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Wills, special laws giving effect to, prohibited, 150.
Wines, act to prevent sophistication, 78.

sophistication of, 144.
Witness, accused, cannot be compelled to be, 69.

against himself, 69, 70, 84, 86.
before grand jury, 57.
compulsory process for, 76.
convicted felons as, 73.
for accused, right to have process for, 69.
in matter of margin contracts, 169.
no religious test for, 46
not incompetent on account of religious be-

lief, 46.
provision for depositions of, 70.
shall not be unreasonably detained, 47.
two required to convict of treason, 108.

unreasonable detention of, 47, 49.
Witness fees, see special laws.
Worlds fair, appropriation, 137.
Wooden buildings, see ordinance.
Worship and religious profession, 46.
Wright act, 115, 158, 212, 279.

constitutionality of, 393.
bonds may be issued under, 336.

taxation under, 321.
Writ of habeas corpus, right not to be suspended,

Writs of mandamus, certiorari, etc., 198, 206.

of prohibition, will lie when grand jury ille-

gally summoned, 56.

see Superior Court; Supreme Court.
Year, commencement of fiscal, 409.
Yeas and nays, in legislature, 128.
Yosemite and Wanona road, 175.
Yosemite valley commissioners, term of office, 417.




Absence from state, effect of upon residence, 574.
Admission into Union, senators and representa-

tives to request, 579.
Agriculture, to be promoted, 548.
Amendments of the constitution, proposed amend-

ments to be entered on journals of legislature,

and published, etc., 550.

effect of limited, 514.
Appeals, from state to federal courts, 524.

to state Supreme Court, 525.
Apportionment, of senators and assemblymen for

first session, 579.
Appropriations necessary before money can be

drawn from treasury, 504.
what constitutes, 546.
in aid of railroads, 547.
for military restrictions upon, 474.
in aid of C. P. railroad, 474.

limited to two years, 482.
Assembly, right of, 471.

legislative qualification and election, 498.

to present impeachments, 502.
Associations, for deposit of gold and silver may

formed, 511.
Attorney-General and other state officers, 519.
Bail, excessive not to be required, 453.

in capital cases, 453.

when matter of right, 454.
Banks, permitted to receive deposits, but issuance

of money prohibited, 511.

Bills, legislative, may originate in either house,

amendment of veto of, 500.
legislative, to be presented to governor-objec-

tions to and approval of, 500.
Bills of attainder, prohibited, 475.
Boundary of state, 575.
Bribery, disqualifies for office, 574.

disqualifies for suffrage, 574.
California, rights of inhabitants after cession of,

Census, when to be taken, 507.
Certiorari and appeals from state to federal courts,

Cession of California, rights of inhabitants, 447.
Cities and villages, to be organized, 513.

instrumentalities of state, 513.
Clerks of courts, to be provided, 539.
Compensation, of judges, 541.

of office, meaning of, 503.
of members of legislature, 505.
no increase during term, 505.

of state officers, not to be increased, 520.
Congressional and legislative districts, how

formed, 508.
Consolidation act, 469.
Constitution, manner of amending and revising,

provisions for its submission to congress, 579.
when and how submitted to vote, 576.

canvass and return of votes on, 578.
Construction, rules for, 442.
Contempt, imprisonment for, 474.
Contract, existing not to be affected, 575.

law impairing obligation of, 475.
distinction between contract arising from grant

to municipality and to individual, 479.
Contract of marriage, not required to conform to

requirement of religious sect, 557.
Controller and other state officers, 519.
Corporations, construed to include what, 511.

municipal, to be restricted as to taxation and

contracting debts, 513.

son, 454.

Corporations, to be formed under general laws, 508.

dues from, to be secured, 510.

liability of stock holders, 510.
Counsel, party accused may defend by, or in per-
Counter claim, as affecting jurisdiction, 539.
Counterfeiting money, state may legislate as to,

County courts, for each county, 533.

jurisdiction, 534.

judges, election and term, 533,
County and town government, system of, to be

established, 553.
Courts, and offices continued after adoption of con-

stitution until legislation, 576.
causes in to be removed to courts created, 576.
of record, what are, 538.
of sessions, how constituted, 538.
same remained until organization of new, 514.
terms and places of holding to be prescribed,

Cows in city, ordinance regulating, 447.
Credit of state, not to be loaned, 557.
Crime, person accused may defend in person, 454,

rights of persons charged with, 454.
Declaration of rights, 445.

mechanics lien law construed, 445.
District courts, jurisdiction in equity, 531.

jurisdiction of, 530.
in probate matters, 530.

over corporations, 531.
Divorces, not to be granted by legisature, 507.
Duelling, prohibited, punishment, 552.
Due process of law, 454, 467.
Education, escheated estates devoted to, 549.

to be promoted, superintendent to be eiected,

proceeds of lands devoted to, 548.
Elections, by legislature, viva voce, 514.

by people, by ballot, 484.
of officers after adoption of constitution, 578.

plurality of votes sufficient, 574.
Electors, no idiots-insane--convicts, 484. •

Electors, qualifications, 483.

exemption from arrest, from military duty-

residence when gained or lost, 483.
who are at adoption of constitution, 576.
Eligibility to office, meaning, 503.

conviction of embezzlememt, etc., destroys, 504.
Eminent domain, taking of private property, com-

pensation, 454.
Ensign act, unconstitutional, 508.
Escheated estates, devoted to cause of education,

Estates of deceased persons, when escheated, de-

voted to the cause of education, 549.
Executive department, 514.
Ex post facto laws, prohibited, 475.
Fees, judicial officers, except justices of the peace,

shall not receive, 539.
Females, in saloon, and dance houses, 446.
Fiscal year, commences July 1, 556.
Foreigners, landing in this state, 467.

property rights of, 481.
Franchise, cannot be sold under execution against

corporation, 511,
Fugitives, from justice, 463.
Government, for what instituted, 451.

right to alter, 451.
Governor, impeachment, absence, removal, etc., of,

is commander in chief-shall transact all execu-

tive business—shall see that laws are executed

-may appoint to vacancies, 515.
may call out militia, 545.
may grant reprieves and pardons, 517.
powers in cases of treason, 517.
on extra occasions may convene legislature,

shall communicate by message, 517.
salary until provision made by legislsture, 579.
supreme executive-when elected-term of office

-who eligible-returns of election for, 514.
when may adjourn legislature, 517.
cannot hold office under United States, 517.

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