Travels in North-America, in the Years 1780, 1781, and 1782, Količina 2

Sprednja platnica
G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1787 - 450 strani
Description of travel through Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

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Stran 251 - Whilst we follow them among the tumbling mountains of ice and behold them penetrating into the deepest frozen recesses of Hudson's Bay and Davis's Straits, whilst we are looking for them beneath the Arctic Circle, we hear that they have pierced into the opposite region of polar cold, that they are at the Antipodes and engaged under the frozen Serpent of the south.
Stran 400 - But the distant finishing which Nature has given to the picture is of a very different character. It is a true contrast to the foreground. It is as placid and delightful as that is wild and tremendous.
Stran 41 - Little Mountain), a very modest title, for it is situated upon a very lofty one, but which announces the owner's attachment to the language of Italy ; and, above all, to the fine arts, of which that country was the cradle, and is still the asylum.
Stran 400 - For the mountain being cloven asunder, she presents to your eye, through the cleft, a small catch of smooth blue horizon, at an infinite distance in the plain country, inviting you, as it were, from the riot and tumult roaring around, to pass through the breach and participate of the calm below.
Stran 400 - The first glance of this scene hurries our senses into the opinion, that this earth has been created in time, that the mountains were formed first, that the rivers began to flow afterwards, that in this place, particularly, they have been dammed up by the Blue Ridge of mountains, and have formed an ocean which filled the whole valley ; that continuing to rise they have at length broken over at this spot, and have torn the mountain down from its summit to its base.
Stran 402 - ... the precipice, and the other jutting out and seemingly ready to fall for want of support; the bed of the river for several miles below obstructed and filled with the...
Stran 56 - European peasant : he is always a freeman, participates in the government, and has the command of a few negroes. So that uniting in himself the two distinct qualities of citizen and master, he perfectly resembles the bulk of individuals who formed what were called the people in the ancient republics...
Stran 379 - As an artist he has exhibited as great a proof of mechanical genius as the world has ever produced. He has not indeed made a world; but he has by imitation approached nearer its Maker than any man who has lived from the creation to this day.
Stran 400 - The piles of rock on each hand, but particularly on the Shenandoah, the evident marks of their...
Stran 403 - Croswick hills seems to have been overflowed to the distance of from ten to fifteen miles back from the river, and to have acquired a new soil by the earth and clay brought down and mixed with the native sand.

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