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Lieutenant March 3, 1847. He accompanied the army in its triumphant march into the interior, and greatly distinguished himself for his gallantry at the battle of Cerro Gordo, April 18, 1847. For his conduct upon this occasion he was brevetted First Lieutenant, his commission dating from the day of the victory. He faithfully served through the summer campaign, and by his energy and intelligence attracted the favorable attention of his superior officers. At the storming of the castle of Chapultepec, September 13th, he was again prominent and was severely wounded in the course of the action. For his gallantry in this action, he was rewarded by a promotion to a brevet Captaincy. Returning home in 1848, he was appointed, January 9, 1849, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at West Point and held the position for six months, when he was selected as Secretary to a Board of Artillery officers. He was thus engaged for nearly two years in making experiments with heavy guns, which led to extremely interesting and valuable results. He also prepared a system of tactics for heavy artillery. He was subsequently detailed upon the Coast Survey, in which he served but a short time, when he was ordered to the Engineer Department, and proceeding to the West, superintended the construction of a military road from the Big Sioux river to St. Paul's, Minnesota. He was made a full First Lieutenant of Ordnance, March 3, 1853.

In the year 1854, General Reno was stationed at the Frankford Arsenal, Bridesburg, Pennsylvania. Here he served three years, when he accompanied General J. E. Johnston, in his expedition to Utah, as Chief of Ordnance. He returned in 1859, was on duty for a time at the Mount Vernon Arsenal in Alabama, and was subsequently sent to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. On the 1st of July, 1860, he was promoted to a full Captaincy, was called to Washington in the early part of the war and was commissioned as Brigadier General of Volunteers, November 12, 1861. His distinguished gallantry at Roanoke Island and Newbern secured his promotion to Major General of Volunteers, April 26, 1862. His

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