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Kalgoorlie Road Board District Tramways.

between the hours of 6 and 8 a.m. and 5 to '6.20 p.m., and all workmen travelling upon such special cars between the said hours in the morning shall be entitled to a return ticket at a fare not exceeding the cost of a single fare, the return half of such ticket to be available for use on such special cars between the said hours of 5 and 6:20 p.m.

14. The restrictions herein contained as to tolls and charges which the Promoter may demand and take for the conveyance or carriage of passeugers shall not extend to any special cars other than workmen's cars, but shall apply only to workmen's cars and to the ordinary cars appointed by the Promoter from time to time for the conveyance of passengers.

15. The tolls and charges authorised to be taken, and which shall be demanded by the Promoter, shall be paid to such persons and at such places upon or near the Tramways and in such manner and under such Regulations as the Promoter shall appoint by notice to be exhibited in some conspicuous place on the inside of each of the passenger cars used by the Promoter upon the Tramways.

16. Every passenger travelling upon the Tramways may take with him ordinary personal luggage belonging to him, not exceeding in weight 20lbs., without any charge being made for the carriage thereof.

17. It shall be at the option of the Promoter, for the first 15 months from the date of the confirmation of this Provisional Order, to use horse power as the motive power of the cars on the said Tramways, but after the expiration of the said period of 15 months all cars used on the said Tramways shall be moved by electrical or other power approved of by the Local Authority. The Promoter may erect and maintain all such poles and posts, with wires attached thereto, in the said streets mentioned in the said Schedule hereunder written, along the routes therein mentioned, as may be necessary or required for supplying electricity to the said cars, and for working the said Tramways on the overhead trolly system : Provided that the Commissioner of Railways shall be entitled to direct the alteration of position of any pole, or post, or wire, if it appears to him that the same is specially inconvenient and could be made less inconvenient without great cost to the Promoter, and in the event of such direction being given by the said Commissioner of Railways the Promoter shall comply with it without delay.

18. All cars using the said Tramways may travel at a speed not exceeding the rate of 10 miles an hour, and may follow after each other at distances of not less than 50 yards, and may stop at any point on the said Tramways, except on crossings of streets, for the purpose of taking up and setting down passengers, and may stand at the terminus of any of the said Tramways.

19. The time-table to be observed for running the tramcars, and the fares to be charged to passengers thereon, shall, during the first five years from the date of the confirmation of this Provisional Order, be fixed by the Promoter, with the approval, in writing, of the Local Authority from time to time, to meet the local conditions and requirements of the public, but so that at least two tramcars shall leave Kalgoorlie and two tramcars shall leave Boulder not later than 7:15 a.m. each day; and not less than 12 trams per diem shall be run on routes A, B, C, and D. After the expiration of the said period of 5 years, the time-table and fares shall be fixed by the Local Authority and Promoter jointly, but so that the single fare for a single journey shall not exceed the amounts mentioned in paragraph 13 hereof. In case of difference, such time and fare table shall be referred to the Commissioner of Railways, whose decision shall be final.

20. The said Tramways shall be constructed in accordance with the drawings herewith (subject to provisos herein contained), with double or single lines, as the case may be; but the Commissioner of Railways may from time to time, upon the application of the Promoter, alter or vary the same, or authorise or require the Promoter to alter or vary the same.


Kalgoorlie Road Board District Tramways.

21. All additional plans and specifications in connection with the carrying out of the works shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Railways and the Local Authority for approval; and all works shall be carried out and finished to the entire satisfaction of the Commissioner of Railways and of the Local Authority, or of any officer appointed by it.

22. The Promoter may, from time to time, make and enter into and carry into effect contracts, agreements, and arrangements for or with reference to the use by any person, Corporation, or Company of the said Tramways, or portion thereof, and for prescribing and regulating the tolls and charges to be paid for such use, and the terms and conditions of such use, and all matters incidental thereto.

23. The Promoter shall not, nor shall any of its Assignees or Transferees, or persons claiming through or under it, have power to assign or transfer the rights hereby conferred to any other company or person without the previous approval and consent in writing of the Local Authority, and otherwise in accordance with Section 29 of the Tramways Act, 1885, provided that such approval and consent of the Local Authority shall not be arbitrarily or unreasonably withheld where the same is asked by the Promoter in favour of a substantial person or company who or which has satisfied the Local Authority as to his or its bona fides.

24. Subject to the provisions of the Tramways Act, 1885, the Promoter shall observe and perform all and singular the terms, conditions, stipulations, and provisions contained in a certain agreement dated the 20th day of June, 1900, and made between the Kalgoorlie Road Board of the one part and Charles Preston Dickenson of the other part as if the said West Australian Goldfields, Limited, had been party thereto in the place of the said Charles Preston Dickenson, except so far as such conditions may be modified by this order, or by the Act confirming the same.

25. The term “the Promoter," whenever herein used, shall mean and include “ West Australian Goldfields, Limited,” and its assigns wherever the context so requires or admits.


Route A.-Along the Boulder Road, from its intersection with the South

Eastern boundary of the Municipality of Kalgoorlie to the North

Western boundary of Gold Mining Lease No. 102E.
Route B.-Along Federal Road, from its intersection with the Boulder

Road on Lease 261E to its intersection with the boundary of the

Municipality of Boulder.
Route C.-Along Salisbury Road, from its intersection with the Northern

boundary of the Municipality of Boulder to its intersection with Gala Road at Lease 1915E, and thence along Gala Road to the boundary of

the Municipality of Kalgoorlie. Route D.-A cross route from a point at the intersection of Roberts Street

and Gala Road; thence Easterly along Roberts Street to a point at the

intersection of Roberts Street and Boulder Road. Given under my hand this seventeenth day of October, One thousand nine hundred.

B. C. WOOD, Commissioner of Railways.

By Authority : RICHARD PETHER, Government Printer, Perth,

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Western Australia.





AN ACT to authorise the Closing of Portions

of certain Streets and Thoroughfares in the Municipality of Victoria Park, and the vesting thereof in Tier Majesty the Queen.

(Assented to, 5th December, 1900.]



HEREAS certain pieces of land, more particularly described

in the Schedule hereto, have hitherto formed portions of certain public streets and thoroughfares : And whereas it is expedient that all rights of way in and over the said pieces of land should cease, and that the lands should vest in Her Majesty the Queen: Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

1. ALL rights of way in and over such portions of the streets and public thoroughfares in the Municipality of Victoria Park as thoroughfares. are described in the Schedule hereto shall henceforth cease and

Abolition of certain


Closing of Streets, Victoria Park.

determine; and it shall be lawful for Her Majesty, her heirs and
successors, to deal with the said pieces of land as if they had never
been public roads, and the said portions of the said streets and
thoroughfares shall vest absolutely in Her Majesty and her successors
on the passing hereof.

Short title.

2. THIS Act may be cited as the Streets and Thoroughfares (Victoria Park) Closure Act, 1900.

In the name and on behalf of the Queen I hereby assent
to this Act.

ALEX. C. ONSLOW, Administrator.


Cashel Street, between Washington and Gloucester Streets, containing one


Colombo Street, between Washington and Gloucester Streets, containing one


The said Streets being portion of Swan Location 36, and shown on plan deposited at the Titles Office, Perth, numbered 598.


By Authority : RICHARD PETHER, Government Printer, Perth.

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