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has received consideration, and, it is believed, all, except those announcing the most elementary principles, have been cited.

To my brother, Bismarck Snyder, who has faithfully assisted throughout; to Messrs. Wolcott & Vaile of the Denver bar; to Messrs. McHatton & Cotter of Butte, Montana; Hon. James B. Catron of the New Mexico bar; Odell D. Thompkins, Esq., formerly of Spokane, Washington, now of Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; Martin & Mason of Deadwood, South Dakota; to Hon. James H. Beatty of Idaho; to Messrs. McGibbon, Casgrain, Ryan & Mitchell of Montreal, Canada; to various Secretaries of State in the Union (who have generously assisted me in regard to their particular statutes); to Mr. George Westervelt, who prepared most of the draw ings used, my most sincere acknowledgments are due and are hereby tendered.

Finally, no pains have been spared in the examination and correct citation of cases; yet the author dare not hope it will be found perfect. But with all its imperfections he yields this new child to its new guardians — the profession generally — with the earnest hope that it may prove a guide to many and an assistant to all.


December, 1902.

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the customs of miners compared.

31. Similarity of customs in England to many of the district rules —

Marking, notice and labor.

:32. Of the custom of tin bounding - How exercised.

33. The right existed only as to waste lands - Work was necessary.

34. Other customs – Measuring the meers in Derbyshire.

35. Width of surface ground allowed — Other surface customs.

36. Similar customs in Gloucester - Gales - Free miner - Definition

and rights.

87. Origin and antiquity of these customs


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