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Goldfields Act- Amendment.


(11.) Every license granted under the section hereby repealed Expiration of exist-

shall expire on the Thirty-first day of December, One ing licenses.
thousand nine hundred, but any licensee whose license
except for this Act would have continued after that
date, shall be entitled to receive from the Under
Secretary for Mines the proportionate part of the fee
paid for such license in advance for any period
subsequent to such date.

51. IT shall not be lawful for the owner, lessee, or occupier of

No person to mine any mine lying under any railway reserve, or under land resumed for under railway railway or tramway purposes, to mine under such reserve or resumed reserve except on land without giving at least fourteen days' previous notice, in writing, to the Minister.

certain condition.

The Minister may impose upon such owner, lessee, or occupier such terms, if any, as the Minister thinks necessary for the public safety, and in that case such mining shall only be carried on in accordance with those terms.

A condition for the observance of this section by the lessee of every existing and future mining lease shall be deemed to be contained therein. The Governor, if he shall think fit, may, at the request and cost of any such lessee, owner, or occupier, cause or require the deviation of any railway or tramway so far as may be necessary for the working of any

lode or reef.

52. SUBJECT to the provisions of section twelve of the Goldfields Act Amendment Act, 1898, and without prejudice to any lease forfeiture of mining the subject of pending legal proceedings, whenever by any notice leases to be conheretofore or hereafter inserted in the Government Gazette, signed, or forfeiture. purporting to be signed by the Minister, or by the Under Secretary See Mines Act, 1890 for Mines, any lease granted under the principal Act, or any Act of Victoria, sec. 76. relating to gold mining heretofore in force, shall have been declared void or forfeited, such notice shall be deemed to have been from the date of such its publication conclusive evidence that such lease was and was duly declared to be forfeited at the time mentioned in such notice, and that Her Majesty forthwith thereafter re-entered upon the said land in pursuance of the proviso for re-entry contained in the said lease, and the land comprised in any lease so declared void shall be deemed to have been, from the date of the publication of the Gazette containing such notice, vacant and unoccupied Crown land, capable of being taken possession of and occupied for mining or other purposes within the meaning of the principal Act, and any person who, after such insertion, shall remain or be in the possession or occupation of the lands comprised in such lease, or any part of them, under colour of such lease, shall be deemed to be in the

Gazette notices of

clusive evidence of


Goldfields Act— Amendment.

unauthorised occupation of Crown lands and may be proceeded against accordingly : Provided that the Governor may, for any cause which he may deem sufficient, by any subsequent notice in the Government Gazette, signed. or purporting to be signed by the Minister or the Under Secretary for Mines, cancel any notice of voidance or forfeiture, and reinstate the lessee as of his former estate or some part thereof, and on any terms and conditions as regards the lessee and any persons who, since the forfeiture, have been lawfully in possession of any part of the land, and any proceedings taken and any things lawfully done or suffered since the forfeiture as to the Governor may seem fit.

In the name and on behalf of the Queen I hereby assent to this Act.

ALEX. C. ONSLOW, Administrator.

By Authority: Richard PETHER, Government Printer, Perth.

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E it enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and

with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and
Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, in this present Parlia-
ment assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-

1. 1900.

THIS Act may be cited as the Railways Amendment Act, Short title.

2. SECTIONS four and five of the Railway Amendment Act, Repeal of 44 Vict., 1881, are hereby repealed, and the following sections are sub- No. 17, ss. 4 and 5. stituted :

3. (1.) A list of all the tolls which the Governor in List of tolls to be Council shall from time to time direct and appoint to be published on a toll. taken shall be published on a toll-board, which shall be kept exhibited in a conspicuous place on each station.



Railways Act- Amendment.

Tolls to be taken only while toll-board is exhibited. Penalty for defacing, etc.

(2.) The said list may be so published by being painted on the toll-board in black letters and figures on a white ground, or in white letters and figures on a black ground, or by being written or printed in legible characters on paper or other material affixed to such board, or in a book hung thereon or attached thereto.

4. The toll-board by this Act required shall have the words “ toll-board” legibly painted or printed at the head thereof, and no tolls shall be demanded or taken by the Commissioner in respect of any goods or passengers during any time at which the toll-board, with the list of tolls published thereon as by this Act required, is not exhibited in a conspicuous place at the station at or nearest to the place where such goods or passengers are received for carriage on the railway; and if any person wilfully pulls down, defaces, or destroys any toll-board or any list of tolls affixed or attached thereto, or any mile-post on the line of any railway, he shall forfeit a sum not exceeding Five pounds for every such offence.

In the name and on behalf of the Queen I hereby assent

o this Act.

ALEX. C. ONSLOW, Administrator.

By Authority : RICHARD PETHER, Government Printer, Perth,

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E it enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and

with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, in this present Parlia

1900, Page 495. 64 Vict., No. 25.Repealed by No. 34 of 1911.


hereinafter called the principal Act.

2. THE master, or any other person except the pilot, being in charge of any ship lying in Western Australian waters shall report Eruptive diseases to to the officer of health of the Local Board whose district includes Victorian Health or is nearest to the place where such ship is lying, or to the water Act, sec. 167. police, any illness of a suspicious kind, or any infectious or contagious disease, or any complaint attended with eruption or eruptive symptoms, which may occur in the said ship, immediately on the existence of such illness, disease, or complaint coming to his knowledge, whether such ship has been previously inspected by an officer of health or not.


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