sheriffs and coroners, 378.

sioners of health, 440.

Art. 6. Of surrogates, 382.

Art. 2. Of the duties of physicians and other

Art. 7. Of district attornies, 382.

persons, 441.

Title 3. Of legal proceedings in favor of and

Art. 3. Prohibitions and penalties, 442.

against counties, 391.

Title 4. Of the marine hospital and its funds,

Title 4. Miscellaneous and special provisions,



Title 5. General provisions applicable to the


city of New York, 416.

LECTION OF TAXES: Containing six Titles.

Title 6. Regulations for the preservation of

Title 1. Of the property liable to taxation, 337.

public health in other ports and places of

Title 2. Of the place and manner in which

the state, 418.

property is to be assessed: Containing three Title 7. General regulations concerning the


practice of physic and surgery in this state,

Art. 1. Of the place in which property is to


be assessed, 389.


Art. 2. Of the manner in which assessments

taining five Titles.

are to be made, and the duties of the asses-

Title 1. Of the university of this state, and of

the foundation and government of colleges,

Art. 3. Or the equalization of the assessments

and the correction of the assessment rolls,

academies, aud select schools: Containing


sir Articles.

Title 3. Of the collection of taxes, the disposi-

Art. 1. Of the organization and powers of the

tion to be made of the monies collected, and

board of regents, 456.

the proceedings in relation to unpaid taxes:

Art. 2. Of the powers and duties of the trus-

tees of colleges, 460.

Containing three Articles.

Art. 3. Of the foundation of academies, 461.

Art. 1. Of the manner in which taxes are to

be collected, and the duties of the collect-

Art. 4. Of the powers and duties of trustees

of academies, 462.

Art. 2. Of the payments and returns to be

Art. 5. General provisions applicable to col-

made by the county treasurers, and the du-

leges and academies, 463.

ty of the comptroller, and other officers Art. 6. Of the foundation and government of

thereupon, 402

Lancasterian or select schools, 464.

Art. 3. Of sales for unpaid taxes, and the con- Title 2. Of common schools: Containing se-
veyance and redemption of lands sold, 407.

ven Articles.

Title 4. Regulations concerning the assess- Art. 1. Of the powers and duties of the su-

ment of taxes on incorporated companies, perintendent of common schools, and of the

and the commutation or collection thereof,

apportionment of school monies, 466.


Art. 2. Of the distribution of the common

Title 5. Miscellaneous provisions of a general

school fund, 468.

Art. 3. Of the powers and duties of the com-

nature, 418.

missioners of common schools, 470.

Title 6. Special and local provisions, 421.

Art. 4. Of the inspectors of common schools,


taining seven Titles.

Art. 5. Of the formation of school districts,

Title 1. Of the officers of health in the city of

and of the choice, duties and powers of

their officers, 476.

New-York, 422.

Art. 6. Of certain duties of the county clerk,

Title 2. Of quarantine, and regulations in the

nature of quarantine, at the port of New- Art. 7. Local regulations respecting common

York: Containing sir Articles.

schools, 488.

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Title 3. Or the duties of the superintendent of Art. 3. Of tolls and their collection, 591.

common schools, in relation to the instruc- Art. 4. General provisions embracing corpo-

tion of the deaf and dumb, 497.

rations now existing, 585.

Title 4. Of the gospel and school lots, 497. Title 2. Of monied corporations: Containing
Title 5. Of the Lewiston school fund, 499. three Articles.

Art. 1. Regulations to prevent the insolven-
FERRIES: Containing two Titles.

cy of monied corporations, and to secure

the rights of their creditors and stockhold-

Title 1. Of highways and bridges: Containing

Jeten Articies.

Art. 2. Regulations concerning the election

Art. 1. Of the officers entrusted with the of directors in monied corporations, 395.

care and superintendence of highways and Art 3. Of the construction of this Title, 598..

bridges; and their general powers and du- || Title 3. Of the general powers, privileges and

ties, 501.

Art. 2. Of the persons liable to work on high-|Title 4. Special provisions relating to certain

liabilities of corporations, 599.

ways, and the making of assessments there-

for, 505.

corporations, 601.

Art. 3. Of the duties of overseers in regard | CHAP. XIX. OF THE

to the performance of labor upon highways,


and of the performance of such labor, or the

commutation therefor, 508.

THE MONEY OF ACCOUNT: Containing three

Art. £. Of the laying out of public and pri-


Fate roads, and of the alteration or discon- Title 1. Of the computation of time, 605.

tingance thereof, 512.

Title 2. Of weights and measures, 606.

Art. 5. Regulations and penalties concerning | Title 3. Of the money of account, 611.

the obstruction of highways, and encroach-

ments thereon, 521.


Art. 6. Of the erection, repairing and preser-

THIS STATE: Containing twenty-one Titles.

ration of bridges, 524.

Title 1. Of the relief and support of indigent

Art. 7. Miscellaneous provisions of a general

nature, 525.

Title 2. Of beggars and vagrants, 632.

Title 2. Or the regulation of ferries, 526.

Title 3. Of the safe keeping and care of luna-


tics, 633.

TRADE IN CERTAIN CASES: Containing four | Title 4. Of the care of habitual drunkards, 636.



Title 5. Of disorderly persons, 638.

Title 1. Of sales by auctioneers, 528.

Title 6. Of the support of bastards, 610.

Title 2. Of the inspection of provisions, pro- || Title 7. Of the importation into this state of

duce and merchandize: Containing thirteen

persons held in slavery, of their exportation,


of their services, and prohibiting their sale,

Art. 1. Or the inspection of flour and meal, 536. 656.

Art. 2. Of the inspection of beef and pork, 541. || Title 8. Of the prevention and punishment of
Art. 3. Of the inspection of pot and pearl immorality, and disorderly practices: Con-
asbes, 516.

taining nine Articles.

Art. 4. Of the inspection of fish, 551.

Art. 1. Of jugglers, and the exhibition of

Art. 5. Of the inspection of fish or liver oil,

shows, &c. 660.


Art. 2. Of disorderly practices on public oc-

Art. 6. Of the inspection of lumber, 555. casions and holidays, and in tayerns, ves-

Art. 7. Of the inspection and culling of staves sels and canal boats, 660.

and heading, 538.

Art. 3. Of betting and gaming, 661.

Art. 8. Of the inspection of flax-seed, 562.

Art. 4. Of rafiling and lotteries, 661.

Art. 9. Of the inspection of sole leather, 561. Art. 5. Of the racing of animals, 672.

Art. 10. Of the inspection of hops, 565.

Art. 6. Of profane cursing and swearing, 673.

Art. 11. Of the inspection of distilled spirits, Art. 7. Of the disturbance of religious meet-


ings, 674,

Art. 12. Of the inspection of leaf tobacco, in Art. 8. Of the observance of Sunday, 675.

the city of New York, 568.

Art. 9. General provisions to enforce the pro-

Art. 13. General provisions, 570.

hibitions of the three last Articles, 676.

Title 3. Of the tare of butter firkins; and the Title 9. Of excise, and the regulation of ta-

packing and sale of pressed hay, 573.

verns and groceries, 677,

Title 4. Of hawkers and pedlers, 575.

Title 10. Of the navigation of rivers and lakes,


and the obstruction of certain waters, 683.

taining four Titlės.

Title 11. Of fisheries generally, and particu-

Title 1. Of turnpike corporations: Containing

larly in Hudson river; and at and below the

four Articles.

Art. 1. Of the mode of incorporating turnpike | Title 12. Of wrecks, 690.

city of New York, 687.

companies, and of the choice and powers

of the directors, 577.

Title 13. Of the law of the road, and the regu-

Art. 2. Of the construction of the road, and lation of public stages, 695.

of the appraisement of damages, 580. Title 14, Of the firing of woods, 696.

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