Travels in North-America, in the Years 1780, 1781, and 1782, Količina 1

Sprednja platnica
G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1787 - 481 strani
Description of travel through Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

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Stran 137 - Brave without temerity, laborious without ambition, generous without prodigality, noble without pride, virtuous without severity ; he seems always to have confined himself within those limits, where the virtues, by clothing themselves in more lively, but more changeable and doubtful colours, may be mistaken for faults.
Stran 46 - ... and they are employed in tilling a piece of ground which yields the enormous increase of twenty or thirty fold. The next year the same course is repeated ; when, at the end of two years, the planter has wherewithal to subsist, and even to send some articles to market : at the end of four or five years, he completes the payment of his land, and finds himself a comfortable planter.
Stran 198 - ... edging, nor of gold and silver brocade. It was a quantity of shirts for the soldiers of Pennsylvania. The ladies bought the linen from their own private purses, and took a pleasure in cutting them out and sewing them themselves. On each shirt was the name of the married or unmarried lady who made it; and they amounted to twenty-two hundred.
Stran 124 - These nuts are small and dry, and have so hard a shell (hickory nuts) that they can only be broken by the hammer; they are served half open, and the company are never done picking and eating them. The conversation was calm and agreeable ; his Excellency was pleased to enter with me into the particulars of some of the principal operations of the war, but always with a modesty and conciseness, which proved that it was from pure complaisance he mentioned it.
Stran 429 - This gentleman conducted me to a very elegant house, and, to my great surprise, presented me to Mrs. Schuyler and her family; and in...
Stran 120 - Waine, who commanded it, was on horseback, as well as the Brigadiers and Colonels. They were all well mounted : the officers also had a very military air ; they were well ranged, and saluted very gracefully. Each brigade had a band of music ; the march they were then playing was the Huron. I knew that this line, though in want of many things, was the best...
Stran 139 - His stature is noble and lofty, he is well made, and exactly proportioned; his physiognomy mild and agreeable, but such as to render it impossible to speak particularly of any of his features, so that in quitting him, you have only the recollection of a fine face. He has neither a grave nor a familiar air, his brow is sometimes marked with thought, but never with inquietude; in inspiring respect, he inspires confidence, and his smile is always the smile of benevolence.* But above all, it is in the...
Stran 79 - His countenance is noble and open ; and his bald head, as well as his corpulence, give him a ftriking refemblance to the late Lord Granby. He writes well and with eafe ; has great fenfibility of mind, and a frank and amiable character...
Stran 428 - ... ten thousand pounds; a few days before the negotiation with General Gates, the enemy had formed a plan to attack me; a large column of troops were approaching to pass the small river, preparatory to a general action, and were entirely covered from the tire of my artillery by those buildings.
Stran 375 - General's sledge, into which we quickly stepped, and were conveyed in an instant into a handsome salon near a good fire, with Mr. Schuyler, his wife and daughters. Whilst we were warming ourselves, dinner was served, to which every one did honour, as well as to the Madeira which was excellent, and made us completely forget the rigour of the season and the fatigue of the journey.

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